[APK Updated not tried]Finger Print Sensor Update - Works at once

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May 17, 2014
Ciudad de México
I got the update too, I noticed a little improvement with the recognition


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Apr 5, 2008
I just got the update and I can definitely see a difference. It recognizes my thumbs better & it's a little bit faster too.


Feb 13, 2015
Gyeongsan, Korea
Received mrng on the exynos version in dubai here. Not feeling much difference.. Anyway will see if I can try after re registering the finger prints
Restart your phone also re register you finger print . You should place your finger the way you use normally.
Check and reply back.

Some of them telling not much improvement. I feel improved much, since previously 3 to 5 times i need to place my finger .but now just at once eventhough didn't register fp again after the update.

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    100% success

    Setting language English(UK)

    adb shell cmd jobscheduler run -f com.samsung.android.tadownloader 4096
    USA unlocked Snapdragon here. The ADB command worked for me!

    adb shell cmd jobscheduler run -f com.samsung.android.tadownloader 4096

    Ran the ADB command and the notification for the update popped up immediately. Definitely worth a try if you haven't gotten it yet. Thanks to @zjhao for the tip.
    Ok, so I don't know much about running ADB commands. How would I go about running this command to prompt the notification exactly?

    1. Install ADB. Follow these instructions here: https://www.xda-developers.com/install-adb-windows-macos-linux/

    2. Turn on developer options on your phone. Settings > About phone > Software information > Tap on "Build number" seven times.

    3. Go to Settings > Developer options. Switch on USB debugging

    4. Plug your phone into your PC. It might install drivers if it's the first time. You'll see a notification pop up, requesting permissions. Accept it.

    5. Open a CMD prompt on your PC. Navigate to the folder where ADB is installed:

    cd c:\folder\where\ADB\is\

    6. Test to make sure it's working by typing

    adb devices

    If everything is set up, you'll get a response with your phone's serial number.

    7. Type in the command to force the fingerprint update.


    I *think* those are all the steps. It's been a while since I installed ADB, so I might've forgotten a step. But once you've got it set up, there's a whole world of cool tricks you can try on your phone!
    Really? I had to read your post 3 times to see if you were joking or not. I think you'd actually LOVE to have "rain on our parade." Since nobody has the "expertise" to know if it's actually raining or not.. You've given me a lot to ponder....
    How do we know we even have an Infinity-O screen with Corning Gorilla Glass 6? I bet they actually gave us GG4 and just lied to us. Or a 4100MaH battery? They just gave us the s9 battery and re-labeled it. what about RAM? Damn do we have the 8GB or 12GB that we were sold ? Or do we have half of that and Samsung is purposely tricking us? Too much CNN lately? I can keep going.... How about accept that as issues are reported, Samsung is doing what they can to come up with a fix. They are listening to us! (maybe literally, e.g., Amazon Alexa) So far Samsung is doing a great job! This fix being part of it. Thanks Samsung!
    I lol'd
    If you guys are wondering. Check out this video for how good the update made the sensor https://youtu.be/0OALa8TBLUc
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