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Anyone with 16gb model. Are you running out of space?

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Senior Member
Oct 16, 2009
My local Best Buy has the moto X in stock but only the 16 gig version. I was thinking of selling my Nexus 6 and buying it but I was wondering if anyone was having problems with the lack of storage? I know it takes an SD card also but was just curious if you've already run out of space for apps.


Senior Member
Sep 12, 2007
I have all my apps installed that I've had previously on my gs4. Still have 4.5gb free space left. All my pictures, videos, podcasts are saved on the external sd. Also, marshmallow will be out soon. It will allow you to install apps on the external sd. For me, personally 16gb is enough, since the device has an sd slot.
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Senior Member
Oct 16, 2009
Thanks for the reply. The only thing that's scaring me now is the battery life. I'm seeing some things that people are saying they're saying it's awful.


Senior Member
Jul 3, 2014
I haven't had any issues with space, this coming from previously owning phones with only 32gb and above. All my apps installed that I need, and still have around 4gb left. Everything else is stored on the SD card (pics and such). As far as games go, you wouldn't be able to install TOO many large games (like dungeon hunter). But once marshmallow comes out, problem solved.

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Oh yeah. Battery life. I get through an 8 hour work shift without any problems, and come home with around 30% battery life. This is working at a cell store, and being able to use my phone in between customers. (Not just on break)


Senior Member
May 7, 2013
Bought 16gb variant from Best Buy, then purchased a 128gb SanDisk for $60 on Amazon. Never running out of space >:D. As for battery life, it is as zender2k said, okay. Turning down the screen resolution down to 1080p has drastically improved my battery life as well as freezing majority of Moto apps in combination with Greenify, Amplify, and Powernap makes drain almost non-existent.

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Senior Member
Dec 14, 2008
I think turning down the brightness is the key for longer battery life on MXPE because that QHD screen is a major sucker. Most people don't realize how bright this thing is because our eyes adapt quickly. I run my at 20% brightness indoors and it is still brighter than plenty bright indoors. Outdoors at around 50% I am good.

Another thing is to turn off the "Wake on Approach", and turn off the GPS or put it in battery saver mode, until needed by a specific app like maps. At night, automatically turn off sync, data, bluetooth, NFC and wifi using Automate and you will only burn 2-3% in 8-10hr period.

With simple battery management tricks like that I get around 4 hr SOT with 2-2.5 days (yeah, 60 hours is my record so far) off charger or 5-6 hrs SOT with 1-2 days off the charger. You never need to worry about battery life. And did I tell you, if I charge for 15 minutes with turbo charger from empty, I get around 2 hrs of SOT worth of charge!! Its amazing how well the battery on MXPE works but people have some crazy expectations.

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