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[APP] [09/29/2008] GController v0.03 !

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Nov 7, 2007
Hi there,

Here's a video (click!)

What is this ?
This is a little application that will simulate key presses (on the D-pad) or scroll while you tilt your device. It will soon be usable in many games (e.g. racing games where it isn't really great to use the D-Pad). It is actually usable with a lot of desktop-softwares, like Manila, etc...

The application is at its very first beta release now and so you WILL encouter bugs and IT WONT be stable so try it if you want to but don't wine, instead post constructive suggestions, please.

Here is some explanations about the control panel:

Application name: This is where you introduce the application's name (the one which appears on the top of the window)
Tilt key: Which key the software simulates when you tilt your device to the left. The tilt side never changes, even if you rotate your device. It is based on when you hold your device in portrait mode flat down.
Tilt sensivity: this is a number (between 0 and 100) setting the tilting minimal for the action to be sent. The more you're close to 0, the more sensitive it will be. If you set it to 100, it will never trigger.
Interval: the interval at which keys are pressed. This means that if you set it too low, while tilting your device, a lot of keys will be sent. It is calculated in milliseconds. So if you set it to 1000, when you tilt your device, it will simulate 1 press per second, per key. Setting it low enough is useful for games, for example.

I hope I was understandable enough, lol.

Well, here's the cab file. Enjoy !

I discovered that this little application is taking a lot of my spare time, so if you like it, and would like to buy me some coffee I could drink while I improve that program for you, you could !

Donations received:

Uniqueboy: € 8,00
Guillaume Tristant: 15,00€
James D. : 10,00€

Thank you very much !


29-09-2008: New version: 0.03
Not much of new features here, basically improved a little the GUI (and a new image, thanks again to SkizZO).
Improved memory handling of the app and general performance.
Fixed many memory leaks which would slow down your device a lot if you used the software during long time.
This is, in my opinion, the first version where we begin towards perfectionning the application.


28-09-2008: 0.02.95
[x] Improved GUI
[x] Possibility to calibrate the application
[x] Possibility to enable/disable VueFlo ("VueFlo" is the feature you actually kept using in the previous versions)
[x] Possibility to use the application as a screen rotator. I would suggest you to disable "VueFlo" feature if you use it. Please consider using Brins0's Screen Rotator or GSen if you intend to use it only for that feature, as they will consume less memory.
[x] Possibility to have a tilt not binded to a key
[x] Tried to make the app look nicer, but I caught myself again trying to do things I can't.


28-09-2008: 0.02.91
[x] The app should use less memory now
[x] Added a "scroll" feature. This will scroll the current window while tilting instead of pressing keys. EXPERIMENTAL
[x] The app would crash in some situations, this should be fixed. Please report any crash issue.
[x] Catch window's class name instead of title. This will fix a lot of issues with applications that weren't working before. Note:All your previous configuration could not work anymore. You will have to catch again the windowses.


28-09-2008: 0.02.9
[x] Improved GUI
[x] Brins0's-like window catcher
[x] Possibility to enable or disable one selected application handling
[x] Fixed: you weren't able to set window's name with version 0.02.5


27-09-2008: 0.02.5
[x] Possibility to chose between continuous key simulation or once.
[x] Window catcher
[x] Added icon, thanks to SkizZO
[x] Fixed crash if you click on modify without selecting an app first.

This version took me much time because I was primarily working on the touch to activate feature. This feature is not available yet, but it will be.


25-09-2008: 0.02
[x] Lots of bug fixes and fixed incoherences in the code
[x] When tilting your device it will keep sending key strokes, and increase speed according to the sensivity you have chosen and the degree you tilt your device


25-09-2008: 0.01.1a
[x] Bug fix: Memory leak


  • GControllerInstaller.CAB
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Nov 7, 2007
TODO for 0.05:
[y] Supporting as much games as possible, please help by testing your favourite games and giving feedback.
[y] Possibility to set a value so you have to gently keep your thumb on the sensivite touch pad for the app to work


Known bugs:
[?] If you change between some apps, GController won't read any tilt anymore thus won't work. Restarting the app is necessary.


Planned future features:
[ ] Finding some way to manage with orientation of the device, when an other program changes it.
[ ] Key rotations, means when you switch your device to an other orientation, the tilt keys will also rotate.
[ ] An exportable list of windows/processes


[ ] means the programmation of the feature not begun yet.
[x] means the programmation of the feature is complete or on its way
[y] means I am currently working on the feature


Thanks for all the suggestions !
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Mar 21, 2008

Can you make it son when you make the tilt, it continues if you hold the tilit, so it isnt just one move.


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Jan 18, 2006
Frankfurt, Germany
anyone tried this on a touch pro ? any chances of this working??

sadly not working on a 1.90 Touch Pro ROM (or the Application "Programs" does not work??)
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Mar 1, 2006
Works fine in Messaging.

But, I like to have default orientation when device is vertically, i'm standing and looking onto it.

Better yes, when it is slightly diagonal, like holding it naturally.

I think it should

:notice a certain minimal speed and direction of changing orientation.

:use that to press the button, and keep pressing it while

:the software checks if the orientation has changed. If it did, stop repeating.

What would be the effect:

when I hold the device and move it with some speed a bit backwards the scrolling/moving starts, until I take it back.


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Aug 24, 2008
awesome with Pocket Player... but i realize that the application is slower than normal. For sure its neatly finished version. THX


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Apr 11, 2006
Wanted this for so long, Thanks Scotch49. Just dowloaded and will have a good play with it once my kids are in bed tonight. Looks like I will be editing my signature as well! :)


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Nov 23, 2005
Ok Guy, i've tried it :D Good Work Man. if you permit, i'll suggest some things:

-A process/window title catcher
-An exportable list of windows/processes
-A way to assign "general settings" or specific setting, to every windows/process.

....and a repeat rate of the up/down/left/right keystrokes sending by the movement,(naturally assignable into general & specific settings)

...if the settings for each app are stored into the exported list, we can also exchange our configurations.
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