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Anyone have full licensed Pocket PC Software to give away?..

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Mar 10, 2003
realise the pocket pc software are quite expensive... Anyone want to share their license copy, games, utility etc. I guess all can benefit right?... Rather we all purchase on our own.

Or may be we can all chip in to buy.... We can use services like Paypal to remittance money to each other.

Me interested in the Age of Empires Gold Edition. Anyone got a full license one. Nyditot Virtual Display 3.01 ?...

Peter Poelman

Retired Administrator
Jan 19, 2003

I'm just speaking for myself here...

I have no major moral objections against copying copyrighted software, but I can also see the point of software companies trying to make a buck. I even co-own a small software company that will be trying to make a buck soon. But please believe me when I say that this is not the reason I'm posting this message.

I would hate to see warez being traded on this system. I've seen what frequent warez trading does to the atmosphere of communities like ours. Before long, professional traders will post requests. People will offer to pay for stuff, warez ftp server addresses 'for-the-day' will be posted, etc. etc. etc.

There's plenty of good forums on Usenet that have plenty of (alt.binaries.)warez posted to them. They have much less good productive atmosphere to waste and they work well.


Senior Member
Jan 24, 2003
Prague, CZ
Well I don't think warezing software is something terribly wrong (it's not a theft usually), but if somebody likes the software, he should buy it. However, nobody can expect a 18 year old czech student to spend 80 bucks for SSH client he uses once a week.
I think those who use software to make money (companies, managers etc...) should buy the software. Those who just "play" with software and install and deinstall applications 5 times a day can get a warez copy. But if I find a great piece of soft I want to keep (forever), I buy it.
(I don't buy software, I'm a poor student and the software fee doesn't repay itself).

And another thing... I would never trade software here - in public, in a tech forum with guest access...

Tim C

Feb 7, 2003
If you can afford an XDA and the phone contracts that go with it, you can afford the software - most programs are only 10-15 USD. A few like AoE are more, and I can tell you worth the extra money.



Mar 10, 2003
Basically, i find it rather amusing the comments given. Anyway, my intention is not to spread the so called 'piracy'. The intention was to share files with your so called neighhours. If you think my sharing for example DVD - THe spider man to let the neighhour watch or use, then the whole world must be pracitising that, even your neighhouhood video store is spread 'piracy'. I mean people can always rent it and duplicate at their home right?......

Furthmore, forum is more less like a obtaining information, sharing etc. That's why I use the words like sharing. Wanna to charge those sharing information. If you think this kind actions is bad, I think this forum shall stop hacking the XDA stuff..

I got my new 02 XDA 64MB at US$500 only.... Spend so much $$$ on electronic stuff for what?........ Earniing money is not an easy task. and for you info only a few program is US$10/= Most are more that U$20/=. IF you get 10 how much will it be, and the money is only for 1 version. don;t forget the accessories thats comes with it. If you think u have extra $$$ to spend on this software. Share with it someone who is not as rich as u.


there is loads of free stuff out there if you want it a forum like this is brillant for info but there is a wide range of others out there


Feb 16, 2003
central Netherlands
My two cents in what seems to become a long thread.

First to answer mac's orignal question. I can't help you (currently :lol: )

In response to XDA developer Peter Poelman's response I want to submit that in order to keep this forum alive we certainly don't need the professional traders.

As for software licensing. I have been/am on both sides. User and author. It's annoying if people just copy whatever they like, especially if they make a lot of money with it.

My justification so far has been. I use 'evaluation copies' for 2 or 3 weeks or so and if it is still in use I buy the software. Is it legal? Probably not? Is this wrong? Probably yes, but I can sleep at night.

We all invent 'our rules' for the world. If you want to be safe, stick with the rules. If not just be prepared to have your [email protected]# kicked every now and then.

Although I sympathise with the argument of being a student, etc etc, that doesn't justify it (nor do my own 'rules' :p do that). What would you charge someone with 5 children and being a single parent?

And most of the times there are alternatives. For instance in the windows space there is a lot of free software around and some of them are real jewels. If you are curious: www.nonags.com.
Industry responds with free software containing banners and adds, we all hate them, install cracks/patches to get rid of them. Wake up guys. They give it away for free and still we whine. (yes, I hate adds and banners to and I kill them whenever possible). I think we shouldn't whine about initiatives like Palladium if we copying everything we can get our hands on.

Overall my advise is: don't use THIS forum for conducting that behaviour and for the rest live and let live. In my opinion its a forum for undertanding the XDA and its technology. I don't even have one yet ( :evil: ) but I have learned a lot already. One could argue about some of the things tht could be done with the XDA (un-simlocking of accidently locked phones) but it's mainly discussing the device, software and accessoiries.

Being nosy is not a crime.
Having knowledge is not a crime.
But using knowledge could be a crime.
And even the first 2 can be a crime depending on where you live.

Pfffffffffft, I must be PMS'ing. Sorry people :wink:



Senior Member
May 10, 2003
I think games should be paid for....

but as far as tools etc goes I think it would be fair to follow the GPL...

You pay for what you make money with.

I'm a frequent visitor to alt.binaries....pocketpc and I've probaly downloaded 700mb or so in pocketpc warez since I bought my XDA...
I have an easynews account which archives newsgroup posts from the last 30 days.

That software I downloaded because I thought it looked interesting; not because it was there. Out of those god knows how many programs I have 12 programs that I keep on my xda at all times... these I have registered:

Battery Pack 2003 <<< really good
Resco Explorer 2003
Lextionary <<< prolly the best dictionary tool
Marble Worlds
Diamond Mine <<< addictive as hell
Speedball 2 << we love the Amiga !!
Pocket C64 <speaks for itself>
Small menu <<< damn good btw

The others I played with for a while and then dumped because they were errr CRAP ? or there were other better alternatives (atleast in the power monitoring area)

Diamond mine I downloaded months ago... and only registered yesterday.

I dont believe in buying stuff I dont need.. and downloading them gives me more time to decide whither I'm going to keep it... or fire it onto a DVDRW and forget about it after a month.

I also have a wares copy of Autocad Studio Max 5 on my computer... $5k to buy in the shops...

most people dont learn this program at Uni (atleast the good ones anyways). Most of them pick up a copy when they are in their early teens and continue to learn with it till they master the techniques. After doing so they go to Uni and get the bit of paper... later on they get a job with a company which has bought a license to the application.

Autocad arent missing out on my license... I'd have never considering paying the $5,000 in the first place.

Some people say that 3D Animation is a craft. I've known people who have been 'learning' it for the past 7 years. Where would Autocad get its budding new business licenses if the 3D warez market dried up and only the large software houses could afford them?

Games are different, you cant make money from them.

I bought StarScape the other day for the PC.
download the demo and give it a go ;)
I normaly run games in 1600x1200 or above... but the fact this runs in 640x480 makes no difference.

You might also want to check this site out for some more quality game play... and best of all they are free 8)
http://www.tierraentertainment.com/ (reworked kings Quest I&II)
http://www.back2roots.org/ (shtuff from eons ago)

games from the era of when gaming had gameplay, hand drawn graphics and not just a billion polygons fired at it.

Strange comment from a 3D artist.



hi mac
try bear share there is loads of software on there i dont think we should trade games on here i used to use another site for my nokia communicator and it started to trade software and now it gives very little free and has turned into a business venture about selling software and not the product which it was originally meant to help promote amongst fellow users


Well, we'll be relasing a game soon aswell and i would like to think that if people download the demo and they are happy with it, that they would then go on to buy the full version. Its not like the average pocket pc game costs a fortune.

The way I look at it is if people dont buy software, people will stop writing it, I have purchased many games/apps, and am glad i supported the writers of such software. As a result newer and better versions are released, i prime example is Battery Bar along with Journal Bar, fantastic bit of software.