[AOSP/AOKP-KERNEL] *27.06.12* Fluxi XX Kernel ICS [xxTweaker App, Touch CWMR, OTA]

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Jan 5, 2011
FLUXI KERNEL ICS I9100 *27.06.12*

  • Current version: XX.02-beta10
  • Must-have for CyanogenMod AOKP CM9 and ICS
  • Linux kernel 3.0.36
  • Samsung Open Source Update 4
  • Toolchain XX.03, Linaro GCC 4.7.1 NEON FPU optimizations for ARM Cortex-A9
  • Optimized kernel configuration
  • Compiler tweaks
  • ClockworkMod Recovery xxTouch fully customized & Remanufactured
xxTweaker app with huge functionality:
  • Kernel Backlight Notification BLN, Breathing, LED-Fadeout * BLN and LED in xxTweaker
  • Backlight Notification BLN * 100% Working by BLN Control
  • CPU OC / UV 100-1600MHz * As xxTweaker, Voltage Control, or SetCPU init.d script
  • Governor and Governor Settings * CPU / governor in xxTweaker
  • ondemand governor significantly optimized with screen-off profile and boost at low frequencies * CPU / governor in xxTweaker
  • CPU hotplugging Settings * CPU / hotplug in xxTweaker
  • Energy saving options * General to xxTweaker
  • I/O scheduler * General to xxTweaker
  • Charging current settings for AC and USB Misc * General to xxTweaker
  • GPU OC / UV 3step 67-400MHz, 700-1200mV and thresholds * As xxTweaker, Voltage Control or init.d script
  • LCD Density Settings * General to xxTweaker
  • ROM Manager * As xxTweaker
  • Automated multiple Flash files in a zip-through * As xxTweaker
  • Screen cursor hysteresis movement * As xxTweaker or tegrak Touch Move
  • Touch screen sensitivity (ex. display with protective cover) * As xxTweaker
  • Volume of Quiet to LOUDERER adjustable * sound settings in xxTweaker
  • Super AMOLED mDNIe +, sharp, beautiful colors with no yellowing * Configurable with xxTweaker
  • Configurable brightness/gamma * Level in xxTweaker
  • Configurable screen color temperature * in xxTweaker
  • And much more ...
  • Public sources under https://github.com/myfluxi/xxICSKernel
Original Thread Link: http://www.android-hilfe.de/kernel-...ernel-ics-xxtweaker-app-xxtouch-recovery.html

Official Discussion Thread (Non-development/settings/battery life) : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1732028


CWM ZIP: Fluxi CWM XX.02-beta10

Odin TAR: Fluxi ODIN XX.02-beta10

xxTweaker Download:

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Jan 5, 2011

XX.02-beta10 27/06/2012
Kernel: Fix typo in ext4 driver that may have caused those slowdowns on wakeup and unlock
Kernel: touchscreen: Optionally flash LED buttons on touch, not in the tweaker app yet, if you need it *now*, echo/write time in ms into /sys/class/sec/sec_touchscreen/tsp_flash_timeout, e.g. for one second
echo 1000 > /sys/class/sec/sec_touchscreen/tsp_flash_timeout
Fileserver: On download instead of "download.php" correct filenames are saved

XX.02-beta9 25/06/2012
Kernel: Use old cpufreq module (pre beta2/beta5)
Kernel: Slide-to-Invert does not get confused by Pinch-to-Zoom

XX.02-beta8 24/06/2012
Kernel: Update to Linux 3.0.36
Kernel: Universal Slide-to-Invert option, toggle inverted screen colors by sliding from the very left to the very right of the screen using two fingers
Kernel: Revert 700mV option on for mali gfx unit

xxTweaker v0.3.9_rc2 22/06/2012
xxTweaker: Update v0.3.9_rc2
xxTweaker: xxTweaker: Make OTA system more efficient
xxTweaker: System: Significantly improve settings restore engine core speed (only one single I/O operation, use precompiled regex'es)
xxTweaker: System: Load CM/codeworkx' 20-step brightness settings and a few more when choosing the open source sensor HAL

XX.02-beta7 22/06/2012
Kernel: Wifi: Revert incompatible patches prior to N7000 update
Kernel: cpufreq: Set limit for frequency lock
Kernel: Even less noise in kernel log
Ramdisk: Tweaks: Make AFTR or LPA default cpuidle mode

xxTweaker v0.3.9_rc1 21/06/2012
xxTweaker: Update v0.3.9_rc1
xxTweaker: Include Spanish translations (D4rKn3sSyS)
xxTweaker: Print xxTweaker version in logcat
xxTweaker: More performance optimizations
xxTweaker: CPU: Configuration of new interactive governor options
xxTweaker: System: Restore CPU voltage settings correctly
xxTweaker: System: Restore BLN timout settings correctly
xxTweaker: System: Confirmation that fuel gauge has been reset

XX.02-beta6 21/06/2012
Kernel: Update Linux 3.0.35
Kernel: Update custom Linaro toolchain to linaroXX-4.7-2012.06
Kernel: Update wifi drivers from GNote N7000 Update 3
Kernel: Update mmc drivers from GNote N7000 Update 3, MMC_CAP_ERASED disabled
Kernel: Led buttons stay off if they are supposed to
Kernel: interactive governor: Add a time view concept, behaviour depends on load history
Kernel: Get rid of unnessecary noise in kernel log
Kernel: More upstream Patches
Ramdisk: Update recovery, douple-tap instead of single tap to select, confirmation dalvik cache wipe

xxTweaker v0.3.9_beta7 18/06/2012
xxTweaker: OTA updates should work in any ROM now
xxTweaker: Show progress bar on OTA update download, ask before rebooting and installation of updates
xxTweaker: Some performance optimizations
xxTweaker: CPU: Fix FC on restart when active governor is conservative

xxTweaker v0.3.9_beta6 15/06/2012
xxTweaker: Performance optimizations, use threads for demanding tasks
xxTweaker: BLN & LED: Fix notification duration loaded on restart
xxTweaker: System: Fix LCD-Density function

XX.02-beta5 15/06/2012
This should fix those "slow-downs" experienced by a few users.

XX.02-beta4 14/06/2012
This update is only needed for the new led backlight level (= "0") to avoid users reporting their bln was broken.

xxTweaker v0.3.9_beta5 14/06/2012
kernel: keyboard: cypress: Use standard voltage for constant/blinking bln, with very low voltages, the user might wonder why "bln does not work"
kernel: Upstream patches from CM9 repo and more smaller patches
ramdisk: Update CWM recovery, add "Power off" option in Advanced menu (user request)
xxTweaker: System: Rewrite LCD-Density part to catch unxpected user settings
xxTweaker: System: Reset fuel gauge option (user request)
xxTweaker: Display: Rewrite touch config logic
xxTweaker: BLN & LED: New "Level 0" for the LED button backlight, helps as workaround to keep LED buttons effectively off
xxTweaker: BLN & LED: New 1 minute timeout for notifications (user request)
xxTweaker: CPU: On governor change, reload saved user settings for the selected governor. So now it's possible to have individual settings for each governor - nice!
xxTweaker: CPU: Remove read only value sampling_rate_min from settings in ondemand and conservative
xxTweaker: CPU: Fix Bus Frequency up threshold value on reload after reboot
xxTweaker: CPU: Fix on changing governors, governor list reports the actually selected governor
xxTweaker: New settings administration. Save, restore, manage and reset your settings. As it is a new function that required much more than 1000 lines of code and a lot of detail work (and as a sidenote is the killer feature in ExTweaks Pro that costs you $$$), there may be small errors. If errors occure, please supply logs and report what exactly happened before failure.

XX.02-beta3 12/06/2012
Ramdisk: Hotfix /system mounts, an error in CM? Why different mounts mounts in lpm.rc and recovery.rc?

xxTweaker 0.3.9-beta4 11/06/2012
kernel: Update to Linux 3.0.34
kernel: mach-exynos: cpufreq: Align with Samsung i9300 Update 1
ramdisk: More CM9 changes (fix charging gfx)
xxTweaker: Change backup directory to {internal SD-Card}/xxTweaker, to make it accessible via MTP or mass storage
xxTweaker: Kernel compatibility check on startup, if not ask to download (i.e. after ROM update)
xxTweaker: Check for changed Exynos sensor HAL, if yes ask if user wants to switch back (i.e. after ROM update)

XX.02-beta2 11/06/2012
kernel: Update to Linux 3.0.34
kernel: mach-exynos: cpufreq: Align with Samsung i9300 Update 1
ramdisk: More CM9 changes (fix charging gfx)
xxTweaker: Change backup directory to {internal SD-Card}/xxTweaker, to make it accessible via MTP or mass storage
xxTweaker: Kernel compatibility check on startup, if not ask to download (i.e. after ROM update)
xxTweaker: Check for changed Exynos sensor HAL, if yes ask if user wants to switch back (i.e. after ROM update)

xxTweaker 0.3.9-beta3 08/06/2012
xxTweaker: Auto check for updates on startup
xxTweaker: Rude method to enforce boot settings really only once
xxTweaker: Fix null pointer error Screen Update Service in rare occasions
xxTweaker: Fix batch flash function error that made only the latest zip being flashed

xxTweaker 0.3.9-beta2 06/06/2012
Use different method to detect switched mountpoints (getprop), fixes FC in OTA and possibly other locations
Everybody else may test OTA now

XX.02-beta1 06/06/2012
kernel: Update to Linux 3.0.33
kernel: Decrease min voltage on BUCK3, allow 25mV steps
kernel: Lock frequency for secondary cpu, disabled by default, use with caution as you may effectively turn your device into single core
ramdisk: Don't auto-install xxTweaker, remove tweaker binary
ramdisk: More CM9 updates
xxTweaker: Update 0.3.9_beta2
xxTweaker: Split "General" into new "System" and "xxTweaker" sections
xxTweaker: OTA Updates, download dir is internal sd-card/download. Logic is a) check for kernel update, b) check if app update is required c), if not a) or b) check for app update. There will never be a guaranted backward compatibility. If something does not work, please don't just complain, do something productive instead; create logs and supply info about what exactly happened prior to failure.
xxTweaker: Print kernel- and ROM-version to logcat for debugging
xxTweaker: Add dmesg to debug archive
xxTweaker: CPU: Control lock frequency for secondary cpu
xxTweaker: GPU: Fix threshold settings
xxTweaker: ROM Manager: Replace spaces with underscores in backup names
xxTweaker: ROM Manager: Fix array out of bounds error causing an FC on some mount point configurations, will be optimized next
xxTweaker: Many smaller fixes

XX.01-Final 01/06/2012
Kernel: Cosmetic changes cypress module
Kernel: Fix: GPU voltage is now really from 700 mV
Kernel: j4fs as loadable kernel module
xxTweaker: Update to v0.3.7
xxTweaker: Fix nasty bug that enabled backlights when opening BLN & LED settings
xxTweaker: CPU: ondemand freq_for_responsiveness and interactive hispeed_freq will be loaded on reboot
xxTweaker: General: Option Fix Permissions
xxTweaker: General: Choice between open source und proprietary sensor HAL
xxTweaker: General: Save logcat, last_kmsg and config as tar.gz archive for debugging
xxTweaker: General: Value LCD Density is checked to avoid null pointer exceptions upon errorous user behaviour
xxTweaker: English translations (finally :))
xxTweaker: Clean su process
xxTweaker: Lots of small fixes
Ramdisk: Animated AOSP graphics while charging (CM9)
Ramdisk: Latest CM9 Updates
Ramdisk: Finer permissions for xxTweaker files and directories
Ramdisk: Open source und proprietary sensor HAL files

XX.01-RC5.2 27/05/2012
kernel: cpufreq: interactive: start/stop kinteractiveup with the governor (fixes reboot when charging while device is off)
ramdisk: Copy MFC firmware for ROMs that do not include the file (play video files even on badly cooked ROMs)
xxTweaker: Update to v0.3.6
xxTweaker: Allow +-1000 steps for Seekbars with a maximum value > 10000
xxTweaker: Clarify that BLN will be of course disabled if charger is unplugged
xxTweaker: Run Boot Completed Service only once (should fix toasts "xxTweaker has been granted Superuser permissions" in other applications)

Xx.01-RC5.1 23/05/2012

Kernel: Linux kernel updated 3.0.32
Kernel: BLN is activated automatically when connected to a charging cable
Kernel: Performance governor wakes up (wake fix freeze) at max policy
Ramdisk: Using the old liblights module (fixed permanently light buttons)
Ramdisk: Directory/Vendor with MFC firmware removed (now part of the ROM)
xxTweaker: Updated v0.3.5
xxTweaker: (TODO: represent different lighting modes) configuration of the automatic activation of BLN to connect a charging cable
xxTweaker: charge current up to 650 mA
xxTweaker: Fix: behavior ROM Manager at Switched mountpoints
xxTweaker: Fix: Typo CWMR touch
xxTweaker: Fix: MinMax sliders freq_responsiveness
xxTweaker: Fix: MinMax sliders sampling_down factor
xxTweaker: Fix: ignore_nice_load MinMax sliders and more

XX.01 RC5 21/05/2012
Kernel: BLN Breathing optimized and more beatiful
Kernel: BLN deactivated for low battery
Kernel: BLN notifications optionally do not restart the notification timeout
Kernel: BLN optional if charge the phone is permanently active
Kernel: No clicking noise when booting
Kernel: upstream patches: USB gadget audio support, Broadcom wireless drivers, sound, etc.
Kernel Update Linaro 4.7-2012.05 GCC toolchain
Ramdisk: liblight update module updates from CM9 repo
xxTweaker: BLN as a menu list
xxTweaker: BLN notification period
xxTweaker: BLN timeout notification added new notification not start
xxTweaker: BLN configuration during charging
xxTweaker: BLN configuration for low battery
xxTweaker: General: creating and saving reports Logcat in /data/.xxTweaker/logs/ (If you think you found an error generate a logcat and report (saved in /data/.xxTweaker).)
xxTweaker: General: auto-update option
xxTweaker: ROM Manager: Switched recognition mountpoints
xxTweaker: New boot routine for load safe Preferences to load automatically
xxTweaker: Language resources dynamic (for international translator)
xxTweaker: Fix: Preferences screen is now displayed correctly (no functional change)
xxTweaker: Fix: Individual touchscreen configuration is updated in the display menu (no functional change)

Xx.01 RC4 13/05/2012
Kernel: Linux 3.0.31
kernel: kernel function BLN Breathing /blinking effect and test mode
kernel: kernel Touchkey fadeout
effect: Touchkey brightness adjustable
kernel: fix FM radio, Si4709_driver kernel module is loaded
kernel: Additional adjustable parameters touchscreen kernel: touch screen parameters are automatically according to state (charging /discharging) enabled kernel: Numerous patches upstream
xxTweaker: Screen: Additional parameters and threshold noise filter movement
xxTweaker: Screen: Different settings of the new touchscreen parameters
xxTweaker: BLN and LED: control of the new kernel functions

XX.01-RC3 05/04/2012
Kernel: MFC firmware: compatible with existing and future CM9 nightlies from 5.4.2012
kernel: bus frequency: thresholds up /down adjustable kernel: bus frequency: adjustable voltage supply (undervolting)
kernel: Wireless: New Broadcom driver from Korean M250S Update5
kernel: upstream patches Low memory killer, wireless, interactive governor
Recovery: Existing File "/ data / .disable_touchselect" disables touch to Select
Tweaker CPU: bus frequency set thresholds and Vorsorgungsspannungen
Tweaker: General: Touch to select deactivated
Tweaker: General: CPUIdle aftr + LPA mode selectable
Tweaker: General: Tweaker settings can be saved (temporary solution)
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Jan 5, 2011

Q: Wakelocks "wlan_rx_wake" wake up my device constantly what I can do about it?
A: The problem is neither Android nor the kernel, but the router and the (Windows7) network. In the network properties, uncheck "IPv6", disable the service "IP Helper", "Shell Hardware Detection" and "Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service", which provide ongoing Traffic. Then they scored again 98% of deep sleep.

Q: I have setted below maximum Suspend 500 MHz, 800 MHz is also used as the step. Why is this so?
A: "The device" wakes ALWAYS at 800MHz and goes to sleep as well, regardless of which settings are made. The hardware selected 800Mhz to ensure stable operation - change by software impossible.

Q: I need the "intermediate steps", ex. 300 or 700MHz, the CPU frequency table is not. Can I change this?
A: In theory: Nope! In practice: The option of individual frequency steps is a nice gimmick but virtually unnecessary as intelligent as governor select ondemand, conservative, or the interactive dynamic frequency target. The driver provides the steps of the governor decides. Future versions of the SoC Exynos therefore also use 100MHz steps.

Q: The xxTweaker remembers any settings, what is going on?
A: If only some Tweaker settings are not applied, I made a mistake (because I forgot to add them). If no settings are applied, there is something wrong with the permissions. Either missing from the root and the tweaker or directory /data/data/net.fluxi.xxTweaker/shared_prefs chmod'ed is wrong. The latter does the installer script at startup, if you like, it can also manually delete them.

Q: When is the superuser request every action, you can turn that off?
A: Simply update the su binary file: app drawer/superuser/Preferences/ "Press to check for updates" / Important "update anyway" / "Allow"

Q: I can not download, I just get a file "download.php".
A: The Android browser does not understand the PHP script on the server. Either 1 Rename the file and provided with the correct extension, eg "download.zip" or try another browser (Opera, Chrome) or use the PC.

Q: When the device wakes up from sleep or change the lighting conditions, the display is usually too bright / dark. It then takes a few long seconds to realize it, how bright it really is and then it adjusts the brightness. Is there a fix?
A: Yes and no. First, this is completely independent of the kernel. Basically, this is a source CM9/Open Source/Samsung-****ing-and-hold-consorts-important-things-to-lock problem. The HAL is the light sensor from Samsung is not documented and can not read CM reasonable values​​. Use the open-source sensor HAL (xxTweaker | System | Exynos sensor HAL) and the CM settings for automatic brightness (CM | System Settings | Display | Automatic Brightness | Step Customize | Editing levels). However, there is the possibility that thereafter the compass haywire.

Q: Help, BLN works in applications X and Y but not Z!
A: The poor kernel is innocent. BLN is as follows: The Android app generates a notification event, it triggers the liblight module, which writes to the sysfs kernel, liblight kernel module and have to rely on the information from the user space, so the ROM. In other words, from the perspective of the kernel, either always or not working.
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May 1, 2010
It is indeed a great kernel.
xxTweakers in german as well so kindda challenging to try and figure it out but all n all had a great experience with this one...


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Aug 5, 2010
It's the best aosp kernel. Better than all i tested before and it was the same with his gingerbread kernel... Top!!!


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Apr 24, 2010
This kernel is very good in 2.3 ginger and miui roms, I used this for long time , i like!
Dude...Do you not realise that it is only for ICS?

**Insert Facepalm**

PS: The only reason for which I can see that you posted must be that you are trying to get you post number up.....At least read the damn title :D


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Aug 11, 2011
Please make your own thread and get this one here deleted, I don't like this kind of hijacking of your work even when he is giving credits it's just not right.

Just switched to your kernel to test it, first time I heard about it since I'm only actively following threads on xda.
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Nov 23, 2010
Dude...Do you not realise that it is only for ICS?

**Insert Facepalm**

PS: The only reason for which I can see that you posted must be that you are trying to get you post number up.....At least read the damn title :D
No i think he means, the developer of this kernel is not new and has also kernels for other versions.....:rolleyes:

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Jan 20, 2012
about to test it on hydrog3n-ics 5/5 myself, after bajee11 suggested it's very good.

dear myfluxi, I dont understand why you so shy and won't share this wonderful work of yours with us here on xda by yourself :) anyways, danke for this schone kernel!! :p
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