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Jul 2, 2009
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Apr 8, 2015
Samsung Galaxy Note 9
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    @Samsung - for the awesome GPE-ROM!
    @-sandro- for Hosting my ROM on his Server!
    @MJHawaii for the 5.0 System Dump!
    @googy_anas for his nice Kernel!
    XDA Developers!


    XDA:DevDB Information
    S4 Google Edition, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S 4

    ROM OS Version: 5.0.x Lollipop
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: Stable-R3
    Stable Release Date: 2014-12-28

    Created 2014-12-26
    Last Updated 2014-12-28

    - Screen 2D + 3D
    - Sound
    - GPS
    - VoIP
    - FLAC Playback
    - Compass
    - RIL (2G,3G,4G)
    - G/E/3G/H/H+/LTE
    - Out/In Calls
    - Out/In SMS
    - Out/In SMS
    - WiDi
    - SView Cover
    - Galaxy Gear
    - WiFi
    - NFC
    - VPN
    - LED
    - Camera + (HDR)
    - Int./Ext. SD Card
    - ExFat
    - Bluetooth
    - TV-OUT (MHL)
    - IRDA (IR Blaster)
    - All Sensors
    - Netflix
    - Print
    - Roaming
    - WiFi Hotspot
    - USB Thetering
    - Bluetooth Thetering
    - USB (MTP, PTP)


    - Nothing! :victory:


    [B] (28.12.2014) OTA-Stable-R3
    •Removed AOSP Gallery (Download own one)
    •Removed "Long Press Home Button" open Recent App´s (caused some Problems)
    •Tweaking Build.prop
    •Fixed for some user FC's[/B]
     (28.12.2014) OTA-Stable-R2.5
    •Added AOSP Gallery (with fixed Editor)
    •Added OI File Manager
    •Make Phone to a "World Phone" via TeleService - Thanks goes to @friedrich420
    •Enabled "Ambient Display" in Settings - Thanks goes to @fedef12evo
    •Added "Long Press Home Button" open Recent App´s - Thanks goes to @fedef12evo
    •Removed Some unneeded files (CSC, and more...) 
     (27.12.2014) Stable-R2.1
    •Removed AOSP Gallery (New coming soon)
    •googy_anas GE5 kernel are back in the ROM
    -Kernel and ROM are very fast and Stable for now.
    (27.12.2014) Stable-R2
    •Added AOSP Gallery
    •Changed to Stock 5.0 Kernel
     (26.12.2014) Stable-R1
    •Nexus 6 Notification, Ringtones and UI Sounds
    •Added Google Now Launcher
    •Fixed wrong Wallpaper
    •Pre-rooted to the Latest
    •Give Ext. SD Permissions
    •Latest Busybox pre-installed
    •Add init.d support

    After communication with the kernel author @googy_anas , in which he has communicated with the OP, he now has proper permission to use the kernel in his ROM.

    OP still needs to post the "Proper" credit for the kernel author.

    No more Off Topic folks.

    Cheers and carry on.


    Thank you and sorry for bothering you.

    @jamal2367 : now that you admitted and apologized (all to your honor) I can only say APOLOGIES ACCEPTED! Plus, from now on, I allow you to include my compiled kernel for your gpe5 rom.
    End of story ;)

    To all kind users: please, let's stop this incident here, no more talking about it or feeding it. Thank you.

    PS: gpe5 support will be back very soon with a new version ... :thumbup: the show must go on :D

    Envoyé depuis mon GT-I9505.
    Ok, I've seen enough of this.

    I'm gonna close this thread for awhile, to give people a chance to cool down.

    Now, I am going to inform "EVERYBODY" of the proper procedure. If you see a violation of rules, your "ONLY" option is to "Report Post". Not carrying something on in the forums, that we're going to have to spend time to clean up.

    Additionally, I will inform everybody of the XDA Sharing Rules.... And Pay attention to the "Bold" parts
    12. Using the work of others.

    If you are developing something that is based on the work of another Member, you MUST first seek their permission and you must give credit to the member whose work you used. If a dispute occurs about who developed / created a piece of work, first try to settle the matter by private message and NOT in open forum. If this fails, you may then contact a Moderator and provide clear evidence that the work was created by you.

    Convincing evidence will result in the copied work being removed. If there is no clear evidence that it was you who created the work, then in the spirit of sharing, all work will remain posted on the forums.

    As an addition, developers have the right to hold exclusivity over their work for as long as it is deemed necessary by that developer. However, if the work is claimed as exclusive, it must remain as such. No selective sharing will be allowed (ie, allowing certain people to use it and not others). If the developer decides to start sharing the work with others, the work automatically becomes available for all to use, albeit with the relevant credit displayed.

    When permission has already been given, unless there is a very valid reason, it cannot be revoked (same applies to major updates on the work). Under that same premise, permissions cannot be denied unless the work is exclusive or under extreme circumstances.

    In plain English: If you want to keep your work exclusive, go for it. However, if you are going to share your work, do it fairly.

    These rules apply to all software posted on XDA (including but not limited to ROMs, RUUs, apps, games, kernels, themes, icons, etc) unless that software comes with a license that waives these rules.

    Now, here's the deal. If a Dev has reason to believe there is "Kanging", then they must contact Moderation with "Exact" proof (not just saying it, but show exact files, smali code, etc).

    As with a Kernel, if the author does not allow the sharing of "his" compiled kernel, then nobody is allowed to use "his" personally compiled kernel. You must compile your own kernel from his source. Sorry, but that's the way it works.

    Now, if I find there has been some "kanging", "not asking permissions", etc, then the work will be swiftly removed and the member infracted. If there is a history of prior kanging, then the member may be banned from XDA. And make no mistake, I will certainly send somebody to the Frostlands if it's deserving, especially kanging.

    Now, I'm going to close this thing for awhile, and let some folks think about things.

    UPDATE: I have cleaned out all the Off Topic and accusations. I suspect this will be the last, as the Proper Way, is to report it.

    Now, as with the kernel, OP, you must FIRST ASK PERMISSION to use the specific compiled kernel, and, IF PERMISSION IS GIVEN, then you may use it. If the original author DENIES PERMISSION (and he has allowed others to use it) then the AUTHOR must provide evidence why he has denied permission.

    Just because stuff is on XDA does not mean you can use it. XDA has "Sharing Rules".

    Until this matter with the kernel is settled, the thread will remain closed and link removed.

    1. Who i can Download Mods for this ROM?
    - Show here - Click Here - Post #4
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