Any way to get android auto as a host on a tablet?

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I have an android auto capable vehicle. I also have a tablet that I use for offroading. the tablet is not compatible with android auto. When plugged in to the car, the tablet recognizes that AA is there, and asks me to update, but the play store tells me it is not compatible. AA is now baked into Android, so the only store app that is available is AA for phone screens, which is now being updated to the new version which is like, AA lite. This is on a rooted Lenovo M10 FHD Plus, so roms are kinda out of the question as theyre not available and I wouldnt know where to start writing my own; but Magisk is installed along with busybox and xposed framework. Does anyone know how to either trick the tablet into running AA the same way that my phone does (natively, included in android) or have a solution for this?
Have your tried to use titanium backup (or some other apk extractor) to copy the AA apk from your phone to the tablet and see if it runs?
Not possible, I have no plans to root my phone. I sideloaded the apk though, and it does work as intended as "android auto for phone screens" what I'm trying to do is get it fully integrated as if it were a phone. My s21 ultra for example, doesn't even have an icon for android auto it's installed as a service (afaik) and is only found in my system settings.


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Im trying to make it so that the tablet, hooks up to the car and runs android auto on the cars screen. I don't think AA for phone screens supports host, though I could be wrong?
What do you mean by "host"?

If you can get the AA APK running on the tablet then it should work as expected (show on the car's screen).

So, what exactly is not happening?

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    Yeah, I didn't realize it would work that way. I ended up taking the harder route, rooted the tablet and installed a gsi rom. Works beautifully now.
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