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Any way to write to android/data

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Senior Member
May 27, 2012
I restore data to alot of my apps and games by transferring them between my devices "/android/data" and "/android/obb" folders.

With the pixel 5, it seems I can only read what's in these folders, not write. I've tried stock tile explorer as well as root file explorers and neither can write to these folders.
I even tried to move them from my PC over to the pixel 5, and as soon as a write is attempted to the folders the device "quits responding" until you quit the operation.

Any other way to drop files and or modify files in these folders? I have root.


Senior Member
Nov 5, 2013
I have modified some files by first copying them to storage, modify then copy back, using root explorer. You may have to change the attributes


Senior Member
Jan 25, 2006
Google Pixel 5
AFAIK the only way to transfer data to android/data is through a computer. I just moved save file data for Soccer Manager 2021 there. Not rooted. Edit, just read your whole post (yeah I'm stupid lol) no idea why you couldn't do it, maybe try playing around with folder permissions?

You can't access files there from an explorer app on your own phone, but you can through windows. Weird.