[AOSP] Official 4.4.4 - S4 Google Edition - Stable-R2 - Feel the Experience of Nexus

Which Kernel is better ? Who has more will forever be in my ROM !

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Mar 2, 2010
Apps Samsung

How to install some apps samsung official in this rom?

example of Camera App, watchon and others?


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Sep 15, 2014
how is this rom its stable? how is the baterry compare with mm and lolipop what works what dont works ? on mobile data h and h+ are displayed? i need to downgrade the bootloader to kitkat ?'what recovery to use? tnx im using i9505
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Jan 31, 2016
Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone knows how I can update this version Official 4.4.4 - S4 Google Edition..to the 5.0 lollipop? The phone advises me there is an update to 5.0 it downloads, then reboots into TWRP. however, I don't know where the update/path is located...If anyone can point me the correct location within TWRP will be much appreciated... thank you

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    ♥ @BerndHhn for repack the rom files from me and Upload the rom!!! ♥
    ♥ @Ktoonsez for his nice Kernel ♥
    ♥ XDA Developers ♥
    ♥ Google ♥
    ♥ Samsung - for this nice ROM ♥
    ♥ @MJHawaii for the 4.4.4 System Dump ♥



    XDA:DevDB Information
    S4 Google Edition - 4.4.4, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S 4

    ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: Stable-R2
    Stable Release Date: 2014-06-29

    Created 2013-11-28
    Last Updated 2014-08-30

    - Screen 2D + 3D
    - Sound
    - GPS
    - VoIP
    - FLAC Playback
    - Compass
    - RIL (2G,3G,4G)
    - G/E/3G/H/H+/LTE
    - Out/In Calls
    - Out/In SMS
    - Out/In SMS
    - WiDi
    - SView Cover - Calls will be not showed
    - Galaxy Gear - Calls will be not showed
    - WiFi
    - NFC
    - VPN
    - LED
    - Camera + (HDR)
    - Int./Ext. SD Card
    - ExFat
    - Bluetooth
    - TV-OUT (MHL)
    - IRDA (IR Blaster)
    - All Sensors
    - Netflix
    - Print
    - Roaming
    - WiFi Hotspot
    - USB Thetering
    - Bluetooth Thetering
    - USB (MTP, PTP)


    - Nothing! :victory:


     (29.06.2014) Stable-R2
    •Kernel Update: 19.06.2014 Thanks @ktoonsez
    •Update ROM to Android 4.4.4 
    -Update SuperSU to the latest 
    Big Thanks to @BerndHhn for testing the ROM !!!!
     (12.06.2014) Stable-R1
    •Kernel Update: 09.06.2014 Thanks @ktoonsez
    •Kernel Update will fixed some bugs and IRDA.
    •Replaced platform.xml with that from the Nexus 5 Stock ROM
    -ROM Link from Platform.xml: [url]http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2622831[/url]
     (10.06.2014) Final-R3.1
    •Re-edit Completly ROM
    •Changed some Files..
     (06.06.2014) Final-R2.5
    •Fixed Updater-script
    •Make Newer TWPR and Newer CWM Recovery fully Compatible
    •Recovery wipe /format System automatic
     (05.06.2014) Final-R2.0
    •Update to 4.4.3 from a clean System Dump
    •Update Kernel to the Latest
    •Update SuperSU to the Latest
    •No RR, Stable, Clean and Fast !!!
    -All is Working !!!
     (02.02.2014) Final-R1.2
    •Removed Aroma Installer
    •Set Ktoonsez kernel as default.... Voted User... 
    •Updater-script Updated
    •Build.prop Updated
    •Update SuperSU to the Latest 
    •Fixed Menu/Back unlock, when you on Lockscreen
    -Thx to the @jimbju for find the bug :)
     (14.01.2014) Final-R1.1
    •Aroma redesign by me
    •Update Alucard Kernel to the Latest
    •ROM Name edited
    -Reduce The R5 to R1.1 , next will R1.2 ,R1.3 etc....
    -Not needed for Final-R5 user ....
    -The Final-R5 user can update the kernel seperated...
     (12.01.2014) Final-R5
    •Included Aroma Installer
    •Update completly Updater-script
    •Little Bug fixes
    •You can Choose your Favorite Kernel on Aroma
    - Alucard Kernel
    - Ktoonsez Kernel
     (08.01.2014) Final-R4
    •Ktoonsez Kernel Updated
    •Update Updater-script
    •Fixed false Rotated Pictures on Gallery
    •Fixed Delete Pictures from ExtSD - Thanks @broodplank1337 , @danvdh , @Kryten2k35
     (05.01.2014) Final-R3
    •Fixed Write/Read R/W
    •Fixed Some /bin files
    •Fixed Charging LED
    •Delete FileManager - You can download your favorite on Play Store
    •Delete KTweaker - You can flash the KTweaker zip on my Mods..
    •ROM are Completly Stock
     (04.01.2014) Final-R2
    •Fixed Dual-Boot support
    •Fixed Toolbox in system/bin for Dual-Boot
    •Cleaned completly Build.prop 
    •Added my Own Tweaks from my 4.3
    -Camera Tweak
    -Playback Tweaks
    -Better Deep Sleep
    -Play-Store Tweaks
    No wipe needed when you coming from (Final-R1)
     (02.01.2014) Final-R1
    •Update Kernel to 3.4.75
    •Some little Bug fixes
    •Fixed the buggy Bootanimation
    •Install Apk's from ExtSD are Fixed
    No wipe needed when you coming from (Final)
     (01.01.2014) Final
    Happy New Year Special
    •New Kernel: 3.4.72--KT-SGS4-KK4.4-TWGE-INTL-12.30.2013
    •Finaly Fixed Random Reboot - Credit: BEST THANKS FOR THE FIX TO @ktoonsez
    •Speed Charge activated - Very FAST!
    •BT / Bluetooth fixed
     (28.12.2013) RC2
    •New Kernel: 3.4.0-Alucard-V2.4.3l-GE-EUR-KK4.4-SGIV-PWR-CORE+
    •Fixed Random Reboot (i hope)
    •Updated SuperSU
    •Edited updater-script
     (26.12.2013) RC1
    •Reduce Random Reboots - Full Wipe required
    •Delete some Touchwizz Lib's
    •Fixed some Things
    •ExFat Support
    •Camera FC's fixed for some user
    •Phone are Faster !!!
     (19.12.2013) v11
    •libGLESv3 Application are Fixed
    •Return to Stock Google Edition 4.4.2 Cam
    •symlink fixes
    •FC's are Completly Fixed...
     (16.12.2013) v10
    •Gapps FC's are Fixed
    •Gallery Picture Quality are Fixed
    •Zipalign, sqlite3, run-parts, nano, bash
    •New Busybox in the Rom
    •Little Bug Fixes...
    •Whatsapp works on ART 
     (15.12.2013) v8.0
    •Gapps FC's reduced ,not a FIX !! 
     (14.12.2013) v7.0
    •New ROM base 4.4.2 - KOT49H
    •Faux123 r2 Kernel - Dec 1 
    •Fixed Grey bars on Power Menu
    •Fixed gallery picture remove
    •Fixed Completly Camera and Gallery
    •Fixed Completly ExtSDCard
     (07.12.2013) v6.0-OTA
    •Fixed force close when assigning contact portrait
    •Fixed HDR
    •Fixed 2MP Front Camera
    •Fixed black Statusbar in lockscreen
    •Statusbar in lockscreen are transparent
     (06.12.2013) v5.0
    •Update completly Updater-script ...
    •Fixed Wallpaper in Framework-res.apk
    •Fixed 2MP Front Camera
    •Build.prop cleaning and a little change valvue - Makes the Phone faster.... - Credit: @Danvdh
    •Performance Tuning in Build.prop - Credit: @Danvdh
    •Fixed some Speed issues in ART
    •Fixed Video Record on ART
    •Fixed Permission
    •Removed all Crap Samsung bloadware
    •Removed CSC Support ..its not more needed :)
    •Set picture and video at 100 % quality on shot, record and preview in gallery.....
     (01.12.2013) v4.0
    •Fixed ART
    I have misstake on the v3.0 ,sry :/ 
     (01.12.2013) v3.0
    •ExtSD write permission are Fixed
    •3G/H icon are fixed
    •Included Busybox
    •Dalvik VW Changes in Build.prop
    •Random Reboots are fixed... @Faux123 Thx
    •New Kernel:jgedlte-faux123-GE-KK44-014m_r2 Thanks @Faux123 for your Kernel :)
     (30.11.2013) v2.0
    •Settings--->Security ---> FC's is Fixed
    •Settings--->More...---> VPN is Fixed
    •Deinstall Apps are Fixed
    •ExtSD Fixed
    •Rom are Prerooted with latest SuperSU v1.80
    •Added Qualcomm optimized Dalvik + Bionic - More Speed at All
    •New Kernel : @Ktoonsez big thanks for him :)
    @yener90 big thanks going to him for the Fix Solution for FC's :)
    The Rom are works with new and old Bootloader ...
     (26.11.2013) v1.0
    •Initial Release


    Thank you very much for Donating ♥
    •Amet Fabrice - 10 USD
    •Sultan Abdulla Al Khulaifi - 50 USD - Special Thanks :)
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    1. Why does touch to focus in HDR mode not working?
    - It's Samsung's fault, because they don't include it into their Google Edition KitKat Rom and the source for that feature isn't available yet. As soon as the source is available it'll be implemented into this Rom.
    2. Why does the SView Cover call acception/decline not working?
    - Same answer as above.​

    3. How can I get battery percentage, reboot menu or expandable volume menu (and other features)?
    - Install Xposed Framwork + Gravitybox. Then check Gravitybox in modules section in Xposed app and click on Download/Update Framework in Xposed App, then reboot. After rebooting you can add/change everything in Gravitybox App.
    4. How can I get Camera app to save pictures directly to SD Card?
    - Install Xposed Framwork + Pictures2SD. Same procedure like in point 4.
    5. Why is ART not working?
    - Uninstall Xposed, since Xposed isn't compatible with ART.​
    6. Who i can Download Mods for this ROM?
    - Show here - Click Here - Post #4

    Special Thanks to the good Member for creating this good FAQ @HaGii :)

    Grass Live Wallpaper:
    Grass Live Wallpaper


    Mega Collection of Fonts
    Mega Collection - For all Phones

    Alucard Kernel:
    Fast and Stable
    i work really hard on this rom ....:)