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Jul 13, 2013
Thank you a lot for your nice work!
The problem I encountered is that when trying to add a fingerprint, my in-display fingerprint sensor is mistaken for a back/rear fingerprint sensor. (It asked me to find my fingerprint sensor from the back....)
The vendor overlay file I made according to this thread is also attached. (If there is some mistakes about it, please correct me)

Log that might be related: (Full logs are also attached)
I SystemServer: StartFingerprintSensor                                                                                                                                                                             
I SystemServiceManager: Starting com.android.server.fingerprint.FingerprintService
D SystemServerInitThreadPool: Started executing FingerprintService.onStart
V FingerprintService: mDaemon was null, reconnect to fingerprint

I have the same model L78121, but I'm unable to boot (I get a bootloop) I've tried many GSI's and did follow all the instructions but no matter what I do I always end up with a bootloop. Would you mind helping me brother? How did you flash GSI on z6? Help please!!


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Jul 7, 2020
There is a problem: after installation and startup, everything works. But after the first reboot constantly bootlogo, tried latest and random builds. Meizu m8, arm64 a, vendor 8.1, mt6762.
bootlogo logcat

After formating data in twrp, system start, but cant found SIM.
Perhaps there are any fixes?
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There is a problem: after installation and startup, everything works. But after the first reboot constantly bootlogo, tried latest and random builds. Meizu m8, arm64 a, vendor 8.1, mt6762.
bootlogo logcat

After formating data in twrp, system start, but cant found SIM.
Perhaps there are any fixes?

Hello, please read all before doing anything

First method (my own)
your must make clean flash with SP_flash tool (format all + download),
start device ,
unlock bootloader in developer options (not in fastboot mode),
reboot in to stock recovery,
format/wipe data,
power off ,
with Maui Meta write IMEI in to device,
reboot in to fastboot,
fastboot oem unlock,
fastboot flash (custom) recovery,
go to sp_flash tool,
uncheck all files and then check boot vendor system,
change patch for system to custom GSI file,
flash in to device,
reboot in to custom recovery,
repair+resize system partition in to wipe option,
data partition format in to EXT4 file system,
flash magisk + gapps,
reboot and done :)

Second method
flash these files trough the recovery
Then you check if you have baseband in settings
If you have baseband that's good but you don't have IMEI (you have IMEI for 1-5 minutes after that you don't have)
Turn off phone
Download Maui Meta
(If you don't have windows 10 you must install drivers for "mtk Vcom USB")
Open Maui Meta and set "smartphone" and "USB COM"
Press reconnect
Phone in turn off state connect in to PC with out pressing any button and wait to message "connected on target"
If don't connect you must relock bootloader with so flash tool (format all+download) and try again
Write IMEI's and reboot.

(Btw I using Lenovo K9 with MT6762 and is working:))


Aug 4, 2008
nosu means there is no su for apps, but there is still su for adb.

If you don't have magisk installed, does removing /system/xbin/su fixes basic integrity SafetyNet test?
If it does, I might consider removing /system/xbin/su (since adb root works anyway)

found the above reply to a comment from evgfilim1 when trying to find a solution for not passing safety net no matter how many modules i added on in magisk.
prior was failing both CTS and basicintegrity.
i too didn't know that nosu means no su app only but still retained su for adb.

i can confirm that removing the su file in xbin (via flashing unsu.zip) resolved the safetynet issue immediately.
still have magisk + magiskhide.

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    WARNING: You'll most probably loose ALL your data, and might break your phone. Please use with extreme caution!

    The goal of this ROM is to provide maximum hardware compatibility inside a Generic System Image.
    No feature will be added. This will ease forward porting to new Android versions, which is the very goal of Project Treble :)

    My hope is that other ROM developers will use this ROM as a basis to construct more advanced ROM.

    How to flash:
    Follow instructions available at https://www.xda-developers.com/flash-generic-system-image-project-treble-device/

    What doesn't work:
    - NFC on some devices
    - Front camera on Razer Phone
    - Stock AOSP camera app on some devices. Please use OpenCamera app
    - many graphic glitches on Moto E5

    What works:
    - Pretty much everything else

    Tested devices:
    - Samsung Galaxy S9+ Exynos
    - OnePlus 6
    - Blackview A20
    - Koolnee Rainbow
    - Cubot X18 Plus
    - Pixel 2 XL (running Android 8.1 vendor)
    - Lenovo Moto E5
    - Allview V3 Viper
    - Razer phone
    - Huawei View 10
    - Huawei Mate 9

    This is an experimentation, this means that I'm mostly interested in bugreports.
    But, I don't want too many reports, so please:
    - If you use a community Treble, ASK YOUR TREBLE DEV FIRST (then they can come ask me here)
    - I want bugs only about hardware features, not software bugs
    - A bug without a device name doesn't exist
    - A bug without a log doesn't exist

    Downloads are available at https://github.com/phhusson/treble_experimentations/releases/tag/v119

    v113 (2019-05-07):
    - May security patch
    - various fixes for Xiaomi Mi 9

    v111 (2019-03-06):
    - March Android security patch
    - Fix MT6739 incoming SMS and mobile data connection
    - Fix audio glitches on sakura
    - Added overlay for:
    - Asus Zenfone L1
    - Lenovo S5
    - HTC U12+
    - Fix low brightness issue on Realme 2 Pro (Thanks @SamarV-121)
    - Fix sound on Motorola james, pettyl, evert, jeter, aljeter
    - Fix device will boot only few times on A/B devices running Pie vendor
    - Fix boot on some Moto devices running Pie vendor
    - Refix in-call mute on Huawei devices
    - Disable fingerprint as a key on Xiaomi sakura
    - Fix some graphical glitches on some low-end Snapdragon devices

    v109 (2019-01-08):
    - January security patch
    - Fix RIL on Exynos 7870 devices
    - Possibly fix NFC on some Huawei devices
    - Fix sound on some Lenovo Moto devices
    - Fix flashlight on Huawei Y6 2018
    - Fix backlight on Xperia XZ1
    - Fix audio jack on LG V40
    - Fix quick settings position on "low end" screens
    - Fix notch, auto backlight, ... for various devices

    v108 (2018-12-05):
    - Fix broken UI on Snapdragon 425, 430, 435
    - Fix bootanimation for some Mediatek devices
    - Some fixes for some Samsung devices (J6/A6 and alikes. It's still very unstable)
    - Support IA key on Xiaomi Mi Mix 3
    - Fix fingerprint pressing a button on Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite, Xiaomi Mi A2
    - Fix brightness on Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X, Xiaomi Mi Max 3,
    - Fix the hide notch option
    - Add a new variant for devices running 32bits Android, but 64bits binder (if the kernel is 64bits, or this is a Pie-originated device)
    - Fix weird/ugly sound on Xiaomi Mi Mix 3
    - Fix boot on some Huawei devices
    - Fix flashlight on Huawei devices
    - Fix boot/instability on Qualcomm Android 8.0 vendors
    - Fix USSD on Huawei devices
    - Fix in-call mute on Huawei devices
    - Support notch on Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite
    - Fix stereo not enabled on reboot on Samsung Galaxy S/Note 9/+
    - Adjust Xiaomi Mi 8SE statusbar and rounded corners
    - Fix OnePlus6 overlay
    - December security patch

    v107 (2018-11-09):
    - If you like this release, you can donate: https://www.paypal.me/phhusson
    - Stereo on Samsung Galaxy S9/Note9 (enable it in the Treble Settings)
    - Improve performance of Pie recent apps on Galaxy S9/Galaxy Note9/Huawei P20 Lite
    - Fix S-Pen rotation on Galaxy Note 9
    - November security patch
    - Fix boot on some Android 8.0 vendors
    - Fix passphrase on Hotspot
    - Fix fingerprint triggering key event on various Xiaomi
    - Fix fingerprint gestures on Huawei
    - Overlays (auto brightness and power profiles) for many devices)

    v105 (2018-09-19):
    - Fix hotspot (for some devices?)
    - Fix NFC for some devices
    - [Samsung] Disable some pre-installed malwares
    - [Samsung] Support glove mode
    - [Samsung] Fix some screen-sleep related issues (like dead touchscreen on suspend, or not working hard click button)
    - [OP6/OP3T] Double tap to wake
    - [Xiaomi] Fix distorted sound
    - [Moto G6] Fix distorted sound
    - gapps variant is back!
    - Fix incall audio on qualcomm P vendor devices
    - Fix boot on some community treble devices
    - [Xiaomi some devices] Disable fingerprint button
    - [Mediatek MT6750] Fix boot/crashing UI
    - [SDM660 8.0] Fix camera
    - [Huawei P20/Pro] Support notch
    - [Redmi 6 Pro Indian edition] Support notch

    v104 (2018-09-05):
    - September security patch
    - [Samsung Galaxy Note 9] Fix WiFi, brightness and fingerprint sensor
    - [Samsung Galaxy S9] Support assistant and partial "home" button on S9
    - Include phh su
    - [Xiaomi Mi 6X] Fix backlight control on
    - [Xiaomi ...] Fix sound on Mi 8 *, Poco,
    - [Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S] Delete fingerprint key event
    - [Treble app] [Huawei] Setting for hwcomposer overlay bypass option to workaround blur issue
    - [Treble app] minor fixes
    - Add support for status bar reduction for notches
    - Fix webview issue when not using gapps
    - Huawei RROs (automatic backlight, battery infos, ...) (Thanks @Dil3mm4)
    - [Known regression of this version] Broke ro.sf.hwrotation (needed for screen rotation on some devices)

    v103 (2018-08-29):
    - New Treble app. Look for it in the Settings
    - Fix incoming calls on MTK
    - Fix MTK RIL vendor 8.0
    - Fix brightness on Mi Pad 4
    - Fix dark mode for some devices
    - Fix brightness for Note 9 and Japanese S9
    - Fix status bar height for Pocophone F1's notch

    v102 (2018-08-22):
    - Fix boot on some MTK devices
    - Fix boot on some Huawei devices
    - Fix boot on some community-ported devices
    - Fix screen rotation on some devices
    - Fix WiFi and fingerprint sensor on various devices
    - Fix S9 dead-touchscreen-on-resume issue
    New release, with many little things, but gapps variant is back, hotspot is fixed for most people and NFC is fixed for some people.
    There new build.
    Should fix WiFi for many people (though probably not everyone, I'd like some reports from Xiaomi Mi A2 users)
    Should fix boot for many people
    (Partially?) fixes S9 dead touchscreen
    Been using it for more than 24hrs on a Razer Phone. Battery seems slightly better than in stock MR1, cameras do work except for the frontal one. Everything else, excluding the exceptions mentioned in OP, works perfectly, snappy and at full 120hz.

    This is some daily driver material :cool:
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