any way to get my data recovery without usb debugging on


Aug 7, 2019
How to hack the IMEI from broken screen?

Me to. I need to get the IMEI of my friends phone (for his warranty repairs)

- phone in question OnePluss 3T
- screen is black
- USB-debugging is off
- phone had a pass-pattern (which is known)
- not-rooted
- stock-recovery
- doesn't show IMEI for devices which are not active
- google doesn't have an email
- carrier refuses to name the IMEI
- police wont help
- to enter fastboot in stock recovery you need to see what you're doing
- phone was bought on ebay - and the seller is not responding
- And there is no IMEI under the battery or anywhere, when you open a phone

If your life depended on it and you were a pro hacker - what would you do to find out your phone IMEI?