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Apr 7, 2012
the simplicity of exDialer and the themes .. the review of the APK, in few words would be ..

..... It just works ....

Also would love it to see that the project would be revived and worked on ..


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Mar 17, 2011
In Android 11, exdialer can no longer read the clipboard. Copying and pasting phone numbers has become a chore , especially when the text field does not appear until you dial a digit.

Any fixes for the clipboard issue?


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Jan 8, 2017
I try ContactsX now, seems like a good alternative. Looks new and still have bugs in layout and missing features (swipe to call / send message). But has detailed history (with filters) and switch between phonebooks (friends / work) is easy and quick (no change in settings required). It possible to change all colours (except the one's still a bug I think, but hope it will get fixed).


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Jan 3, 2008
The very best dialer I use since 7 years. So sad that it's the end. I have bought the pro key since the beginning. Now I have update to android 9, but xmissed plugin doesn't works with last android security modules
me too. i'm so used to exdialer, so spoilt by the simplicity of it. Go get True Phone Dialer & Contacts & Call Recorder > then get in there to reconfigure the T9. Mine works as good as ExDialer now
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Jan 3, 2008
Yes, try this, the best alternative so far.

Agree... next closest thing to the smart predictive t9

Strange Lola

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Nov 26, 2016
Hey, I hope I'm not too late for this... I have the same problem with Exdialer with Android 11. I own 2 phones with this OS and in one the app works great as usual and in the other (and sadly my main phone) it doesn't show call history... I could never make that work... So I had to uninstall exdialer. After years and years of using it I had to change my dialer.
I installed a zillion and they're all either awful or useless... Until I rememberdd about this dialer I tried before Exdialer called RocketDial and it works just fine. It's similar to Exdialer in a lot of ways. You even can find themes for it and they're the same as the ones for Exdialer (in case you like to use themes).
The only bad thing is that the app is no longer on the Play Store (just as Exdialer), so you have to install it via apk. But other than that, there's no major problem.

One difference with Exdialer is that is a bit less customizable in some ways (i.e. You can't change the dial pad size and stuff). But it does have a lot of customizations... And of course, swipe to call or text works (you can even swipe in the dial pad to call or txt the contacts in your speed dial).

Anyway, I hope this helps someone... I will always miss Exdialer, but RocketDial is a nice alternative.

Have a good one!
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    ☆Super easy-to-use
    ☆Fast and smooth
    ☆Extra light-weight
    ☆Smart T9 algorithm
    ☆30+ languages
    ☆Directly call/text to someone by swiping left/right
    ☆Various themes and plugins

    Download from Google Play Store
    If you like ExDialer, don't forget to give it 5 stars in Google Play Store.
    I'v created project on Crowdin, join to help translating http://crowdin.net/project/dialer

    Check available themes
    Check available plugins


    Useful skills
    • Long press the contacts button(at left-bottom corner of dialer view) to quick access favorites
    • Dial "#" key to perform phone number searching
    • Dial "*" key to display list of most frequently contacted contacts
    • Swipe contact item left or right, to send SMS or make a call directly

    Update History
    v186 2015/1/24
    • New theme "Lollipop" integrated
    • Fix: incorrect phone number when callback to missed call
    • Fix: some "Force close" problems
    v185 2014/12/3
    • Fix: force close launcher when app start (on some HTC/Samsung devices)
    • Fix: bugs related to the option "Replace Missed Call Notification"
    • Fix: some other bugs reported
    v184 2014/11/27
    • The ability to replace missed call notification, to avoid annoying "Complete action using", when touch the missed call notification. (KitKat and above. Go to Advanced -> "Replace Missed Call Notification" to turn on)
    • Badge count of missed calls(only for some devices)
    • Support VoIP app "Zoiper"
    • Fix bug of "UI Language" on Lollipop
    v183 2014/10/21
    • To be compliant with Google's content policy
    v182 2014/10/20
    • Adjust position of overflow menu button on dialer to stop breaking themes
    • Add option to display/hide overflow menu button
    • Fix several bugs
    v180 2014/10/13
    • Fix: incorrect menu position when full-screen turned on
    v179 2014/10/12
    • +Add 3-dot menu button for devices without physical menu button
    • Display company name in call logs
    • Ability to clear missed call notifications without root. Android 4.3+ required. Enable it at system Settings->Security->Notification access->exDialer
    • Fix: unable to long press dial pad keys when TalkBack turned on
    v176 2014/5/17
    • Fix: call log of known contact is not displayed as contact name in some condition
    • Support email field searching
    • Support Bria and Lync for VoIP calling
    • Fix: unexpected international calling code when making VoIP calls
    • Remarkable optimizations

    v175 2014/4/23
    • Fix: incorrect sorting order of contacts in Russian language
    • Improve call logs searching
    • Fix: bug of phone number comparison
    • Catalan UI language, thanks to Tmallafre

    v173 2014/4/14
    • Fix incorrect count of merged call logs

    v172 2014/4/12
    • Fix FC when swiping list item
    • Optimizations

    v171 2014/3/27
    • Fix serious bug which may drain battery (introduced by v169). Really sorry.

    v170 2014/3/26
    • Fix bug of input cursor (introduced by v169)

    v169 2014/3/26
    • Fix several bugs cause FC
    • Fix dial tone problem on early android
    • Fix incorrect action to make SIP calls
    • Add option to reverse order of call logs
    v165 2014/2/19
    • Fix FC when swiping list item
    • Fix: can't create new contact when select "Add to contacts"
    • Fix: duplicate contact viewer when contact saved
    v164 2014/2/15
    • Fix: can't swipe when touch on contact photo
    • Fix small problems on KitKat ART runtime
    • Fix: sometimes unable to call with stupid Skype
    v163 2014/2/14
    • New transparent theme integrated
    • Improve list swiping gesture
    • Fix problem of internet call log
    • Again fix problem of phone number match
    v162 2014/2/10
    • Ready to support transparent theme
    • Increase smoothness of scrolling
    • Fix problem of phone number match
    • Add menu to uninstall theme
    v160 2014/1/28
    • Sending email to group of contacts
    • Search of speed-dial entries
    • Auto paste phone number in clipboard
    • Custom region of SIM card (useful to marketplace mockers)
    • Roaming auto dial, which allows you to make call to domestic number without national code when roaming
    • Shortcut in expanded status bar
    • Multi-window support for Samsung devices
    • Web search for unsaved phone number
    • Bug fixes as usual
    v155 2013/9/29
    • NFC support to exchange contacts(android 4.0+)
    • Fix: crashed by some themes
    • Fix: bug of resizing dialpad
    v154 2013/9/23
    • Fix: haptic feedback not work on some devices
    • Fix: incorrect layout of dialpad on theme switching
    • Remove notification icon when "Keep in memory" turned on
    v153 2013/9/13
    • Support centered dialpad besides right-handed and left-handed
    • Enhance contact search(Space character is accepted)
    • Support GrooveIP Lite
    • Fix: incorrect height of dialpad with some themes applied
    • Fix: slow response of dialpad when bluetooth earphone connected
    • Fix: "Keep in memory" option not work on 4.3 (An icon will be displayed on notification bar when "Keep in memory" turned on)
    • Fix: incorrect call log when all call logs cleared (samsung devices)
    v151 2013/8/17
    • Add ONE-HAND operation support for large screen. You can now resize dial pad both in width and height.
    • Support more VoIP apps. (Acrobits Softphone, Media5-fone)
    • Fix some bugs
    v148 2013/8/4
    • Fix: empty call logs bug of v147
    v147 2013/8/3
    • Fix: unexpected notification icon on Android4.3
    • Fix: VOLTE calls not shown on samsung devices
    • Adjust display order of phone numbers (both in contact viewer and search result)
    v145 2013/7/18
    • Fix: bug of alphabet sort order in contacts list
    • Fix: unable to open map app from postal address of a contact
    v143 2013/7/13
    • Fix: FC on low version android. (invoked a method not available in JDK1.5) Sorry for my carelessness.

    v142 2013/7/13
    • Fix again: bug of "Sort by Last Name"

    v141 2012/7/12
    • Fix: bug of "Sort by Last Name"
    • Add "Call confirm" for VoIP call
    • Support more VoIP apps: SIP, GrooVe IP
    • Adjust dial pad for RTL languages, better support Arabic T9

    v139 (v138) 2012/7/2
    • 2 new Galaxy S4 themes, black and white.
    • Support more VoIP apps (Fring, MobileVOIP)
    • Fix: empty call logs
    • Fix: problem of T9 when using physical keyboard
    • Fix: FC on MIUI Rom

    v135 136 2013/6/22
    • Improve group management. Virtual group "Voice mail" & "Ungrouped" introduced.
    • Support VoIP calls (Skype, Viber). You can find "Call to (VoIP)" in context menu, or long press call button to call dialed number via VoIP apps.
    • Call confirm
    • Option to allow external contact viewer
    • Option to switch to call logs when viewing a contact
    • Support Uighur T9
    • Fix: logs of HD calls not shown on samsung devices
    v129 2013/5/28
    • More efficient T9 algorithm for eastern and western users
    • Completely new "Display Options" setting page.
    • Fix: problem of invisible dialpad on Samsung phones
    • Highlighted matched words in searching contacts
    v125 2013/4/19
    • Add menu item to Filter Calls. (Long press delete button to quick access)
    • Under default setting, open stock dialer to clear missed call notifications, if xMissedCall not installed
    • Small bugs fixed
    v122 2013/4/3
    • New default theme named "Simplism"
    • Some small bugs fixed
    • Set trial period to 7 days (when expired, app is still usable)
    v121 2013/2/19
    • Fix: FC when app start on some devices
    v120 2013/2/18
    • Fix: abnormal graphics on android2.x (caused by a stupid bug of android)
    • Option menu adjusted
    • UI languages updated
    v117 2013/1/31
    • Fix: jumping cursor when input (caused by buggy 'SwiftKey Flow beta'. thanks to James Goodger who let me focus on the cause)
    • Add option to enable/disable swiping down dialpad to close
    • Fix: duplicated call logs of contact with multiple identical phone numbers
    • Ignore HTC meta data in detail of contact
    v116 2013/1/24
    • Add options to merge call logs by 'Person', 'Phone number', 'None'
    • Add option to display date plus time for call logs
    • Fix: empty call log on LG devices (special thanks to Huy Thach)
    • Better support localization when UI language switched
    • Move options 'Audible Touch Tones' and 'Haptic Feedback' into 'Behaviour' screen
    • Hide 3-dot menu button for activity without option menu
    • Fix: Duplicated 'View contact' activity when finish editing a contact
    • Fix: small problems caused by buggy ROM
    v112 2013/1/15
    • Fix: Remote execution of malicious USSD codes
    • New feature: Second theme. Now you can define daylight and night themes which will be switched automatically.
    • Great effort on optimization. Should be much more fluent and power saving than previous versions
    • Phone number location (supported by geocoder plugin)
    • Minor tweaks, eg. system group name translation, padding adjustment for RTL lang, etc.
    v110 2012/8/19
    • Fix bugs: incorrect call log display, problem of customized ringtone, etc.
    • App icon: updated to MiUI v4 icon
    • Add option: “All calls to voicemail”
    v106 2012/8/8
    • Improve phone number format
    • Option to toggle whether to format phone number
    • Smarter on matching for national/international numbers
    • Fix something to be compatible with Nexus7
    • Option to enable hardware acceleration
    • Relate text size of dialed digits with text size setting
    • Fix bug of search box focus, when using hardware keyboard
    • Remove useless Korean T9 letters
    v105 2012/7/28
    • Speed dial extended to 99 (with 9×9=81 entries)
    • exContacts now can be swiped left/right like pages
    • Option “Short Number as Speed Dial” – When calling short number, treat it as speed dial
    • Option “Strict Mode” – disable it to use old T9 algorithm
    • Option “Haptic Feedback Strength”
    • Option Smaller font size,Smaller dialpad size
    • Option “Open Stock Dialer” – enable it to open stock dialer to clear missed call notifications
    • Option “Use Theme Font”
    • Many more…
    v103 2012/7/13
    • Features unlocked: full-screen, screen rotation
    • Able to slide bottom action bar to switch tabs of exContacts
    • Optimize dialpad response and memory usage
    • Fix: bug of option “View Calls” on incoming calls
    • Invoke stock dialer to clear missed call notification when xMissedCall is absent
    • Again,thanks friends on Crowdin help translating
    v101 2012/6/30
    • Fix incorrect person when view contact
    • Fix small bug of dialpad
    v100 2012/6/29
    • Update many languages, big thanks to friends on Crowdin
    • Fix: T9 letters not shown on some devices
    • Fix: Incorrect response of '*' key with Russian locale
    • Fix again: Call log types for Samsung devices
    • Fix: Buggy option "Group visibility"
    v99 2012/6/24
    • Update many languages, big thanks to friends on Crowdin http://crowdin.net/project/dialer
    • Restore option "ABC at Right" and adjust dialpad text size
    • Fix call log types for Samsung devices
    • Fix some UI and logic bugs
    • Improve accessibility for TalkBack service
    v97 2012/6/15
    • Adjust dialpad and dialpad text size (better for large screen)
    • Ukrainian language, Thank Ігор Омельчук
    • Fix some bugs
    v95 2012/6/8
    • An "Add" button at bottom of contacts list, which is only available while default theme applied. Please wait for updates of other themes.
    • Accept non-digit chars to perform T9 search with hardware keyboard
    • "Keep in Memory" is default on. For users who complain about startup speed.
    • Correct date display
    • Some UI languages updated
    v93 2012/6/2
    • Optimizations
    • Backup/restore preference settings
    • Detach "search box" and "new contact" from list to obtain more space for content
    • Relate font sizes with system setting
    • Many small changes: color for rejected calls, date format of birthday, menu/dialog appearance on ICS...
    • Fix some crash problem
    • More compatible with SGS2
    • Recognize contact number with pause section
    • Some UI language updated
    v90 2012/5/11
    • Plugin support (Donation Pack required), with two useful plugins available in market
    • Resolved problem "Empty call logs" on SGS2 official ICS rom (Actually, it's a stupid bug of Samsung)
    • Improve T9 algorithm
    • Menu to create appointment, and option to set template
    • Option to remember tab
    • Option to close dialpad on back pressed
    • Option "View Calls" fixed.Then you can uncheck it,to return to home when outgoing call ended
    • Preferences rearranged
    • Launcher title renamed to "Dialer" "Contacts"
    v86 2012/5/5
    • Skip SMS logs for SGS2 with ICS ROM installed
    • Attach volume of dial key with volume of system ringing
    • Optimize smoothness of list views for ICS
    • Fast scroll letters better support landscape mode
    • Improve smoothness of list scrolling
    • Fix bug when swiping contact
    • Better support xhdpi devices
    • Estonian language added, thank iff2
    • Fix many issues with android 4.x
    • Enable multi-languages T9 search
    v84 2012/4/20
    • Improve accuracy of T9 algorithm
    • Better support low DPI devices
    • Option to enable/disable romanized Hangul search
    • More compatible with map apps to search postal address
    • Memory usage optimized
    v80 2012/4/14

    • v80
    • Add search button for exContact
    • Landscape and Full screen mode (Donation pack required)
    • Option to select dialpad size
    • Fixed some FC problems
    v68 v69 v71 2012/3/30
    • T9 speed optimized
    • Option to select dialpad text size
    • Preferences rearranged
    • Memory leak fixed
    • Disable USSD routing by default. If you want to enable it, turn on at Preferences->Dialer->Auto run USSD
    • Increase dial pad font size
    • Better experience for devices with a call button
    • Fix intent handler for some samsung device
    • Handle USSD code by routing to stock dialer
    • Some UI languages updated
    v67 v68 2012/3/23
    • Better experience for devices with a call button
    • Fix intent handler for some samsung device
    • Handle USSD code by routing to stock dialer
    • Some UI languages updated
    v66 2012/3/21
    • No longer support NotiGO, use xMissedCall Patch instead
    • Option to ignore "Display options" on search result
    • Able to make emergency call when converted to system app
    • More reasonable T9 result order when "Merge item" unchecked
    • T9 search improved
    • Memory usage optimized
    • Small problem of contact display name fixed
    • FC problem in speed dial activity fixed
    v63 v65 2012/3/18
    • Optimizations
    • Bug of UI language fixed
    • Additional search field "Note"
    • Group rearrange
    • Belarusian UI language, thank Ivan Katlianik
    • Bulgarian T9 support
    v62 2012/3/2
    • Tabs in contacts activity will be remembered
    • Strequent contacts list accessed by star(*) key
    • T9 result will include contacts without phone number according to "Display option" setting
    • Korean translation, thank dusttea
    • Serbian translation thank Marko Kostic
    v61 2012/2/24

    • v61
    • incorrect organization display fixed
    • Speed dial for key '1' allowed to be assigned
    • Problem of content delay resolved
    • Dutch language added, thank Planet X
    • Bug in "View calls" option fixed
    v60 ????
    • fixed problem "clicking on the notification bar's message does not open the dialer"
    • fixed FC when made as system app
    • Croatian translation, thank Mihovil Stanic
    • Slovak translations, thank pRo_lama
    v57 2011/12/27
    • Fixed problem: SMS not handled by whatsapp
    • Clear dialed digits after call ended
    • Fixed incorrect text color in non-touch mode
    • Improve compatibility with trackball or d-pad
    • Arabic added, thank machhho
    • Contacts sort order adjusted
    • New theme named Steel available in market (paid)
    v53 2011/12/23
    • Some languages updated
    • Norwegian translations, thank MariusOX
    • Small bugs fixed
    • Another Choice of ICS Theme released, available in market.
    v52 2011/12/22
    • UI language switch added
    • Additional search fields supported, nickname, postal address and organization
    • Text size adjustment supported, normal, large and extra large
    • Option to turn on or off call logs view when call ended
    • Contact sharing separated to plain text and vCard
    • Context menu adjusted
    v51 2011/12/20
    • contact's vcard share supported
    • option "popup dialpad" added
    • Indonesian language added, thank distan7
    • some UI languages updated
    • ICS theme updated
    v50 2011/12/17
    • Theme package supported. Dark and ICS themes are available in market.
    • Group visibility supported.
    • Various small bugs fixed.
    • Vietnamese language adde, thank alienyd.
    v44 2011/12/13
    • Small bugs fixed
    v43 2011/12/13
    • Speed dial
    • bug in display option fixed
    v42 2011/12/12 (May be unstable... almost all underlying logic refactored.)
    • Big optimization
    • Group SMS supported
    • Hungarian language added, thank bazsi1975hu
    • Ukrainian T9 supported
    • Contact/IM presence status added
    • More detail when "merge t9/calls" unselected
    • "Keep in memory" option added. More efficient for persistent.
    • Better support of thirdparty apps like Facebook
    v41 2011/11/30
    • Romanian language added, thank Tudor
    • some languages updated
    v39 2011/11/29, one permission is missing in v38
    • Update some languages
    • Fix display options
    v37 2011/11/29
    • T9 search bug fixed
    • Force close on ICS rom fixed
    • Call log time corrected
    • Turkish language added, thank Özgürce
    • Add option to switch Relative/Absolute call log time
    • Add option to merge items in dialer for contact who has multi-numbers
    • Auto backup/restore preferences into/from sdcard(actually implemented in v36, for guys who frequently flush roms)
    • Set as persistent
    v36 2011/11/27
    • Translations updated
    v35 2011/11/25
    • Display options added. Show/Hide contacts by source accounts
    • Persian T9 added
    • Display custom label in view contact
    • Quick switch to Favorites by hold contact button
    • Rearrange preferences. 'Tap on item' option is separated.
    v32 2011/11/23
    • Fixed Korean keyboard display problem. Restore voicemail icon. Keyboard now can be flinged to hide. Single back press to exit.
    v31 2011/11/22
    • Fixed UI bug when display photo unchecked
    • Georgian language added, thank giorgi-alonso
    v30 2011/11/22
    • Add option to color calls (default unchecked)
    • Add option to switch whether display basic T9 letters
    • Dialpad keys replaced by text, instead of images
    • Order of names corrected and T9 search problem fixed, when "sort by last name" checked
    • Enter contacts search when search button pressed
    • Greek accents problem fixed
    • Arabic T9 keyboard layout added(may not work), sidebar in contacts activity is still missing
    • Replace launcher icons with stock MiUI icons
    • More UI language
      Slovene, thank gepardus
      Persian, thank Alireza Afkar
      Bulgarian, thank Стоян Иванов
      Italian, thank stegg
    v29 2011/11/19
    • Contact item swipe, just like TouchWiz. (If there's something wrong with this function, disable it in preferences page)
    • Custom contact ring tone, even group ring tone
    • Hebrew T9/UI language added, thank 0ftal.
    • Czech language coding error fixed
    v28 2011/11/11
    • No significant change. Only fix the FC error when choose exDialer in intent chooser.
    v27 2011/11/10
    • More accurate last name judgement
    • Use call log count to evaluate frequentness, to set around TIMES_CONTACTED bug of some roms
    • Correct intent filters, to have chance to handle intents from other apps
    • Touch feedback when finger down
    • Font color in number selector fixed
    • French language added, thank scrpn30
    • Danish language added, thank Neo3000x
    • Czech language added, thank crking
    v25 2011/11/9
    • Dark theme added
    • Dialer start up speed optimized
    • Some FC cases fixed
    • German language added, thank TweetyPeety
    • Translations updated
    v23 2011/11/7
    • Russian language added, thank Илья Яковлев
    • Special codes handler added, IMEI and secret codes
    • Sort by last name feature improved
    • Entries for unknown contact added on dialer activity, new contact/attach to exist contact/send sms.
    • Russian phone number mismatch bug fixed
    • Some translations updated
    v22 2011/11/6
    • Clear missed call notification on dialer startup. OS version above 2.3 requires NotiGo installed. Thank thinkpanda team.
    • options for filter results sorting added, match level or frequentness
    • Sorting by last name supported
    • More details in number choosing menu, labels added, and a checkbox for default number setting added
    • Set/unset default number/email supported
    • More UI languages:
      Chinese Traditional translation, thank Kayusumi
      Portuguese, thank Filipe Garcia
      Spanish, thank hopler
    • Small changes on UI and some bugs fixed
    v21 2011/11/4
    • Greek T9 with Greek UI added. Thank dancer_69
    • T9 language option added
    • Call direction icon added

    T9 Languages
    • Latin
    • Chinese
    • Russian
    • Ukrainian
    • Hangul
    • Greek
    • Hebrew
    • Persian
    • Arabic
    • Bulgarian
    • Uighur

    • Excellent MiUI rom
    • thinkpanda team
    • Piotrek Paszek --- Polish
    • dancer_69 --- Greek
    • Kayusumi --- Chinese Traditional
    • Filipe Garcia --- Portuguese
    • hopler --- Spanish
    • Илья Яковлев & Илья и Ася --- Russian
    • TweetyPeety --- German
    • scrpn30 --- French
    • Neo3000x --- Danish
    • crking --- Czech
    • 0ftal --- Hebrew
    • gepardus --- Slovene
    • Alireza Afkar --- Persian
    • Стоян Иванов, Димитър Димитров --- Bulgarian
    • stegg --- Italian
    • giorgi-alonso --- Georgian
    • Özgürce --- Turkish
    • Turdo D. --- Romanian
    • Indiant --- Hungarian
    • alienyd --- Vietnamese
    • distan7 --- Indonesian
    • MariusOX --- Norwegian
    • machhho --- Arabic
    • janni_mz --- Latvian
    • Mihovil Stanic --- Croatian
    • pRo_lama --- Slovak
    • Planet X --- Dutch
    • dusttea --- Korean
    • Marko Kostic --- Serbian
    • Ivan Katlianik --- Belarusian
    • iff2 --- Estonian
    • Ігор Омельчук --- Ukrainian
    • Vladimir Zemlianskij a.k.a sait0n --- Lithuanian
    • Eduard Babayan(edo248) --- Armenian
    • And all friends who give me great suggestions and report bugs.

    Happy new year!

    Hi everyone. I'm back and taking a new year present for all you guys.
    That is an update of exDialer, v111.

    New features:
    • Remote execution of malicious USSD codes prevented.
    • Second theme supported. Now you can define daylight and night themes which will be switched automatically.
    • Great effort on optimization. Should be much more fluent than previous versions.
    • Phone number location. Supported by geocoder plugin.
    • Display phone numbers in call logs.
    • Fixed some bugs.
    v134 preview

    View attachment exdialer134.apk

    Special thanks to Vinicius Thedim, who shared his great ideas and provided exhaustive testing report.

    • Improve group management. Virtual group "Voice mail" & "Ungrouped" introduced.
    • Support VoIP calls (Skype, Viber). You can find "Call to (VoIP)" in context menu, or long press call button to call dialed number via VoIP apps.
    • Call confirm
    • Option to allow external contact viewer
    • Option to switch to call logs when viewing a contact
    • Support Uighur T9
    • Fix: logs of HD calls not shown on samsung devices
    I made a sample theme project for anyone who want to build customized theme.
    Hi everyone. Long time no see:)
    exDialer is updated to v61.