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Feb 15, 2020
I think you throw a some things together which don't belong together. The Open Device Website is a project from Sony for devs which build custom roms specific for Sony devices.
This project is named SODP and has nothing to do with GSIs at all. It's only relevant for you when you want Custom Roms for Sony Devices because then you need the oem SW binaries.

GSI/Treble instead are generic system images. To answer your question:
You don't need the oem SW Binaries from Sony for this GSI. For GSIs you only need a unlocked bootloader, the right GSI system image and vbmeta.
All other parts which you mentioned (vendor, dtbo etc) come with the stock Rom.

This is important information for me, thank you!!!

I thought "SW binaries" is something like main firmware without which no any Roms can work.

Supported devices and functionality
On this page you’ll find the current status for specific functionalities on Open Devices’ platforms for the supported devices. In order for AOSP to run on Xperia devices, you need to add some device specific Software binaries that are provided on this website. These binaries could for example be hardware drivers that are needed for a certain chipset. Check out the links below to get both the code and binaries for each device.
You can also find links to all Sony’s device configurations on the Sonyxperiadev Github, link to the AOSP build guides and the Recovery mode key for supported devices.

So AOSP GSI doesn't use any (hardware drivers) from SW Binaries?,, so I understand right AOSP GSI that it has the base firmware implemented inside its own roms?

please excuse my bad English.
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Nov 4, 2018
So AOSP GSI doesn't use any (hardware drivers) from SW Binaries?

That's correct. Of course as consequence some hardware functions may not working because OEMs are forced that the main functions work on Treble devices but they are NOT forced to ensure that all functions work.
Sony isn't a exception here. For example i tried phhusson quack GSI on my old xperia XZ2 and the camera didn't work as i expected it.

,, so I understand right AOSP GSI that it has the base firmware implemented inside its own roms?

Sry but i don't understand what you want to say here.

Some additional note:
Be aware that you probably lose some features on stock after unlocking bootloader on your sony device (caused from missing drm functions).
I believe Sony minimized the drm over the last device generations/Android versions so unlocking the bootloader shouldn't break so much functions on stock.
But i think it's better to go to the last stock and only THEN unlocking the bootloader.
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Nov 4, 2018

I have a little question about the Security patches in your GSI.
A few days ago the march 2020 security patch came out and i installed the newest factory image and your gsi in v213 on my pixel 4 xl to get a complete patch.

Out curiosity i searched a little bit in the march 2020 Security bulletin (the general and the pixel specfic site) and the tags site.
According to your commit 'update to r31' you used probably the tag 31 which is described here:

Now my question:

Google splitts the Security bulletins always in a 'normal' and 'pixel bulletin'.

In the tag site and in your gsi the security patch level for this month says 2020-03-05.
So does this mean that all aosp security fixes mentioned in normal march 2020 bulletin and the pixel march 2020 bulletin are included in your r31 release? And that it is the same for your previous and future sec updates?

(With aosp fixes i mean all the fixes where 'Updated AOSP Versions' stand).

I only want to be sure that i have all Security fixes from aosp on my device.
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Sep 20, 2017
I have a Wileyfox Swift 2 plus and installed AOSP 10.0 Vanilla without Gapps on it (system-quack-arm64-aonly-vanilla.img.xz). My Swift is working better than before, even better than any of the Lineage OS versions. Especially the battery life is much better and I can now use the camera for taking pictures, because it's acting faster than ever so now I can point and shoot. And above all: my Wileyfox is very very stable.
The only thing that doesn't work at all, is the fingerprint sensor. I don't see it in the menu. It's deactivated.
Can you support the Wileyfox Swift 2 plus fingerprint sensor?
I looked it up. According to Kernel Adiutor I use the following fingerprint sensor (I think it is 0a383a5192 you need):

My compliments about the project! I enjoy it a lot!!!


Oct 16, 2019
This is important information for me, thank you!!!

I thought "SW binaries" is something like main firmware without which no any Roms can work.

So AOSP GSI doesn't use any (hardware drivers) from SW Binaries?,, so I understand right AOSP GSI that it has the base firmware implemented inside its own roms?

please excuse my bad English.

These binaries are part of vendor partition is not touched when installing GSI. Imagine:

two partitions (for simplicity)

1-> sony driver stuff
2-> android OS

1-> always SAME (given by sony)
2-> you can install whatever android here (not whatever but compatible) - like GSI.

Some ROMS give both 1+2 in united ZIP file.

GSI is only the part (2).


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Sep 3, 2015
Spišská nová ves
Myphone Hammer active 2 LTE. only editbuild.prop for correct name


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Jun 25, 2011
I cannot get mobile data on Spectrum Wireless. The only APN allowed is Verizon which doesn't work. AFAICT the correct APN is "CHARTER.RSLR.VZWENTP". This is a deal-killer for me :( It doesn't work on the Android 9.0 GSI either. Also, if it hasn't been reported yet, WiFi does not work on 10.0 but does work on 9.0.

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S9, model SM-G960U (Snapdragon)
Original CSC: CHA
Relevant thread: https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s9/how-to/guide-install-gsi-s-snapdragon-s9-s9-t4044125


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Mar 13, 2019
what error you got or what happens after installation

It boot but it stuck on boot logo "Android" and then it reboots in bootloop, idk why.
Later the recovery of the phone it says that I have a encryption data problem and I will have to do a reset...

---------- Post added at 01:46 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:43 PM ----------

Magisk flashed? Not sure about what problem you meet, maybe more information?

I do the reset with fastboot, so I think there isn't magisk


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Jan 10, 2010


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Aug 4, 2014
the whole world is my home ?
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    I did use it, but I still found it a little bit confusing...
    If it mentions no "VNDKlite", just "using VNDK version 29.0", Does it mean I should ignore the vndklite builds?
    vndklite builds also can be use on non-lite vendors, no problems here
    also vndklite (of some GSI) can be mounted as RW, non-lite can't. and some devices have works camera only with lite builds, so i recommend use that one
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    Hi all,

    Here is the thread about Phh-Treble for Android 10.0, codename Quack.

    The goal of Phh-Treble for Android 10.0 is the same as for Android 8.0, 8.1, and 9.0: Bring latest AOSP to the maximum number of devices running Google-certified Treble[1], with full hardware support.

    You can download latest release at https://github.com/phhusson/treble_experimentations/releases

    Which variant do I pick
    To know which variant to download, use https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tk.hack5.treblecheck . Don't use other Treble Check apps, they'll give erronous informations.
    And then, you're free to choose between vanilla and gapps variant.

    What works?
    On some devices, everything. They are still not the majority though.

    What you can expect on the majority of devices?
    It should boot successfully on pretty much all devices with Google-certified Treble. [1]
    Most features should work on the majority of devices out-of-the-box: RIL, WiFi, brightness control, buttons, gestures, ...
    However, many devices still have issues with hardware video decoding and camera.

    Is device XXX supported?
    If it's a Google-certified Treble, yes it is. Unlike Google's GSI, Treble devices supported, there is no exception.
    There might be bugs of course, but if you help me, I'll fix them!

    Which vendor to use?
    1. Always use your actual device's vendor
    2. Always use OEM unmodified vendor, not some custom vendor
    3. This includes boot.img. boot.img and vendor MUST BE the same version.
    4. If you're on an Android 8.0 vendor, you'll need to stick to vendors with Security Patch Level before April 2019 (that's a bug of my GSI)


    [1] How do I know my device is Google-certified Treble?
    Well it's easy, if your device has first been released with Oreo or more recent, and it has google apps, it has a Google-certified Treble.
    Please note that this means only the vendor provided by the OEM is certified, not the one from device-specific ROM.
    do you plan on doing it?
    Yes, though I've been planning it for more than a year.
    Just flashed v211. What is this green dot on the lockscreen for? If I push it the screen dims and the green dot becomes brighter.
    Right, that's a fail from me, that will be fixed in next release.
    That's intended for devices with optical under-display fingerprint.
    I'm respinning a v212 to fix that.
    Well not working on V40 with LOS 17 android 10 base... haven't tried with Stock LG Pie base tho....
    Use stock vendor. It is very likely lineage breaks Treble compatibility.

    works fine on sony xperia 10 dual sim + android 10 software binaries
    Thanks for the report.
    Could you update https://github.com/phhusson/treble_experimentations/wiki/ and create a page for your device mentioning your tests?

    - adaptive brightness doesnt work, i can change brightness....but the automatic change isnt there....someone get what i mean?
    - battery stats....there is no app data....only the graph
    Those are fairly easy to fix, you just need an overlay, based on infos from stock rom.
    There is a guide there https://github.com/phhusson/treble_experimentations/wiki/How-to-create-an-overlay? or a quite automatic script there: https://github.com/phhusson/treble_experimentations/blob/master/overlay/generate.sh though I recommend you join @PHHtreble telegram group so I can help you create it.

    ps i would love to continue seeing AOSP+su-nogapps :fingers-crossed:
    I definitely don't plan on obsoleting it. Though i'm interested, may I ask why you're using this one?

    ps.: changelog said october security update? in options still september written?
    Yup my bad, that's indeed still september.
    Hopefully next should be proper november.

    Its working perfectly. but it would be awesome if the fix was built in
    Well the zip itself is closed-source, I can't integrate it without its sources
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