[AOSP 10.0] [29-05-2020] Quack Phh-Treble GSI v217 Repack For Snapdragon S20 Devices

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Aug 23, 2012
Unbranded Samsung 20 Pro

ah. but, I have a weird s20. The model number says it's an S20 Pro (build number is: m_l805_pmz_a6601_welcome_en_yl_128a16_v04 and a CSC of zmu1a0h5 - also note, i'm not sure if that's l805 or 1805 and yl or y1 - dunno). I got the thing on wish (ya, ya...bad idea, i know, but it's too late now). I'm not sure what ROM to get, if any. I'm hoping a friendly guru can help guide me. The phone says i'm using over 100gigs of internal storage, but...i don't have near enough apps to fill up that much. I installed one 26 meg app, yet the phone is claiming it took up 3gigs of space. Whaaaat?

Is there something I'm missing? I mean, cell phones confuse me sure, but (as a programmer) I think I understand the basics and this just baffles me. Will this ROM work on this phone? Can I change the CSC, cuz some things come up with chinese or korean lettering, which, of course, I can't read so that's annoying)


nothing will work on there, it's falsely reporting it's memory size. sounds like they've done the bare minimum to put the OS on there. ask for your money back but don't get your hopes up... sorry for your luck.

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