[AOSP][OFFICIAL][A11]NezukoOS for Realme X2

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Jun 4, 2010
thanks for the rom, i miss the realme stock camera. i don't find the gcam nice or intuitive ... the rest is excellent, i notice a bit more battery drain than in realme ui


Mar 5, 2015
Thank you for this rom

I find only this issue with this rom
1. AOD not working properly
2. Sometime apps are not opening need to reboot device fixed it
Sorry for submitting issues without log will try to get log and submit here as 2nd is does not have any fix steps to reproduce
Apr 26, 2011
Thank You for this great Rom!
I have one Issue, when i turn on WLAN it is on for 2 seconds, then lost the Signal... so no WLAN is possible.
Any Ideas what i can do?

Thanks !


I Just found the Solution :=)

Log into your FRITZ!Box through http://fritz.box/ or in my case.
AVM FritzBox instruction on the UI.
Then go to View: advanced in the bottom, if you haven't already.
  • Home Network / Network
  • Network Settings tab
  • Ip Addresses / IPv6 Addresses
  • DNSv6 Server in the Home Network / Also announce DNSv6 server via router advertisement (RFC 5006) was enabled in my settings -> disable it and click apply

That´s it.
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Apr 26, 2011
Stuck on the boot screen after the dirty flash of NEZUKO_X2-11.0-20210418-1809-STABLE-OFFICIAL

Any solution
Try to reflash NEZUKO_X2-11.0-20210312-0940-STABLE-OFFICIAL but then its keep opening twrp
Same here....the only way for me was a clean Installation and to setup everything new...i hope the future Updates will work with the "Dirty" Flash Methode!

Connecting to Wlan was not possible until i removed all the Wlan Networks and connected new.

Thank´s again for your work!!!

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    NezukoOS for Realme X2

    What is this?

    NezukoOS is a fresh new ROM aiming to provide you a customisable and stable experience!

    Unlike others, we actually care about what our users think and are built upon decisions made by our future and current users!

    Whats working?

    Everything! The build is very stable!

    Known issues


    Some features

    All Pixel Goodies!

    Free unlimited google photos storage because we enforce Redfin FP.

    Theming of every kind

    Power Menu customisations

    Battery saving features

    Fingerprint customisations

    Lockscreen customisations

    Clock customisations

    Quick Settings customisations

    Statusbar customisations

    Icon customisations

    Hardware keys customisations

    Power & Volume button customisations

    And much more!

    GApps included.

    Download here!

    Stay tuned

    ROM Support Group

    Device Support Group

    Update 12.03.2021

    Device Changelog:
    - fixed 64mpx in wyroczen gcam
    - back use to Realme X2 properties

    Great Work Thanks for the rom
    Very good Rom. I installed it yesterday and so far everything is working. I hope this rom will be kept up to date. It works with Magisk v22 and passes the safetynet test.

    One small bug I have discovered. (also before Magisk)
    When I put my finger on the fingerprint sensor, the entire display flashes bright, similar to a photo flash. The device is still unlocked. Or is that the way it's supposed to be?

    This is how it should be
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