Anybody tried 8T with GCAM?

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Jun 1, 2012
Wait for a proper xml. And the only cams that should be used are Urnyx/Wichaya and Arnova.

Way too early to be using Gcam when the devs behind them are saying not to use on the 8T yet.


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Jun 3, 2010
The version on P2 is working on my 8t. I don't have wide angle, but that's ok for my use case.


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Sep 28, 2012
I can't find a proper GCam install not proper config to get the wide angle and macro working. They stay black.

Anybody got any success? If so, which version/config?


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Mar 28, 2013

Could anyone tell me if the camera quality of the 8t with the gcam is better than the pixel 5 quality?
Is there any gcam for oneplus 8t that can use all the sensors?

Sorry for the questions but i'm still wondering if I buy the pixel 5 or the 8t


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Aug 18, 2011
Columbus, OH
Here are a couple quick shots using gcam vs the 1+ 8t. I used the default settings for both. I feel like gcam let me focus closer, which was weird. I couldn't find a spot in gcam to change the resolution to use the full 48mb so I didn't compare at that resolution.

I've also noticed that the 1+ seems to use a ton of jpg compression which really screws with colors and the background blur. Look at the difference in the silver bar on the mouse (and the difference in file sizes).
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    Does the gcam pretty much make the 8T's camera taking capability (on the primary camera) the same as the Google Pixels? Or are there still processing/coloring/speed differences?

    Camera is pretty important to me, but I hate that Google is charging a premium price for mid range specs. So if I can get the 8T's camera on par with the Pixel (primary sensor is enough for me), then I would go with the 8T.
    Oneplus 8t android 11 gcam link

    Man those posts...

    Use the search, read the threads, it's that simple
    Man those posts...

    Use the search, read the threads, it's that simple

    LOL, man if you think this is to the OnePlus community and then you will see what's truly bad. :eek: