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Anyone having any Lag & Heat Issues???

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Jul 25, 2011
I found a workaround on Reddit for my feedback-lag problem: clear the clipboard. That's much less annoying than having to reboot when the problem arises.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the problem returned a few hours later and this time, clearing the clipboard didn't help. I had to reboot again.
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    Can you provide a list?

    Definitely. It gave me the perfect opportunity to try out the scroll capture. Let me know if you have any questions. This is what I have disabled so far without any issues. Once I get a full completed list I'll probably do a write up about how to clean up the dock ROM. I think I'm about 70% done with the list.

    So far I'm getting about 6.5 hrs of SOT and about 28 his of usage.
    Having Lag & Heat Issues???

    Is anyone having lag issue or any heat issues? I guess I have one of the problem notes as mine has extreme lag and heat problems. I have cleared all caches and have also factory reset several times. What's weird is that the lag will come and go, but it's there more often than not. Even scrolling in settings has the jitters.

    Any ideas anyone. I might be better off going through the miserable process of exchanging through the mail.

    Thanks in advance for any help!
    You'll have to boot to safe mode to see if the issue persists. Also, make sure power saving mode isn't on (I've left it on before).
    My guess is it has to do with one or multiple of the apps you have installed. There is a 3 step process to fix this issue.

    #1 - See if any of the apps you have installed are running rouge. Check, battery usage, RAM usage, and Data Usage to see if you have any bad apps. Uninstall any 3rd party apps that you installed that are running too much. They may just still need updated to be optimized for this new device. Also you can use the "sleep" (doze) feature in battery management to restrict apps that are running TOO much in the background. Also on any apps that are using too much data or RAM check the permissions. If an app does not need access to Data, Media etc to work properly turn off those permissions.

    #2 Debloat the device. I like "Package Disabler Pro". Basically if it has Facebook, FB, or ATT in the name you should disable it. Also you can go through an disable any Samsung software you do not use as well. I would be careful about using the "disable all bloatware" button because it is not setup correctly for this new device yet.

    #3 Give it some time. It you have a TON of media on a micro EXSD card then it can take a new phone a long time to index and create thumbnails for all of that information. It should speed up i about a day or so once it finishes indexing. this will also effect your battery life till it is completed.