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[APK] [03.11.16]Google Camera (7.0) ARM & ARMx64 EDITION

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May 18, 2017
On huawei p10 plus camera works. But is out of focus when using panorama or photosphere function. It would be great if this would also work. thanks


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Nov 20, 2017
I'm using Samsung Note 2 GT-N7100 with AICP's custom ROM Nouget 7.1.2. My phone doesn't have SnapDragon Chipset. Currently my phone has Google Camera v2.7 Can someone please mod the Google Camera v4.2/v4.3/v4.4 for my phone?
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    New standalone version based on the update version given by playstore when using my previous mod

    This version is renamed and wont break your existing camera , no more crash on Google Photos :)

    it work on 7.0 and do not need anything else than install and profit :)

    As previously it only work on ARM X64 processor !!!

    The new version is

    Improvement : BURST SHOT / Auto HDR / Slow Motion 120/240FPS / Bug Fix

    Download Link SDK24 (7.0) ARMX64 : Google Camera

    !!! ARM Not updated for the moment as Google dont release update!!!
    Download Link SDK24 (7.0) ARM : Google Camera

    The ARM version has been tested on Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 using a Nougat rom (SDK24 Minimal)

    Please no mirror or repost (Link to this thread and give credits)

    Dont forget to press THANKS ! This is free and make me Happy !!

    HOW TO USE :

    PROFIT !!!!

    Info : First launch app might crash but after this it will work as standard camera

    Please report bug (if you find some) and new functions (I'll resume it in OP if need)
    @dog121 Mate keep cool !
    I' ve seen the thread have been update also today after you sent me the link ..

    Indeed we have the same source (google) so that can happen 2 same mods appears in different thread without everybody knowing it ...
    Personnaly i never to get to N5X has i have a 6p and dont care about 5x dev ....
    And if you think i distribute work from other people without giving credits .. no .. i did the job by myself .. simply for my usage and sharing when it works well .....

    Indeed this is the same source so same result ... apk are different in the name , md5 and signature ... but look the same by external :)

    What planet are u on the apk version are the same..and the 5x one has burst mode as well Charles the dev on 5x mod both versions the original system pixel dump and the updated one via a heads up...
    Check the original link...

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    That's not the issue ..the issue is that people just don't read...make statements without the facts.. that's all.. No disrespect to u and ur mods ..

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    You can say that again. A lot of People on this site are straight up lazy. They want end answer quick without making any effort. I'm so sick of it. If you want to see it on display, check the Pure Nexus 7 thread for the 6p. They did read the first few posts, they don't read the last few pages. Someone will give an answer to something, and in the VERY NEXT POST, another person will come in asking the question that was just answered ONE POST above theirs. Apparently it's too much work.
    Me? I'll return to a thread and if theres 20+ pages I have to catch up on, 99℅ of the time, as long as I'm not in a hurry, I read them before I do anything else. That's what you're supposed to do as a user, yet these people will continue to be lazy, not read, not even the op, nothing. Just auto post a ? In hopes of getting the quickest answer possible without wanting to make any effort . Its RIDICULOUS.


    Have nice day

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    Update Google Camera released this morning on local playstore

    This is an update for ARM X64 Only
    Rebuilt on new source / Renamed as previous
    Minimal SDK 24
    ARM version will be update when having source ...

    See OP for download link :good:
    This version is working great on PN 7.0. If anyone has the older version make sure you uninstall it first before updating to this newer version.

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