anyone ever got corrupted bootloader?

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Jan 8, 2012
i got a corrupted bootloader a few weeks ago

my tab just only on stock rom 4.0.4 without root when i turned it off to charge it.I connect it to wall charger but the battery logo doesnt come out as usuall. i try various way from google and no luck it just death and got apx mode when connected to computer. The next day i try to repair it on samsung service center and voila my tablet come to life again(they replace the mothreboard)

i just want discuss what the cause of corrupted bootloader? a few weeks before the problem my tablet sometimes got restarted or hang a few times,maybe if you ecounter some problem like that ,you must hard reset your tablet to prevent corrupt bootloader.

i try to search on google and found people with tegra 2 and tegra 3 tablet got the same problem too. And a case like mine (motorola xoom) Turn off the tablet for charge but it just death suddenly.