Question Anybody have any clue as to how one would go about unlocking A536W or other models' locked bootloaders?

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I've tried looking around online and whatnot and have asked many people (even going as far as to email Samsung's team in hopes they might help out somehow) but I always end up back at square one. I genuinely doubt that it's impossible, but I don't know where else to go or what else to do. Does anybody know of a device with a similar situation that I might be able to work a method off of? Perhaps another Samsung device previously thought of to be "impossible to unlock" that I may learn something from? I'd really love to be able to unlock and root and flash this device, as its hardware is quite nice and fast: it's just unfortunate that it gets stuck with OneUI (I know everyone has different opinions on the matter, but I just really don't like Samsung's OS, personally).

Any help or guidance or advice - no matter how small - will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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you are not having the able to unlock the locked phone that has locked bootloader because they don't wnat you to unlock your phone
Realme RMX2155 was previously thought to be not unlockable for awhile but somebody ended up cracking it via editing firmware files via hexeditor and some other stuff. Eventually, somebody found an even easier exploit. It's not quite the same as the A53, which is why I'm asking if anybody has any ideas. Tons of unofficial methods exist for different models - some easier and some more difficult. If everybody thought that an official method had to be the only way, I'm near-certain XDA forums would be mostly dead with only a few device-forums active.


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Oct 17, 2009
Although, finding an exploit has been done for phones, I read years ago that someone who did that for one only got it by chance. Its not easy.

Anyone however can sell it or trade it in and buy a device that's unlockable. Much easier.