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Nov 15, 2010
UPDATED TO V 20140513


here is another nice working launcher for our note( i have it working running temasek cm 11) its called fundesktop from vivo..
its a really nice it has two different launchers build in!!a classic in which you can download lost of different themes and more..
and the funlauncher ..in which you also can get lots of themes,the funlauncher is different then we know
i would just say go check it out!!
when you install the launcher its starts with the funlauncher,some is in chinese but dont bother the settings and almost everything is in english..
when you go in the settings you can change to the classic desktop and change back to fun anytime you want...
i has a memory release app build in a clockwidget,when receiving a mesages the app turns like a coin,you can add a/different picture in the lockscreencircle change the colour rename..slide the circle in the locksreen to check it out etc etc..too much to discover and to find out!!
..lots of nice stuff:silly:

here are some screenshots
View attachment 2635764
View attachment 2635688View attachment 2635687View attachment 2635652View attachment 2635653View attachment 2635654View attachment 2635655View attachment 2635656View attachment 2635657View attachment 2635658View attachment 2635660View attachment 2635659View attachment 2635732View attachment 2635731

here is the downloadlink
1)V 20140124http://d-h.st/naK
2)V 20140513 http://d-h.st/tp6

1)download the apk
2)can be installed as a normal apk/if not working push in system/apps \set permission
3)choose the launcher

working on
my note 3 running temasek cm11

for vivo creating this crazy launcher!!
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Mar 23, 2013
Thanks for Sharing this with us!!! Looks and works ok.
3 problems Im facing
1:The launcher "stops working " ui restarts...Edit(works perfect when moved to system/APP)
2:How do I change the lockscReen Edit:(found it under themes/Mix match//Lockscreen)
3:Can App store language be changed


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