Anyone know anything further about this wm6 mobile watch?

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May 28, 2008
a good mobile watch

hi,this is a good topic ,i am christain from onvon .i think this mobile watch is attractive.
Fashionable design MP4 Mobile watch Phone with Bluetooth

Main Features

Network: GSM/GPRS900/1800/1900MHz
Screen: 1.5" 260K color TFT touch screen with resolution 120*160
Memory: 128MB
Support mp3/mp4 player
Wrist band color: black and Silver
Messaging: MMS and SMS
Support WAP 2.0
N.W.: 60g
Battery: 400mAh
Talk time: 200mins
Standby time: 80h
Languages:English, Spanish, Russian, Vienamnese, Turkish, Italian, Arabic,(English,Spanish,Vienamnese,Dutch,Turkish,Arabic,Germany)





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Jan 27, 2006
The EP-2501 is not released yet, but its release is scheduled for mid-June already, so we might see if it is for real or not quite soon. It's from the same company that made the watch phone seen in the second picture of zarn's link (which is a different model than the EP-2501!) - this one is already available, just like quite a lot of other models from this company, so I doubt the EP-2501 is just scam. Even though the specs indeed are quite spectacular...

I'm really curious how this Windows CE will run on the phone. The possibilities could be enormous! With an active community supporting watch phone-customized applications it could get really interesting. In general watch phones are underestimated at the moment - I had one in my hands at a czech flea market and must say it's extremely fascinating: Touchscreen, microSD-Card, camera, and now with the EP-2501 even WiFi... A isreali company is supposed to be developping a model with included GPS, too. Just imagine a future where these watch phones will support UMTS, too, and be capable of doing video calls - if something is cool then definitely doing video calls with a wrist watch phone... :)
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Jun 8, 2005
Could be interesting, though how many people will be looking for the 'Our Man Flint' aka 'austin powers' ringtone for it?

Failing that - 'Calling **** tracey, come in **** tracey' as a ringtone..


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Mar 27, 2008
M500 (as per screenshots) is a China based mobile..those touchscreen devices made to mimick other phones.

Theres been China based touch screen "N95's" ,etc...

If the screenshots are correct, then what you're looking at are the China based touchscreens that are NOT Windows Mobile devices...

If you talk to MSDN developers (Windows Mobile Side), theres no word about such a mobile watch setup in the loop for this year. Maybe 2009...but if it is, it would be through a big player (company/partner). I'd guess HP or HTC...but doubht it's going to be any small players with WM licensing.

As for the screenshots above M500 was launched last year and is a touch screen watch-phone. Battery charging last year was hell you had to connect some weird type of "crab like" metal connects to the battery part (bottom of the watch)...very annoying. Not sure if they updated anything more recently, but again not a "True" Windows Mobile OS.

You can get M500 or similar type of watch-phones for around 180-220$...I got mine for about 10 days (though I knew it was never windows anyhow), for around 12,000Rs (last year) but thought it was total crap --- my opinion....