[APP][2.1+] Children Tracker Ver 2.9

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Apr 3, 2015
Problem with registration

I try to use this app and it works well in 7 days trial mode.
Unfortunatelly I made payment for 3 months subscription and till now it doesnt work. I try reach support on [email protected] but now its close to one week and no response at all. Anybody have same experience?
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    Children Tracker is a tool to silently track activities on Android devices, including locations (GPS, cell location), calls, text messages, browser history, applications

    Track your kids, their daily activities

    ☆ Location: automatically track the location and movement of your children 24/7
    ☆ Call logs & SMS: record all call logs and text messages that your children sent along with recipient information.
    ☆ Web surfing: all visited web pages are transferred to cloud and report to you.
    ☆ Other activities: track which apps they installs and uses, device on/off, connected hotspots,etc.
    ☆ Data visualization: different data view helps you the best user experience while explore tracked data, including dashboard, timeline and location styles
    ☆ Secure & realtime: your data is securely stored on our secure cloud (Google App Engine). View their activity in real time and see fully recorded activities in the past
    ☆ Smart remote tracking: app smartly tracks selected data and dynamically change configuration to adapt environment and device configuration.
    ☆ Web console: using web console to view tracked data and remotely reconfigure apps
    ☆ Geo-fencing: report to enter/exit pre-defined regions

    XDA version only
    ☆ Fake app icon + app name:
    ☆ Track most of popular messaging apps (require root permission):
    • Track Chrome history
    • Track Firefox history
    • Track Whatsapp
    • Track Viber
    • Track Facebook Messenger
    • Track Lines
    • Track Hangout
    • Track BBM (Black Berry Messenger tracker)
    • Track Kik messenger
    • Track Nimbuzz
    • Track Zalo

    Checkout full feature list http://goo.gl/bs13xf

    Other features
    ☆ App visibility: app's icon can be hidden, dial ***123456### to open it by default
    ☆ Lock app: option to lock app using pattern locker
    ☆ Multiple devices supported

    ☆ Internet connection: this app tracks data and send it to cloud as soon as internet connection available (device don't need to have 24/7 internet connection)
    ☆ GPS: this app prefer GPS to track location for better precision. However, it can track location without GPS (using network location instead)

    More information:


    XDA edition appears as "System" with system icon on your drawer

    Due to constraints on content policy of distribution platforms, we adjust Children Tracker in order to comply with individual content policy. The table below shows feature grid of Children Tracker variants.

    Knowledge base & FAQs

    Change logs
    Ver 2.9
    • Fixed BBM issue on Galaxy S3

    Ver 2.8
    • Fixed Facebook trackers (support latest Facebook/Facebook messenger apps only)
    • Fixed BBM messages
    • Added more indicators to console
    • Fixed minor bugs

    Ver 2.7
    • Increase location tracker and root tracker frequency when select "Immediately" option in settings
    • Fixed minor bugs

    Change logs
    Ver 2.5
    • Fixed Viber group chat bug
    • Fixed tablet compatibility issue
    Ver 2.2
    • Update term of service, user legal agreement
    • Prevent clear data

    Ver 2.0
    • Used Google Play Service 4.0
    • Support android version from 2.3; no-longer support Android version 2.2
    • App will not collect/send data when the account is expired
    • Automatic disable other app versions that installed on the same device.
    • Decreased alarm frequency for root devices from 30 minutes to 20 minutes
    • Fixed sending messages of Hangout, Facebook
    • Added BBM, Kik, Nimbuzz, Zalo tracker for root devices

    Ver 1.4
    • Fixed text message tracking issue.
    • Fixed minor bugs.

    Ver 1.3
    • Fixed root required bug on some devices
    • Fixed too high GPS frequency track


    You agree to obey all the applicable laws of your country regards to the use of this software. You must own the device or have written permission from the owner of the device before downloading, installing, activating this software on that phone. The user of the device must have knowledge that you are viewing their personal data. SafeT assumes no responsibility if you install, download and activate SafeT software on a device ("mobile phone", "Cell Phone", or "tablet") without the knowledge and permission of its Legal owner. You agree that SafeT is not responsible accepts no liability for any misuse or damages.







    Re: [App][2.1+] Children Tracker Beta - a ultimate tool to track Android devices

    Is anyone else bothered by the fact that a website which tracks your kids isn't ssl secured?

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    Finally, finally, finally!!! I've been waiting so much for this. I can't wait to spy on some people...actually do they see the app installed on their phone?
    edit: I see now... :cool: SWEET!

    And can we please add a option to mask the app service as something like 'google calendar sync', which is not suspicious.
    This is the greatest app ever.
    As there as been no reply from the dev and things seem to go wrong as soon as people pay for the service I am closing this thread.