[App][0.72][17.09.10][W|Q|VGA] mobileConnections - "Deutsche Bahn" Application

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May 4, 2007
[App][0.72][17.09.10][W|Q|VGA] mobileConnections - "Deutsche Bahn" Application

Hey there,

I have been on XDA-Devs quite a while now, and allways loved all the goods stuff on here! So i thought it was time to give a little bit back, and I started to develope an application to look up Train connections. I am starting with the "Deutsche Bahn" and connected companies, but I am willed to expand the tool to other Companies / Countries if someone might give me a hint what service the other Companies use.

I tought there is an real need for an application like this, because the "Bahn" themselves only support the Iphone, and I allways felt so left out with my brilliant phone. So that's going to change soon!

The App is using the brilliant Sense SDK 1.39 and will be completely fingerfriendly!

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Thank you![/SIZE]

+Search for Train and Bus connections in Germany.
+Correction if the town was not found by input.
+Travel time, delay etc...
+Travel Details with Tracks etc.
+Searching own position via triangulation

+Mobile Internet Connection
+SQLCE (Attached)

+Internal or external GPS Controller
+Extra Storage
+Snapdragon ;)

[Future Features]
+DB.Login + DB.bahn.comfort / bahn.plus


+Arrival / Departure Search
+More Stabillity
+Only local Train search

+More Stabillity
+More Details for every Travel
+Better Netcode
+Added Icon (Thanks to Starbase64)

+Finally Fixed the Umlaute Problem

+More Info on Details
+ErrorOutput on Failure
+Fixed Detailed Output to be more correct

+Fixed Bus and Tram
+Fixed Capital Umlaute und "ß" in Search.
+Fixed Output without Price Information

+Favorites Function
+"Zuglaug" View for every single Operating Train
+Fixed a lot of the Output.
-SQLCE is still quite Slow, need to fix that soon!

+GUI Hotfix

+SqlCe Hotfix - Now the performance is good!

+New DateControl
+Improved Queries

+Fix for Walking and Unsupported Traintypes
+Fix for TimeDelay
+Added the Microsoft SqlCE Server to the Cab.

+Added MyLocation Service for Startplace
+Fixed a lot of Output
+Added Status Panel

+Added UpdateChecker
+Fixed MyLocation Service for More Details
+Fixed Status Panel

+Fixed Output for not-Supported Connections
+Fixed Warnings for Wrong Details
+Better Analytics.

+Better Parsing
+New Date and Time Handler
+Better Performance
+Native VGA / WVGA Support

+Search Track forwarts and backwarts
+Refresh Track
+Search earlier and later connections
+Disable the mobile Internet for the Programm, so you can be save without a flatrate!!!!!
New Enduser Agreement (Yes, it is still free!)

+Fixed Verbindungsdetails on earlier or later Connection
+Fixed other Links on Details
+Fixed Program-Crash on search in opposite Direction

+Fixed Programm Crash on some Searches
+Fixed Database Issue

+Offline Database added (not all features yet, but the others are comming soon)
+Added Support for QVGA and Wide QVGA
+Updated to SenseSDK 1.39

+Offline Stored Connections get deleted if obsolete

+ added Language Support
+ fixed some performance issues
+ better parsing

+ Fix for T-mobile and vodafone!!!!!!!!!




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  • mobileConnections0.72.cab
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Apr 17, 2006
i would love to beta test your app as well...and maybe would be good to expand on germanys closest neighbours like france, poland, belgium, holland :), as i travel from time to time in europe by train, i know how good to have an up to date info especialy if you do not speak much of an local language :)

in uk we have few nice apps which pulls data from rail network but they are not great in being finger friendly...


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Sep 7, 2006
I could have used this last month when I went to Germany. With no German, I had to resort to google maps just to make sure I didn't hop on the wrong train!


Jan 9, 2010
Hi brandi,

there is a java application called DB Railnavigator (mobile.bahn.de).
I tried to use it on my HD2. It was working,
but it was almost unusable due to its crappy interface :rolleyes:.
I would be very happy if you could develop something better than
that, maybe with a cache to be able to use it offline for connections
which have been already retrieved.

(I travel a lot by bus and train and would like to do beta testing :))


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May 4, 2007
Sounds like a great idea!
Actually the danish "rejseplanen" seems to let you search for both bus and train in all of Europe, so maybe it would be easy to use that one. I have never used it, but maybe it'll help you.
It's here: http://euspirit.rejseplanen.dk/bin/query.exe/dn? (In the german version)

Hi, that is the Same Engine as the German Bahn uses.
I still search Beta Testers, and I will send first beta sources soon!

I have been able to extract the Ajax API of the Bahn now, and their, a little weird system :D

It is still a long way to go before this gets really good, and a lot of errors are not handled so far.

Yes, I have used that Java Application too, and hated it so much! That was the main reason for starting this!


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May 4, 2007
Yes, that is a problem with the ManilaSDK... I am working on that, but it could take a while. sorry for that!

Update: I managed to extract more Variables of the Bahn API and added further functions.
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