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Apr 5, 2011
Hey I figured I'd give this app a try on my s22 plus. The only tile that shows up is the refresh rate display tile, and it does work, but none of the other tiles work.

I did pay for premium, as I was hoping the 48hz to setting would work on the s22+, but it doesn't.

Any plans for this to be functional in the s22+ in the near future?



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May 22, 2020
Thank you for the amazing app!
I'm using PSM and an adaptive refresh rate 48-96 Hz on my S21 Ultra.
The problem is that the Min refresh rate does not go down to 48 Hz but it only goes down to 60 Hz.
My phone is running One UI 4.1. Would that cause this issue?


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Thank you for the amazing app!
I'm using PSM and an adaptive refresh rate 48-96 Hz on my S21 Ultra.
The problem is that the Min refresh rate does not go down to 48 Hz but it only goes down to 60 Hz.
My phone is running One UI 4.1. Would that cause this issue?
Its the Standard behavior of the s21ultra.... you can use the app to force 48hz but with slight Colorshift and you need to let the app run in the background
Hi Everyone,
I try on my Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and doesn't work for me 😢

Screenshot_20220427-172048_Settings.jpg Screenshot_20220427-172129_One UI Home.jpg
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    [App] Quick Settings Tiles v2.0 [Stable]​

    Play Store Link: Quick Settings Tile

    Screenshot_20220128-184152_Quick Setting Tiles.jpg
    Screenshot_20211118-014311_One UI Home.jpg
    Screenshot_20220128-184333_Quick Setting Tiles.jpg


    Refresh rate and screen resolution Quick Tiles
    The usual Refresh rate mods
    Refresh rate monitoring
    Resolution Tile Requires a one time ADB setup
    Switching resolution is just smooth like stock
    Specifically for S21 Ultra
    [NEW 1.5] Power Saving mode Adaptive Refresh Rate - Requires ADB Setup - SUPPORTS A12
    [NEW 1.5.9] Refresh rate monitoring overlay tile - Overlay only shows up for few seconds when the refresh rate changes
    [NEW 2.0] 48HZ screen off Refresh Rate, New Refresh Rate Icons, In app updates


    Download the QST app
    Click on the update icon that will download the separate module required for the app to work
    Add the tiles you need within the app, they will be available in the quick settings then
    Clicking the tile will open a Dialog Box
    Select whichever options you like

    Note: If you have other apps/refresh rate mods installed they might cause crashes​

    Run this through ADB shell for Resolution Quick Tile AND PSM adaptive to work​

    adb shell pm grant com.nss.ssettings android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS


    Switched from OnePlus 6t to S21 Ultra Recently.
    I wanted to create a personal app which provides the quick settings needed for daily usage.
    Other apps are not optimized for S21 ultra specifically, either crash regularly
    I just created this app in 3-4 days, so I'm just gonna leave this here for others to test and use.
    This has turned from a small app which was created in few days to months of work, adding features​

    Future Plans

    Fixing Bugs
    Add some more features
    Improvement / Bug reports are Appreciated
    Add a refresh rate monitoring notification Done
    Status: Currently, I'm half way done with the new app,

    This is how its looking currently:
    * You will be able download new updates to QST straight from the app in play store
    * Lowest Hz on screen off - Its working properly, no extra battery drain (You might need to exclude this from memory cleaner, and set unrestricted background use or 48hz screen off will just not work)

    * Ill roll out the beta soon on PlayStore within few days. Just need to fix theme and add some text paragraphs to make the app understandable before finalizing release.

    Screenshot_20220118-180940_Quick Setting Tiles.jpg

    Screenshot_20220118-182452_One UI Home.jpg

    Screenshot_20220118-181017_Quick Setting Tiles.jpg
    Can you add option to set lowest Hz when locked?
    48hz while display is off. Yes please. Galaxy max Hz has this option but I'd rather just use this app so they don't conflict each other.
    Hey mate. When i restart my phone i need to reinstall the app and run the adb setup again. Is this a bug?
    Thanks in advance hope you make a "pro" Version with more Features for such app would pay :)

    I have just now implemented the 48Hz when screen is off. Its working fine(in the video below), just need to test it for a while before i release it.

    Hmm a pro version maybe , it would be much easier if playstore acceped old api's.
    Im thinking about an updater app on playstore you can download QST from that app. (This might take a while since im gonna be busy for 2 weeks)
    I'm on BUKG, it's working for me and others as well. Just try to restart and follow the steps, I'll release a video guide soon.
    If we could get powersaving and 120hz that would be awesome!
    Added the option to change and enable Adaptive Refresh rate on Power Saving Mode. :)