anyone still here? the note 4 continues to impress me....

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    It really was a great phone.

    How long now? 4 years? 5?

    The screen is still fantastic. Big and wide and great definition and deep blacks.

    The pen is not trying to do too many things.

    The back cover comes off - and there's the battery.

    Change the camera lens cover and the photographs are still excellent.

    And the lovely metal work is elegant all the time.

    It still manages all the games fine, boots fast, is quick with apps.

    It's the best ok phone I've had - and I've had them all.

    The note 10 is the first one that comes close. I like that they've kept it slim

    But the Note 4 still rocks.

    Ok. Bye!

    Let me know what you think!
    After several update over last year the phone started to be very slow. The final blow came beginning Dec 2019 when it did restart by itself and did install then 1 app. Usually will ask me for this. Since then the battery drains 10 times faster. So it is obvious that the update was meant to make me buy a new phone... But I like soo much the note 4.
    First I did a factory resent. Did not help at all. Then I did flash it with Odin - now it works soooo fast, better than the new phones. But the battery drain continues. Fully charged in the evening I leave it in flight mode. In the morning the battery is only 50%. And this is with a new original Samsung battery I just bought. Will a re-flash with nand erase help? Does anyone have experience with this?

    I was having issues with my battery.. Bought 2 more Samsung OEM batteries, and the problem was worse. The phone would either reboot, or shut down period.. Bought 2 (Brand New) ZeroLemon batteries and haven't had any issues yet.
    The Note 4 ... a great phone, the best I've ever had! Using it for 4 years now. If it breaks I will upgrade to the Samsung Xcover 4s. It also has a removable battery and the phone looks very reliable. But unfortunately no customs ROMs avaible for it now..
    Yup we're still building
    10 Android ROMs and counting.
    Plus Ubuntu touch !
    Why, of course, the battery is sealed now. Otherwise not much reason to upgrade year on year anymore. Phones are not leaps and bounds better from a few years ago. Only add gimmicks like in screen finger reader. Older flagship speed is enough if you don't play games. This world is sad.

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