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[AOSP 9.0] [Experimental] Android 9.0 GSI

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Sep 12, 2016
Overloaded in twrp .

And the amlogic s905x x96 prefix .Strokes, a screen with bands appears.And after 3 minutes it is reloaded into twrp.

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Reboots into twrp .

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    WARNING: You'll most probably loose ALL your data, and might break your phone. Please use with extreme caution!

    The goal of this ROM is to provide full Treble-compatible hardware support, and nothing else.
    This means that hardware which DON'T have Treble API won't be supported, like Essential's external camera.
    No feature will be added. This will ease forward porting to new Android versions, which is the very goal of Project Treble :)

    My hope is that other ROM developers will use this ROM as a basis to construct more advanced ROM.

    For a list of treble supported devices, consult and fill https://github.com/phhusson/treble_experimentations/wiki

    How to flash:

    1- Flash a treble rom (GSI only has 8.1 vndk. 8.0 probably won't work.)
    2- Extract p-gsi-built.zip and flash system.img
    3- Flash p-boot-other-fixes.zip, wifi fix, POST-sGSI_boot-patch.zip (thanks to erfanoabdi bootpatcher from p semi-gsi)
    4- Reboot


    - Camera
    - Flashlight

    (Tested on Redmi Note 4 and Redmi 4A, bugs can change according to device.)

    9.0.0_r3 (2018-08-07):
    system.img for A ARM64 devices vanilla

    Telegram Account: MacTavishAO

    Thanks to: @erfanoabdi @phhusson and thanks to ChristianEM for wifi fix.

    "Bayram Kılıç and Burak Mete Erdoğan the guys who says pixel stock and aosp is totally same. These 2 guys said to me 'Idiot released same rom. Unnecessary'. LOL. From their mouths; 'Pixel stock is started being AOSP. Pixel Team will release AOSP stock rom for pixel devices. It is pretty smooth. And said Pixel Team would give P immediately if AOSP wasn't problematic they fixed it.' Pixel's UI isn't AOSP UI lol "
    Wifi fixed. Thanks to ChristianEM
    If anyone wants to test, I just built the aosp treble target for ab devices w/ 8.1 vendor. So, people with a whyred, modified mido/tissot, or similar a/b device that can run P treble roms such as this one should in theory be able to run this. Theory.

    System image is provided. Modifications to your bootimg and vendor should be the same as on this rom.

    Lineage at this point contains a whole bunch of nothing, except the default apps we know and love. For all I know, it may bootloop because Trebuchet cannot contact the Styles API and Android sometimes hates having no launcher.

    Or the SEpolicies are completely broken. Not that it should matter with a permissive bootimg.

    Anyhow, here it is:

    Can you mention which version of vendor is supported. Samsung galaxy s9+ Exynos has official treble and supports gsi roms but it only has 8.0 vendor file.