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Any way to unlock android phone with a broken screen with pin required on restart?

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Senior Member
Sep 7, 2007
Miami, FL
I JUST got a replacement LG v20 (like literally sent back my first V20 on thursday) for a v20 that wasn't quick charging. And I left it on top of a car when pulling out of a gas station and it fell off and promptly got run over. First cellphone I've ever actually broken or even cracked a screen on. So annoying.

Anyway, the phone was still working using my bluetooth headset but I didn't realize and the battery died shortly after. I'd like to try and backup a few things on the phone before switching over to my insurance replacement (specifically let Whatsapp backup automatically run at 3am, backup SMS messages and backup call log) but I have the PIN required on restart option set. Everything I find online about getting an android phone unlocked with a broken screen seems to be talking about the screenlock and not the PIN on restart feature. Before I go buy an OTG breakout cable to use a mouse and HDMI monitor will that even work with PIN on restart? Can I connect to the phone with ADB before it actually boots into android (and set the USB connection as something other than only charge; not even sure I've set USB debugging yet since the phone is so new for me)?

It won't be the end of the world if I can't get into the broken phone, my photos are automatically backed up to Google drive, all my contacts, emails, tasks, calendar etc are cloud based (exchange server or gmail). Really the only thing I'd lose would be SMS's since last week, whatsapp since last backup, and my call log. But that would be really annoying to my pseudo OCD; I have an uninterrupted record of every text message I've ever gotten since treo in 2004.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Dec 12, 2019
The situation is faced by lots of people and this is really very irritating. But I would like to tell you that there are ways to unlock your Android phone with broken screen. Maybe you are not aware of this fact but actually, you can unlock your phone without typing password on phone. The only possible way is by using a professional tool like Android Unlock. This is a great utility that helps to unlock any device whether its dead or broken, whether its locked with PIN, fingerprint, face lock, password etc. This tool is just amazing as it effectively works to unlock Android phone with broken screen.
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