AOSP [7.1.2_r33]Nougat for Nexus 5 [NZH54D] [25/10/2017]

Santhosh M

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AOSP Nougat 7.1.2 for Nexus 5​

Hi all,

This is a nougat build for Nexus 5 and is a decent daily driver. It might contain bugs that i am not aware of or not encountered in my daily use

What works ?
  • Wifi
  • RIL
  • Bluetooth
  • Camera
  • Other stuff which i might have not mentioned under not working

What doesn't ?
  • Stuff that i may not be aware of
    (Please don't ask ETA for any bug fixes)

Changelog :


  • KRACK wifi vulnerability fix.
  • Rest everything remain as such as last released build.

Older changelogs :

  • Update to 7.1.2_r33 (NZH54D)
  • Brings in August security updates
  • All non aosp features continue to remain

  • Update to 7.1.2_r27 (NZH54B)
  • Brings in July security updates
  • All non aosp features continue to remain

  • Update to 7.1.2_r17 (NJH47B)
  • Brings in June security updates
  • All non aosp features continue to remain

  • Update to 7.1.2_r11 (NHG47L)
  • Brings in May security updates
  • All non aosp features continue to remain

  • Update to 7.1.2_r5 (N2G47J) [ Initial release]
  • Brings in April security updates
  • All non aosp features continue to remain

  • Update to 7.1.1_r28 (N6F26U)
  • Brings in March security updates
  • Added Caffeine tile in quick settings (had a personal use for the same and just added it in the build)
  • Fix Wifi issue faced on custom kernels
  • Fix crash on stock AOSP music player
  • Update to android - 7.1.1_r22 (NMF26X)
  • February security patch
  • Fixes the set wallpaper crash in default Launcher 3
  • Update to 7.1.1_r12 [N4F26M]
  • Fixed long pending bug of double tap statusbar to sleep disable settings not working
  • Fix green flicker issue faced while video recording in custom camera apps such as Google camera [long pending request]
  • Update to 7.1.1_r6 [NMF26Q]
  • Show selinux status in about phone
  • UI lag and audio issues caused by default kernel has been fixed
  • Tethering has also been fixed properly (tested and used it on my device)
  • Fix wifi tethering
  • Update kernel commits from latest google marshmallow release
  • Update vendor blobs from latest marshmallow release for Nexus 5 (M4B30Z)
  • Update broadcomm wifi firmware ( You don't need to flash wifi fix anymore on custom kernels. Google hadn't updated it in nougat branch for some reason all these days)

  • Updated to 7.1.1_r4 (NMF26O) and that makes it the initial 7.1.1 release
  • Selinux is now enforcing
  • AOSP Launcher 3 now default contains pixel launcher features (Not any addition from my end. This is just to let you know the google changes)
  • All my previous non AOSP features continue to remain as such

  • Removed forced partial screenshot (key combo for screenshot will behave like usual regular behavior)
  • Added Screenshot to Power menu & long press on Screenshot in power menu to use partial screenshot
  • Bought back advanced reboot features (recovery,bootloader,soft reboot) to AOSP restart function.
  • Initial support for Pixel navbar animation ( Available as separate flashable zip under downloads. Flash that only on this build as its not a universal any rom flashable zip)

  • Updated to 7.1.0_r7 (that also brings in Nov security updates)
  • Pixel navigation bar (changes on screen buttons to the newer pixel look)
  • Replaces AOSP music app with Eleven (cyanogenmod's music player)
  • Force enabled partial screenshot feature (after pressing the key combination for screenshot, it will ask you to draw the area for screenshot and once u do that it will save the pic)
    Previous features of the ROM continue to remain

  • Brings the night display/night light feature of Android 7.1 (which is currently enabled only for pixel phones).

    - This is same as the night mode in 7.0, but brings certain additions like custom scheduling night mode (like custom time.sunset to sunrise and manual turn on )
    - Can be accessed via Settings - display (available via quick tiles too)
  • Enabled Gestures to appear in setttings menu ( by default its hidden in 7.1 ). This was enabled since double press power button to open camera settings option was not anymore available publicly and it has been moved to gestures

22/10/2016 :
  • Android 7.1 (NDE63P)
  • Advanced reboot has been removed (Since aosp now has restart by default)
  • Dark theme mode has been removed (Might add back later)
  • Other minor changes

    Non - aosp features :
  • Volume rocker to wake up device
  • Double tap on statusbar to sleep

For FAQ's/tips/ about the ROM please refer this thread ( This thread is not updated anymore)

Flashing method :
  • Need to have TWRP
  • Do a full wipe and install the rom
  • Reboot


AOSP Nougat for Nexus 5 (25/10/2017)

XDA:DevDB Information
AOSP [7.1.2] Nougat for Nexus 5, ROM for the Google Nexus 5

Santhosh M
Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x

Version Information
Status: Stable
Stable Release Date: 2017-10-25

Created 2016-08-24
Last Updated 2017-10-25
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Santhosh M

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Thanks to the following donators

Alessandro Martignoni
Daniel Radics
Вершинин Алексей
Martin Graf
Alex Zilmer
khemraj nauth

I am sorry i couldn't tag your xda names as i am not aware of :)

If someone wishes to thank for my work and donate, choose the option of services/goods in paypal ( as I am a Indian user ) and the donation will go through.
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Dec 14, 2010
Freiberg / Saxonia
I'm just here to say "Thank you so much for your effort"!!
It's glad to see that you, and maybe other developers, have started to work on Android 7 for the lovely Nexus 5.
Keep on going, we need you and your great work!
I will flash it later that day to have a first look.

Thanks Thanks Thanks!

Santhosh M

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Hi, thanks for using your time building Android N for the Nexus 5, best of lucks with the rom mate.
Edit: Paypal says that only Indian accounts can donate :l
I don't expect it. Still if you want to donate, you have to choose services/goods while sending and it will go through as my paypal account is india based


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Dec 31, 2012
I think probably the kexec-hardboot-patch needed to make the rom work with MultiROM isn't implemented in the kernel.

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kexec-hardboot-patch is enough for primary rom,right?
error 7 is related to something else i guess..
Maybe little modification in the updater script can solve this,idk.
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