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anyone got an update for one ui 2.5 att?

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Jan 12, 2009
Hey all, hope everyones well!

I bought my note 9 from ebay last year (I live in the UK). It was unlocked but I think it was originally destined for the US but must not have made it! I wasn't getting any updates at all so I flashed the latest XAA firmware at the time using frija and odin and went from U to U1 (N960U1UES5TH3) and my csc on the phone now says XAA/XAA/SPR .

I was just wondering if I am going to get an OTA update now or still not? Would I have to manually flash to the latest firmware using ODIN again? As always any help greatly appreciated :)


New member
Jun 14, 2021
Oddly enough my unlocked device got one yesterday around 1AM est. Now my phone says AT&T instead of t-mobile at start up. But I have it on neither network. So I'm beyond confused about the whole thing.