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Work the rom without problems except (Sim Unlock) ?

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Oct 17, 2010
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[SIZE="5"][COLOR="DarkOrange"][FONT="Verdana"][I](24.09.2013) Finaly v2.0
•Updating Kernel to MH5 : JWR66Y.S003

Thanks  [user=3332811]@faux123[/user]

(13.09.2013) Finaly MH5
•Update System from JWR66V to JWR66Y
•New Camera libs..
•Updaing SuperSU to 1.60
•Some Libs is new
•New nfc_nci HW Lib..
•Renew all Apps and Frameworks to the newest MH5
•New NOTICE from Google
•New etc files
•New Bin files
•New Sound Files
•Newest OTA is Included...

•All new Files is Compiled from Google...

(09.08.2013) Finaly
•Fix Sim Unlock - "Unlock Simcard" - Fixed myself
•Added 3 Way Reboot
•Added Servicemode
•Added HD Voice support
-Download HD Voice in the Mods section

(08.08.2013) Final-v3
•New Google Stock kernel with ExFat support -THX  [user=3332811]@faux123[/user]
•Fixed Write for ExFat
•Hotreboot is fixed
•Add new file in /bin 

(07.08.2013) Final-v2.2
•OTA Files Included..
•Fixed Permission
•Fixed completly Updater-Script...
•Fixed Baseband Problem for some user
•Added 100 missed files in /bin
•Added 4 Way Reboot
•Removed Home Button lag fix
-You find the Mod in Post 4

(07.08.2013) Final-v1
•Fixed Home Button Lag
•Fixed some lines in Framework-res
•Fixed Google Wallet
•Added 4 Way Reboot
•Added Old lib/modules

(06.08.2013) Final
•Fixed Settings - Security FC
•Fixed Settings - VPN FC
•Fixed Uninstall Apps..
•Fixed some Speed issues
•New Stock Kernel without Mods from Faux123
•Faux123 Kernel is Hacked
•Add and Fix Keymaster.xxx

(05.08.2013) v9
•Fix NfcNci.apk
•Added Wallet.apk

(04.08.2013) v8
•Update Rom to official 4.3 : JWR66V.S0141.130801
•Update SuperSU and all files to v1.51 
•Fixed Completly Root ....
•Titanium Backup is Supported
•Fixed Glitches 
•Wi-Fi connection is stabler...
•New Boot.img and Lib's from the newest 4.3 Source 

(20.07.2013) v7
•Fixed Battery Drain....
•Update SuperSU and all files to v1.45
•Add new lines in Updater-Script
•framework-res.apk 3 mb more less
•Sim Unlock is in it ....is not working when you press it.. i show Later....
•Added 3 Way Reboot...

(20.07.2013) v6
•Fixed Google Wallet....
•Added 3 Way Reboot...
•Updated Google Maps to v7.0.2
•Updated Google Play Store to v4.2.3
•Removed media/video

(19.07.2013) v5
•Bootloop is Fixed.....
•Based: Stock Google Kernel..
•Removed unsupported Torch
•All is Working - without the Sim Unlock :)
•Battery life is Good :)

(19.07.2013) v4
•Latest Build (I9505VJUBMG8) based....
•Camera update pack included....
•Stock Kernel
•Battery drain is fixed ......People give me a feedback :)
•Root is fixed (Pre-Rooted)
•Add Torch and Filemanager
•Clean Build.prop
•Removed Samsung Bloadware ....(All)
•Modify Build.prop Rom is faster and better....
•Scroll in Some apps is fixing .......
•Included deodexed , zigalign ,sqlite3 , nano , busybox
•Fixed YouTube
•Quality for Photos and Videos is tuned 
•data/app support

(04.07.2013) v2
•Fix Root (update superuser to 1.41 ...su and libs)
•Build.prop cleaning...

(02.07.2013) v1
•Removed all Samsung bloadware apps
•Removed CSC Support ..its not more needed :)
•Added FileManager
•Fast Boot
•Updater-script lines removed and fixed..
•init.d support
•Update Superuser and su binary
•Build.prop cleaning and a little change valvue
•I make sthe Rom faster..
•data/app support ...Google+ is in the floder .....
•Google+ can removed on Settings --> Apps
•csc.apk removed
•Busybox installed and mounted
•~10% better Battery 

Full wipe is recommended for a 100 % Good Rom !!

You can show the working and not working list below !
All is Working!

Nothing !

See this Review:

Thank you very much for Donating ♥
•imelectronics - 20 EUR
•Joachim Morize - 7 USD
•Nunzio Nicita - 10 USD
•Ivan Giardino - 5 USD
•ripolin2 - 10 USD
•Thomas König - 5 USD
•Roman Göttel - 10 USD
•Jens Schill - 20 USD
•Daniel Stock - 10 USD
•Domenico Gallitano - 5 USD
•Oscar Dominguez Gutierrez - 5 EUR
•Jacob Romlin - 10 USD
•Shahab Sandhu - 10 USD
•Ulf Viertmann - 5 EUR
•Goran Pavlovic - 3.23 EUR
•Richard Johnson - 15 EUR
•Chris Mathews - 10 USD
•Thomas Schuller - 10 USD
•Muhammad Imran - 10 USD
•Sven Carstensen - 20 USD
•Baskaev Albert - 30 USD
•Damien Bernard - 10 USD
•Mario Cuccodoro - 20 USD
•Stephan Krause - 10 USD
•Luiz Claudio Santos - 5 USD
•Djordje Rosic - 15 USD
•Tan William - 10 USD
•Julien Lopez - 20 USD
•Markus Gassenbauer - 15 USD
•Davide Martelli - 10 USD
•Thomas Locatelli - 5 USD
•malajo - 10 USD
•Jonathan de Pass - 10 USD
•Betonf - 5 USD
•Riccardo Conti - 5 USD
•Roger Sitter - 5 USD
•Omam Emmanuel - 5 USD
•Frank Lichters - 5 USD
•Giovanni Ibrahim - 12 USD
•Heiko Soest - 10 USD
•Herbert Hermann Engeln - 12 USD
•Sascha Brücher - 30 EUR
•Angelo La Mazza - 5 USD
•Markus Luder - 25 EUR
•Benjamin Pfeiffer - 14 USD
•Denise March - 20 USD
•Marius Mihalec - 20 USD
•Benjamin Stephens - 10 USD
•Is Walker - 8 USD
•Marco Henggeler - 20 USD
•Erwan Macé - 20 USD
•Heidi Trusheim - 10 USD
•DesireHDScreenorgasm - 10 USD
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Oct 17, 2010
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can so and so feature from TW be ported to this ROM?
A: Most likely no, you'll have to find a third party solution in the Play Store, or if none exists, live without the feature or return to TW.

Q: Does the IR Blaster work?
A: Yes it's Works fine.

Q: Is the included kernel the official GE ROM kernel?
A: Yes. From Original I9505G . Nothing is Change in the Kernel.

Q: How do I take a screenshot?
A: Press and hold power + volume down (at the same time) and don't let go until the screenshot animation and sound play (it will be obvious, takes perhaps a little over 1 second of holding down the buttons).

Q: Has anyone made such and such theme/mod/feature?
A: It would be prudent to check the correct respective forum first (i.e 'Themes and Apps' for themes, 'Original Development' for kernels, etc.)

Q: Can this get OTA updates directly?
A: No. Im Updating my Rom to the newest OTA directly
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May 6, 2010
root is not supported ...in v2 is supported root and a part of battery drain is fixed .....
Show Changelog and working list and whats not working :)
Hi Jamal,
Nice to see 4.3 coming :good:
Chainfire already confirmed today that he obtained root for 4.3 and will release the file/instructions tomorrow.
So stay tuned.
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May 2, 2006
What the hell???

Hello all,
First off, great ROM!
I love it.

I have a quick relative to the usage as I am struggling with a vey basic function I can no longer activate...

when pressing the menu button the Nexus 4, I was getting the vertical list of all apps open and was able to close then by just swiping then horizontally.
If I press the same button on the S4, I get a 3 option menu (Wallpaper - manage apps - System settings)...

Is there any way to get my apps pile stack back as it was super usefull to switch between theopens apps quickly...
Thnaks for your answer.