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Aug 12, 2014
There isn't any build for crosshatch available here!

Why is there even a post for this when There isn't any build for crosshatch available here!
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Apr 22, 2020
In AOSiP 10 Redmi you can remove it.. maybe help..
Go to settings → Apps & notifications → See all # apps → Quickstep → Addinional settings in the app → Show search widget
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Jun 6, 2020
reduced privacy attack surface

I practice a google free lifestyle. Is there a zero gapps crosshatch build or a ninja tool to assassinate away the inflicted gapps?

"Just don't use it" is just not good enough ;)


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    [B][CENTER]**** Disclaimer: I'm not responsible if you destroy your device. Use at your own risk!!! ****[/CENTER][/B]

    Android Open Source illusion Project

    About us:

    AOSIP is a quality custom rom based purely on Google AOSP source since 6.0 release. Twisted with the latest features and blended with stability. We strive for perfection and it shows.​

    Team Illusion:

    Josh Fox (xlxfoxxlx)
    Akhil Narang
    Brett Montague
    Sri Harsha
    Harsh Shandilya

    Bug reporting:

    • DO NOT Report bugs if you're running a custom kernel or you installed Xposed
    • Grab a logcat right after the problem has occurred. (Please include at least a few pages of the log, not just the last few lines, unless you know what you're doing.)
    • If it is a random reboot, grab dmesg . (Do not bother getting a logcat unless you can get it just before the reboot. A logcat after a reboot is useless)
    • If the problem disappears after running "setenforce 0" from a root shell, grab /data/misc/audit/audit.log
    • Remember to provide as much info as possible. The more info you provide, the more likely that the bug will be solved. Please also do not report known issues.

    Latest Downloads:


    Gapps are included.

    FAQ and Install instructions:

    Install instructions:
    getting twrp going is discussed many places so i wont do that here but assuming you have twrp installed
    boot twrp
    wipe system/data/cache
    flash rom
    flash twrp installer
    reboot system

    Current Issues/Information:

    * Squeeze features doesnt work on aosp


    Mike Williams(founder and creator of AOSiP)
    Huge props to Josh Chasky, Spaceman860, Alex Cruz and the rest of DU teams work on 3/3xl
    ABC Rom
    ChainFire (SuperSU)
    Cory Collins
    Any others i may have forgotten
    All our testers

    XDA:DevDB Information
    AOSiP, ROM for the Google Pixel 3 XL

    Source Code:

    ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: 9.0
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 9.0
    Stable Release Date: 2019-01-28

    Created 2019-01-29
    Last Updated 2019-05-11
    Current Features:

    Battery settings
    Clock settings
    Custom carrier label
    Configure status bar icons
    Custom Status bar icon
    Net traffic activity meter
    roaming indicator
    old style(oreo) mobile signal indicators
    hide notch(blacks out area of notch but keeps statusbar icons in same place)
    VoLTE icon

    Quick Settings:
    brightness slider customization
    Quick pulldown
    Smart Pulldown
    tile animations
    show/hide information header
    show/hide qs footer

    Ambient music ticker
    Battery LED custimization
    Heads up tweaks
    Toast icon switch
    Mute notifications while screen on

    Custom P pill nav
    Swype navigation gesture

    Hardware Buttons:
    Advanced reboot menu
    Backlight options
    Volume button customization

    Clear all button/location
    Oreo/Pie recents switch
    Recent app icon

    Lockscreen shortcuts
    Charging info
    Media cover art
    Music Visualization
    Ambient Music Visualization
    Fingerprint authentication vibration
    Lock Weather
    Clock widget styles
    Hide lockscreen elements
    Fingerprint vibration
    Quick unlock
    Scramble Layout
    Face unlock

    Double tap to sleep ( Lockscreen/Status bar)
    Three finger screenshot
    AOSP Gestures
    Statusbar brightness

    Fruity Pebbles
    Smart Pixels
    Night Light brightness modes
    Link Volume & Notification
    Increase Ringing volume

    A bit of misc things as well flash and see
    New update has been released :)

    Kernel now using clang 8.0.8
    Merge February security patch
    Screenrecorder updates:
    - Don't show tmp file in some apps
    - Add support for 18:9 devices
    Bring back scrolling effect in carrier label
    Add Digital Wellbeing dark/black theme
    Add dark theme for inbuilt file manager
    Materalise the delete icon in wallpaper picker
    Add some priv-app permissions to included apps
    Kill teal colour in print service icon
    Use region based decision making for temperature units for Battery temperature
    Fix crash in visualiser in certain edge cases
    Translation fixes and additions
    Fix backup and restore of system settings
    Fix some logspam by SystemUI
    Improve dark theme in telecomm
    Switch to a new default wallpaper (thanks to @WizPer88 for the sexy wallpaper)
    Fix battery icon being grey at times
    Add dark google feed to launcher
    Fallback to default icons when applied icon pack is uninstalled
    Add dark/black theme to Updater and use accent for actionbar items
    ome SEPolicy fixes
    Expose hardcoded colour in Storage Summary Settings page
    Fix icon tinting in power details page
    Add animation slider to developer options instead of fixed values (0.1x accuracy)
    Fix disappearing home/recents button
    Fix behaviour of lockscreen bounce in an egde case
    Some performance improvements to Window Manager
    Fix memory leak in Input Method Manager
    Fix cases when activities refuse to enter PiP mode
    Some QSTile fixes
    Performance improvements in Resolver Activity
    Some crashes have been addressed
    Fix check for lockscreen in edge gestures
    Fix unlinked ringtone and notification volume panel
    Fix LED Light not showing for some apps like Dialer
    Ensure battery temperature preference is always updated
    Make sure settings shortcut icons follow system accent
    Fix soft-reboot when AlarmManagerService is called
    Fix network traffic indicators not hiding on lost connection
    Optimize background activity of network traffic indicators
    Launcher3 Updates:
    - Add option to allow app names to be 2 lines
    - Add option to lock desktop layout
    - Remove widget and foldername edit buttons when desktop is locked
    - Minor hotseat icon fixes
    - Add swipe-up gesture
    so will be doing weeklies for a release schedule but this last one was skipped as i was trying to get an issue figured and was waiting on feb update so will have that out in the next day or so. until now i see that jan firmware is needed for current build as feb had some changes. also good new... looks like DU team has gotten squeeze to work on aosp roms so that should be added in the near future.
    ok so there was some issues with the latest build have most of it all straightened away working on a few more things and will have a Beta build ill share later on.