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Question AOD turns off after five minutes!

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Hello guys
I come from a Pixel2XL where AOD stays always on the way it should be.
However, I don't know if it's a bug or the developers have forgot to keep 11Ultra AOD "always on" even when the option is selected in the settings for it to be, as it goes off just after few minutes!
Any idea what's the cause and is it happening for all devices (mine is GLOBAL variant)
Try to update to the latest and see if the issue persists
version not yet released
I wouldn't sweat it as it sounds like a good feature. I use to always have AOD on but it got to be quit annoying for me after a year. It's set to tap on now.
100% availability means 100% no peace.
I got tired of playing the time game as well unless it's dinner🤣
the only thing that was lovable about always on display was to check if I had any notifications to respond to without tapping the device☺️


Senior Member
Aug 24, 2013
Yes... however, unlike the main screen the Xiaomi developers haven't set the pixels to move slightly for the rear screen and that might cause a screen burn!
The time and date is always changing tho.... It should not be using the same pixels all the time

If I wanted to use the rear screen i wouldn't think twice but I don't like setting the phone face down anyway