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Themes / Apps / Mods [APP][11.0][12.0] AOSP DIALER with Proximity checkbox (call recorder incl) + macro

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Oct 19, 2016
The life of me I can't find it I'm on arrow OS I don't know if the structure is different or what


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Jul 2, 2013
ZTE Axon 7
Xiaomi Mi 9

Compiled the A12 dialer (crDroid / but should work on other A12 AOSP roms) - ENJOY :cowboy:


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Feb 5, 2016
Thank you for this. I don't have poco. I just needed call recording and it works great on lineage 19 Samsung s8

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    Since proximity sensor on F3 is fairly useless/non stable on calls I compiled the [A11] AOSP dialer with proximity checkbox. Install via Magisk.
    Set dialer as default phone app (reboot) and check proximity ON (so proximity doesn't work anymore...)

    In call :
    • you can either use your powerbutton or double tap on statusbar to dim screen.
    • or you can use a small macro add-on I made - Call_AutoScreen_On-Off_(F3) - which auto dims screen when call is started and auto lights up the screen when call is ended. How to :
    • install MacroDroid
    • import the unzipped macro
    • give permissions where needed (reboot/don't forget to nuke proximity in dialer ofc).

    thx @anuppoudel for testing as well (y)

    Added A12 AOSP Dialer
    On previous version call recording didn't work fully. Therefore made a second version which provides call recording as well ;)


    Compiled the A12 dialer (crDroid / but should work on other A12 AOSP roms) - ENJOY :cowboy:
    Ok, thanks...

    1. The screen is locked with the app, but I have to manually dim the screen by pressing the power button? Hmm...
    2. When the call starts I have to switch loudspeaker on and off again before I actually can hear the one who's calling (or the one I am calling resp.) over the earpiece (is there any solution for this bug out there? or has it even been solved and I'm still doing it out of habit? :oops:o_O).

    Unfortunately, it seems that this mod would make the whole dumb workaround procedure even more frustrating (for me) :(
    Point of this all is to nuke proximity sensor (more stability during calls) and let the macro do the job of auto dimming the screen when call gets active and waking it up when call's done. No more no less. So no more pressing the powerbutton or whatever.
    Even with the macro running during call you can easily dt2w or press power button to wake screen. Dim it again by pressing the powerbutton again (or double tap statusbar). But how many times does that happen? Not much for me.
    For you it does apparently because you have to press loudspeaker. Well you can as you did before on the other dialer you had. Only thing now is that proximity is disabled as well. So more stability.

    In the past even with just pressing the power button I had wake-ups during calls. Proximity is unstable so therefore diabling it is the logic solution (for me).

    As mentioned above, it's up to others to use it or not.

    PS : in macro you can easily add some time to it before screen auto-dims so you have time enough to tap your loudspeaker. Or even add a speakerphone task. Up to you.
    Unfortunately, the problem with the proximity sensor is extremely unsatisfactory - a feature that always worked reliably since my first smartphone was mightily screwed up by Xiaomi. I guess everyone who makes several calls per day is annoyed by the behavior and is looking for solutions. Therefore, it is of course highly gratifying if among the annoyed users there are also a few developers who can program solutions.

    My frustration with the proximity sensor was not meant to blame the dev for not bringing a solution that works for me - the criticism is solely for Xiaomi. As I said, I appreciate the developer's work! Therefore, sorry if my post came across with a bad mood... I'm glad that the workaround app offered by the dev helps many users :)

    Thank you for your answer! Earlier I was still unsure, now I know: the loudspeaker on/off "game" isn't over on my device - I just tested it. For an outgoing call, I have to deactivate the loudspeaker only after the ring tone, otherwise the earpiece remains silent. Unfortunately, this ring tone sometimes starts after 1 second, sometimes after 5 seconds - and sometimes without waiting time the call starts immediately. So, I don't think it's possible to create a universal solution with a macro.

    The thing that works for me, on the other hand, is that the phone stays locked until I unlock it (lucky me! :sneaky:). Initially, this accidently wake-up also happened to me, because I came to the fingerprint sensor with the index finger or thumb - but here I have now also re-educated myself ;)

    Anyway, thanks for not resigning yourself to the status quo and continuing to look for solutions!
    no worries. i know that the proximity sensor on this phone is just trash. cheers!