[APP][1.5] Tap, Tap: Double tap on back of device gesture from Android 12 port

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Aug 23, 2022
It's not working in my moto one action.
Every time it only crash . Please do something


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Sep 4, 2022
I have a redmi note 10s. This app dont work. All permissions are gived. Idk why dont work. ( Sorry if i have a mistakes. I know English not very well )


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Sep 28, 2022

Just found out about this app, and tried it, and I am glad I gave it a go :D
Works awesome, and the gates and requirements can make a lot of unique double tap functionalities.

I have a question regarding the functions, related to my device, SONY Xperia 5 ii.
- Xperia have a system function where you can open an app in pop-up @ floating window mode. I did not see this action/shortcut available. Does it require root access, or this have not been implemented as of current release (1.4)?

Additional low priority requests.
1) In terms of GUI, when the requirements have been added (eg: App Showing, double tap triggers Screenshot), is it possible to label the individual requirements as what what chosen (say, if Chrome is open, then the requirement will show Chrome logo, or just write "Chrome" or something). Would be helpful if I only want to trigger the Screenshot in certain apps only, but at the current state, I'll need to remember which app I already added to the requirement.

2) When selecting an action or requirement (tap and hold) to remove it, I can't seem to see a distinct difference between the selected, and the rest of the list (at least in Android's Dark Theme). Would be nice to have an indication (tick or something), or a bigger change in color, for better differentiation.

If these have been mentioned previously in this thread, I apologize.
I literally just registered to XDA forum because I want this app to be grow and polish its flaws.



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May 14, 2017
Huawei P40 Pro
Hello, there is a problem with the app.
I set in the app when I double tap to open the notification panel and it works fine for a few minutes after a few minutes when I double tap nothing happens it only vibrates or if I'm in an app it will act like I touched the "back" button, if I press multiple times it will exit the app I'm in like I pressed back multiple times.

Phone: huawei p40 pro
Version: 1.4


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May 6, 2015
I have a Poco X3 Pro phone. When reactivating the triple gesture, the program closes with an error.


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Jan 26, 2011
Salford, Greater Manchester, UK
Version 1.5 released:
- Added new Samsung model from RegiStar
- Added new action to simulate rotating the device
- Added support for LG DualScreen devices for foldable gate
- Fixed a number of crashes
- UI tweaks
Download in the first post or on the GitHub releases

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    Tap, Tap is a port of the double tap on back of device gesture from Pixels running Android 12 to any Android 7.0+ device*.
    Tap, Tap provides over 50 actions that can be run from double or triple taps on the back of your device, including:
    • Launching an app
    • Launching a shortcut
    • Toggling the flashlight
    • Simulating button presses, such as home or back
    • Running a Tasker task
    • Quick Tap to Snap**
    ... and many more!

    The gesture can also be fully controlled, to only run under certain conditions, or run different actions in different scenarios; such as only when an app is running, the screen is off, or when listening to music (many more options are available).
    The sensitivity and response of the gesture can be controlled, picking from 8 "models", trained for devices ranging in size from 5.7" to 6.3" in height, as well as finer control of the sensitivity of gesture detection, meaning there is a configuration that will work well for most devices.
    Tap, Tap also tries to be easy on the battery, only running the gesture detection when required, and integrates with the "low power mode" available on select Pixel devices, otherwise using the lower-power machine learning capabilities of devices, where available.

    * Your device must have an accelerometer and gyroscope.
    ** Requires a compatible Pixel device or root, see this page for more info.


    Example video, showing launching the camera on double tap

    Changelog said:
    Version 1.5:
    - Added new Samsung model from RegiStar
    - Added new action to simulate rotating the device
    - Added support for LG DualScreen devices for foldable gate
    - Fixed a number of crashes
    - UI tweaks

    Version 1.4:

    - Fixed Native Mode on Android 13, and as a result it now requires Shizuku or Sui. This is because of restrictions to the READ_LOGS permission on Android 13
    - Added Notification Permission prompt for Android 13
    - Updated Material switches to newer Material You style
    - Updated dependencies
    - Added touch on screen action, thanks mauri870
    - Updated Traditional Chinese translation, thanks cracky5322
    - Fixed incorrect button action during setup
    - Fixed crash on Android 10
    - Fixed incorrect notification for gesture actions

    Version 1.3:

    Introducing Native Mode, a new low-battery usage mode for Pixels with official Quick Tap support. This mode, similar to the existing low-power mode, uses the system component, but does so without needing root (on Android 13) or a constantly running Shizuku service (on Android 12). To set it up, you will need to use ADB or root once to grant a permission, after that it will run without further actions being required.

    Please note that Native Mode does not work while the screen is off, and you may find triple tap is harder to use with it enabled. Both of these are system restrictions and cannot be worked around.

    In addition, 1.3 fixes some crashes, updates translations, and fixes Quick Tap to Snap from the lockscreen.

    Version 1.2:

    Tap, Tap v1.2 disables the Tensor Low Power Mode by default as it was causing issues with some devices not working with the gesture.
    If it was previously working for you on 1.x, and you experienced battery improvements, you can re-enable it in the advanced settings.

    Low Power Mode on supported Pixels with Shizuku or Sui is not affected by this change.

    - Added missing alarm permission
    - Fixed more app shortcut crashes
    - Improve foldable gates
    - Added monochrome icon for Android 13
    - Translation updates

    Version 1.1:
    - Fixes for Android 13
    - Fixed app shortcut related crashes
    - Fixed service starting on boot even if it's disabled
    - Fixed crash on start on Android 7.0
    - Added Do not Disturb enabling action, thanks Kylian Meulin
    - Updated translations

    Important: If you are on Android 13, you MUST now use Sui to use Low Power Mode (Sui requires root). This is due to platform restrictions, there is no workaround.

    Version 1.0.1
    - Fixes for various crashes including Snapchat, App Shortcuts and network issues.
    - Improvements to device specs lookup for model recommendation
    - Improvements to notification & quick settings expand/collapse actions
    - Actions & Gates that are unsupported will now give a reason why they are
    - Added Battery Saver gate

    Version 1.0 is a full rewrite of the app, from scratch. It contains a brand new UI, a number of new actions and gates, and implementation of the Android 12 'Columbus' gesture code and models, including a new Low Power Mode for Pixels.

    You can read more here: https://medium.com/@KieronQuinn/tap-tap-v1-0-restarting-from-scratch-2b87c241d176

    Version 1.5


    Reporting Issues & Feature Requests

    If you have encountered a crash or error, please make an issue on the GitHub Issues page. For crashes, include a crash report, which Tap, Tap should create for you and show a notification after a hard crash (enable the option on the "More" page first if you have disabled it). Before making an issue, make sure it has not been reported before, and does not fall under the "service killed" pinned issue, as those will be closed and ignored.

    To request a feature, either make an issue stating "Feature Request", or post a reply in the XDA thread. Note that only relatively simple features will be considered, anything more complex including toggling specific system features should be done using the Tasker capabilities of Tap, Tap, as the app is not meant to be a Tasker replacement.
    New version, 0.5 Alpha
    Changelog said:
    - Added sensitivity option with a slider under the gesture settings (experimental)
    - Added option to disable battery optimisation, and some tips on how to make it work on your weird OEM firmwares
    - Haptic feedback will now only happen when do not disturb is not enabled (thanks Ashutosh Singh) - there's an option to override this if you want
    - Added power menu action (thanks Adrian Campos)
    - Moved "Reachability" to Utilities
    - Added gates for Keyboard visibility and orientation
    - Fixed app picker not showing all apps when selecting for a gate, and the hide system apps doing the exact opposite of what it was supposed to do
    - Tweaked UI even more
    - Updated translations

    Download (also in first post)
    New version: 0.6 Alpha
    Changelog said:
    Implemented "requirements" (aka "when gates") for actions. This allows you to specify an action to only be run when a condition is met (any gate can be used for this), such as an app running or the display being off - example is below
    Added Table gate
    Added pocket gate
    Added gates for detecting headsets and music playing
    Added Sound Profile control - needs do not disturb access, app will prompt you (thanks Ashutosh Singh)
    Updated translations & contributors

    Download version 0.6 Alpha (also in first post)

    Example of requirements, which I'm currently using on my device (click to enlarge):

    What it does:
    - If Pokemon GO is being played -> Run a Tasker task that starts the CalcyIV overlay
    - Otherwise, if Music is playing -> skip to the next track
    - Otherwise, if a headset is connected -> play the track (this will never pause as the previous action would've been run)
    - Otherwise, if the screen is off -> toggle the flashlight
    - Otherwise -> launch Spotify

    Remember, once an action has been run successfully, no further actions below it will be run. Place your highest priority actions at the top, and work your way down setting up requirements for each action until the last one, which is always the "last resort" and will only be run if all the other actions' requirements are not met.

    If you have some other great ideas of how to make the most out of this new feature, share them in this thread!
    New version, Alpha 0.4:
    Changelog said:
    - Added new Split Screen action which starts split screen
    - Added new mock-reachability mode that uses split screen with an empty top half (except for two buttons to open the notifications and quick settings without reaching up)
    - Moved declaration of an action's category to TapAction instead of defining each category's items as a list
    - Implemented the isAvailable boolean in the picker, which hides Screenshot & Lock Screen on < 9.0. Updated default list to cope with this on < 9.0 (default is now Assistant then Home)
    - Migrated to using Tensorflow library rather than the shared library and code taken from SystemUI, hopefully fixing Android 7.0. This will also enable armv7 support.
    - Added a bunch of new languages and updates to current ones (now supports English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Ukranian, Vietnamese & Traditional Chinese)

    Download (also in first post)