[APP][2.1+] FX File Explorer Dev Thread (5.0: Material Design UI, Wi-Fi Direct Xfers)

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Feb 10, 2015
I've been using FX for years now, there really ain't any better file explorer for Android imo! My only wish for it is to have an option to always have it open in split view :)
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Mar 17, 2009
FX Released (Beta, XDA Only Presently)

This release fixes issues with Dropbox and contains other (minor) updates.

Full version: http://android.nextapp.com/fx/r8907/FX_r8907.apk
Micro version: http://android.nextapp.com/fx/r8907/FXmicro_r8907.apk
Access to DropBox is working fine. Transfers are as well, or so I believe. After copying a file / folder from DB to my external card, the process is shown under Tasks as Complete. However in the pull down, the process shows as being stuck at the end, somewhere between 97%-99%. There is no way to clear this notification either. Thank you.


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Jun 5, 2018
Hello, first of all congratulations to the developer of this wonderful app. My question is if there is support for the Spanish language.


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Jul 11, 2022
Hi, and thank very much the author for his work.
I can't manage to not sound nagging, but there are a few things missing to make this ideal for me:

1. Opening text files doesn't default to "Open with" menu when the appropriate setting is selected
2. There's unfortunately no such setting for archives to begin with
3. "Open with" selector can't be exited by tapping background, although it's possible with most FX pop-up windows of the same type elsewhere
4. "Enter path" doesn't default to current working directory
5. It doesn't catch an intent from the App Manager for the data folder of an app

And a few very subjective wants:
1. Being able to use normal font face for the file manager rather than light
2. Swiping the tab card to close it a-la Fulguris browser
3. Being able to also see documents and archives tracked by the media store, a-la MiX
4. Microsoft file types on new file creation trigger my eye, hard to imagine it's used often. But I might know nothing
5. Option to disable swipe to resize.
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Sep 14, 2017
Hi Folks,

This app is amazing!

I wish to use with some cloud services (dropbox) works pretty well.

Can I somehow do a 'synchronization', ie.: not retry/reupload every file, just upload/download missing files?

I wish to have an offline backup from a Dropbox folder on my phone.

And whenever I add file to this offline folder on the phone I wish to be able to upload the changes to the Dropbox. And also vice versa.

I know this can be done by opening the Dropbox, copy the folder, go back to the offline directory and paste.
Then copy the local directory, go back to Dropbox and paste.

So this is a lot to do for a single task, I'm wondering if we have or will have a simple "FX"-style solution?



Oct 31, 2007
if your phone
I've been using FX for years now, there really ain't any better file explorer for Android imo! My only wish for it is to have an option to always have it open in split view :)
Before the developer provides switches for this function (maybe?), there is a discount method to achieve this, but you need your mobile phone ROOT and XPOSED EDGE Pro. I believe you understand what I mean: Application to trigger automatic click.

BTW, I also strongly hope that developers will not remove translucent, not just the homepage, keep it all PLZ. It is because of the unlimited semi -transparent effect and the upper and lower splitting views. Let me still treat it as the favorite and the most important file manager without updating it for a long time.
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Sep 15, 2010
Southern California


Jan 27, 2020
Must admit that when I saw updates appear for my all time favourite file explorer it was very pleasant indeed!

I'm interested to see where this Sandbox folder goes and what capabilities it will have in the future that's unlocked via the secret Dev menu.

With regards to the storage issue and gaining access to android/data and Android/obb, I kind of cheated to get it working by going into the default Android file app it takes you to so you can select storage and then choosing another file explorer app as the internal storage which appears underneath the standard option in the Android File App. Once achieved, it works perfectly every time. I don't want to wish to say which file explorer app it was as I don't want to take any attention from this amazing file explorer app. Didn't realise there was a micro variant either until today which works just as well as the main app!

Many thanks to tliebeck for this wonderful app.
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Jan 12, 2018
Yeah I second that, translucent theme and the search icon on the main view in the micro version (that is great BTW) would be great.
Thanks @tliebeck for that awesome app that I have been using for years, you rock!!!!!!!


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Feb 25, 2015
On my Android 9 device, in these latest recent beta updates I noticed that now when opening a media file externally (by simply tapping on the file), the file is shared to VLC by streaming the content and not sharing the file URI. This is a problem because I tend to open mkv files still being written and this way of sharing makes it impossible to seek the video. It's possible to get the old behavior if I first select the file, choose "Open with" and then select VLC but that's a job I'd like to avoid. Is it possible to revert the open externally to the old behavior?
Firstly, thanks for the app; it's pretty much the sweet spot between basic stock app and Mixplorer.
It seems write access to media card is broken, though. It works with PlayStore version, but not recent ones (pics related). Phone is a S9+ with A10.
Other than that, I'm missing an option to ignore/rename existing files, when copying/moving, instead of just overwrite/merge/cancel operation. It's really frustrating having to cancel moving large number of files just because of one file you don't want replaced.
Other issues I've noticed with PS version (not sure if still occurring): when moving files, Fx will only delete source files once the whole operation ends, instead of whenever a file is successfully written, it doesn't check for free space before moving/copying files, and, when it runs out of space, it just cancels the whole operation without deleting either source or destination files.
Also, in TextEdit, when in the background, any non saved data will be flushed by system and lost.
Edit: I should probably add that phone is rooted (magisk) and I can write to media card through root (and system app), but permissions (in /mnt/media_rw) won't be saved.


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Sep 15, 2010
Southern California
FX Released (Release Candidate)

This upgrades some dependencies, fixes some bugs with SMB2/3 performance, and contains a few other bugfixes.

Full version: http://android.nextapp.com/fx/r9002/FX_r9002.apk
Micro version: http://android.nextapp.com/fx/r9002/FXmicro_r9002.apk

Unfortunately transparent themes will have to wait til at least 9.1, I'd love to see them come back at least for the homescreen. They do have *a lot* of issues with the full-bleed UI update of 9.0 though.

Thank you all and thanks for testing! This one could theoretically be the official 9.0 release if things go spectacularly well, but definitely appreciate bug reports to change that.
FX Released (Release Candidate)

This upgrades some dependencies, fixes some bugs with SMB2/3 performance, and contains a few other bugfixes.

Full version: http://android.nextapp.com/fx/r9002/FX_r9002.apk
Micro version: http://android.nextapp.com/fx/r9002/FXmicro_r9002.apk

Unfortunately transparent themes will have to wait til at least 9.1, I'd love to see them come back at least for the homescreen. They do have *a lot* of issues with the full-bleed UI update of 9.0 though.

Thank you all and thanks for testing! This one could theoretically be the official 9.0 release if things go spectacularly well, but definitely appreciate bug reports to change that.
Thanks for the update, but still can't enable write access to external sd card. Only way to enable it is to install v.8 from PS, enable write access, then update. Fresh install of newer versions gives me the empty page from my previous post.


Jul 3, 2011
Hi tliebeck,

Thanks for the update. One issue I've noticed on the RC as well as the other beta versions you posted here is FX doesn't seem to be able to be able to open file types with their system defined default app. For example when opening a pdf it will prompt me every time to choose which app to open it with, even though I have a default app for pdf set up, that is recognised by other file managers, and that used to be recognised by the older non beta versions of FX.
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Jan 9, 2017
OnePlus 9 Pro
I'm on version and I'm not sure how to use an ed25519 ssh key.

My ssh connection in fx is currently using a rsa key file in pem format (so beginning with -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----).
My server is also accepting an ed25519 key (-----BEGIN OPENSSH PRIVATE KEY-----), ssh connection in shell is working with it.

When I try to select my ed25519 private key in fx, I'm getting the same error message than in previous versions: Private key file not of a supported format…, must be in the openssh format…, should start with RSA PRIVATE KEY or DSA PRIVATE KEY…

Is there a trick to use ed25519 keys or is this a bug?

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    FX Released (Release Candidate)

    This upgrades some dependencies, fixes some bugs with SMB2/3 performance, and contains a few other bugfixes.

    Full version: http://android.nextapp.com/fx/r9002/FX_r9002.apk
    Micro version: http://android.nextapp.com/fx/r9002/FXmicro_r9002.apk

    Unfortunately transparent themes will have to wait til at least 9.1, I'd love to see them come back at least for the homescreen. They do have *a lot* of issues with the full-bleed UI update of 9.0 though.

    Thank you all and thanks for testing! This one could theoretically be the official 9.0 release if things go spectacularly well, but definitely appreciate bug reports to change that.
    Btw, just checked with an Android 8 phone, and write access to external SD card is working fine on v.
    Hi @xetc,

    Yeah anything Android 9 or below shouldn't be affected by Google blocking, as it wasn't introduced under that OS. Its only from Android 10 and upwards. Although Android 10 only has semi limited/restricted, it was from Android 11 onwards they've really locked it down.

    It's all to do with the OS, and the version of Google Files ( DocumentsUI = internal name) as they locked it down even further in a recent version, forget the date for it. There is a Google Files / DocumentUI that can be downloaded to downgrade this issue. But as it's often a system file, provided by the OEM of the phone. It's hard to remove if you're phone isn't rooted. ADB DeBloater 1.5.1 maybe of use here, it removed it, but still couldn't replace it.

    As mentioned, searched ALL over the web, and I mean ****ALL**** . Read so many forums, posts, even Googles own pages/posts, where people complained, and Google just closed the topics down...

    However your post was the only one that worked, and I am so grateful you mentioned it... as I was getting seriously annoyed with my new phone, running new-ish Android and new 128gb ext card, that was effectively useless and surpless to requirement if it didnt work. I had a good mind/intent to ask Google / Xiaomi for a refund of the SD Card. Considering their phone provides SD slot and Google blocking it.... Even though I knew neither of them would take ownership of the issue or offer a refund...

    But anyway, so grateful for your solution and help, I had made a post over here, where it all began... and credited you for the solution... there you can see the versions and whatnot...

    Many thanks, Lister
    Juste give this a try :

    Struggle as everyone else with the write deny on media card....

    so, i tried the web access, and suprisely it's work !

    then come back to my phone and..... media card access granted \o/

    don't know if fx activate something internal, or if i only lucky, but, cost nothing to try yourself !
    @tliebeck has released a new beta in the Google Play Store! Thank you! (y)
    [OT] This could be a good idea. I mean, considering as not a single customer complain, but a class action or a huge petition, could be good at least to bring the problem to the attention of millions of people. 👍 [OT end]
    Hi @Marko Indaco ,

    Oh I fully agree, there is a lot of angry people out there across all the forums, all stuck in the same situ as it's been made neigh on impossible to re-gain access to your own SD Cards. Why they have gone with this, is beyond me...

    Those that have vented on Google / Android's own website and forums, are merely words... that Google then shut down, by closing off the thread/topic....

    But yeah, if everyone got together... might make an impact/change. Because it's beyond me why any of these OEMs would offer an SD Card close on modern phones if it serves limited/restricted use...

    If for security reasons, it should be down to user... perhaps a setting in [Settings] that can be toggled and the user takes full responsibilty to any damage or security issues. But at least make the user aware and clear, and its down to them if they want to accept the risks over functionality.

    Otherwise make it a standard/request that all OEMs remove the SD Slot from future devices... and call yourself Apple!! :p

    Cheers, Lister
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    [APP][4.1+] FX File Explorer Dev Thread (7.0 released)

    FX 7.0 is now available!
    Note: This initial post is now VERY out of date and will be corrected very soon. Screenshots are from old prior versions (2017/08/10)

    Hello all,

    This is the ongoing development thread for FX File Explorer. I greatly appreciate feature suggestions, bug reports, and general feedback!

    FX intends to be an uncluttered, everyday-usable file manager for Android. The primary development goal has been to create the same level of usability, intuitiveness, and efficiency as that offered by the file manager on your desktop computer.

    Local file management features of FX are free, including the root features, indexed search, cleaning tools, usage view, non-encrypted archive creation/extraction, the text editor, and all other viewers (e.g. script exec, binary viewer, image viewer). The network/cloud stuff and media-specific stuff (e.g. browsing music by album, editing playlists) is a paid add-on called "FX Plus".

    The free version of FX is not a "Lite" version or some kind of watered-down demo. There is no advertising in FX. And there is no user-tracking, phoning home, or any other "doubleplusungood" stuff of any kind in FX.

    FX Connect Demonstration

    A demonstration of FX connect. Phones are paired together using NFC by opening FX and touching their backs together. Transfers take place over a high-speed Wi-Fi Direct connection.

    Home Screen

    The "Home Screen" appears when you first open FX. The idea of the home screen is that you create bookmarks to the folders you actually use, rather than milling through the garbage every app places in the root folder of your SD card.

    One last note regarding the free-vs-plus stuff: The features shown in the "Media" and "Internet and Network" sections are part of the "FX Plus" add-on, while everything else is free. And another note: the home-screens below have every option turned on: you can use the "View" menu to customize what is shown.

    • The first image shows a default home screen.
    • The second image shows the home screen configured with a translucent dark theme and view mode set to "Icon". The translucent dark theme uses your default system wallpaper (or optionally an alternate wallpaper of your choosing).


    Directory Browsing

    These screenshots show FX viewing a directory. The one on the left shows the Material Design Teal theme, the one on the right uses a translucent theme.


    Windows and Split View

    FX supports multiple (unlimited) windows, with the ability to view one or two at a time.

    • The first screenshot shows the window menu, which is accessible by tapping the slide-out icon in the upper left corner or sliding your finger from the left edge of the screen to the right.
    • The second screenshot shows the split view mode. You can enter this mode from the window menu by tapping "Split View", or by dragging the path bar from the top of the screen downward.


    Root / Developer Features

    FX supports root access. Root access requires an add-on, but the add-on is free.

    Root access is kept entirely separate from normal file browsing, and can optionally be protected.

    Developer features include:
    • Root access may be secured via PIN, Password, or Warning; secured access can be enabled for viewing or only for modifications
    • Remount filesystems as read/write or read-only
    • Disable System Apps
    • Root Usage View
    • Recursive Search
    • Modify permissions
    • Change Ownership/Group, with Android-based design (e.g. select an app-specific user by app name; see screenshot)
    • Symlink Creation (relative and absolute)
    • Shell Script Execution, with support for creating launcher shortcuts to execute scripts [NR]
    • Explore APK Contents [NR]
    • View Android Binary XML Files in Text Viewer [NR]
    • View any file in Binary Viewer [NR]
    • MD5/SHA1 Checksum and Composite Checksum Calculation/Comparison (checksum directory structures, optionally with UNIX permissions, [NR])
    Items marked with [NR] do not require root, but may offer more functionality when root is available.




    Text Editor

    FX includes a full-featured text editor. It can edit local text files, edit files as root, and edit files on remote hosts (with FX Plus add-on). Features include:

    • Undo/Redo with History (able to undo/redo multiple times)
    • Cut/Copy/Paste
    • Pinch-to-zoom font scaling
    • Proportional and fixed fonts, word wrap can be enabled/disabled
    • Optional shortcut bar can be enabled to provide arrow keys and fast access to undo/redo
    • Jump to line number, beginning/ending of file
    • Find text within documents
    • File browsing for Open/Save As
    • Enable/disable autocorrect
    • Multiple color schemes
    • Save/load files in different character sets

    Plus Add-On

    All features demonstrated above are entirely free. The Plus Add-On is the paid component of FX, and adds additional features:

    • Application management: browse user, system, or all installed apps
    • Browse installed apps by permission (e.g. find all apps which require GPS location or Internet access)
    • (Root Access Required) View /data usage by application, disable any application
    • AES-128/256 Zip Encryption/decryption; browse inside encrypted zip files/folders, view text files, images, audio and video files without ever writing decrypted version to media
    • Browse all Images, browse images by folder (e.g. Camera folders on different media/SD cards)
    • Browse camera Videos or all videos on device
    • Browse Music by Artist, Album, Playlist, or view all music
    • Browse ringtones, podcasts, notifications, and alarm sounds
    • Create playlists, add albums/tracks/artists/playlists to playlists, reorder playlists via drag-and-drop
    • Bluetooth FTP and Bluetooth Pairing within FX (pushing files via Bluetooth does NOT require FX Plus if your device supports it)

    FX Plus adds support for the following network/cloud services:

    • SMB (Windows Networking), supports network browsing (SMB1 and SMB2)
    • FTP, including FTP-S and FTP-ES; browsing local network supported via mDNS
    • SSH, including public key, password, and interactive authentication; browsing local network supported via mDNS
    • WebDAV, including WebDAV over HTTPS; browsing local network supported via mDNS
    • Google Drive
    • Dropbox
    • Box
    • SugarSync
    • Microsoft OneDrive
    • OwnCloud (by creating a WebDAV connection)



    How to get FX

    Current Play Store Version

    To get the current version (5.x) from the Play Store, simply click here:
    Download via Play Store

    Beta Testing

    FX can be beta tested by either downloading APKs directly (links will be posted in this thread) or via the FX beta channel on Google Play. At any given time, there may or may not be a release in the beta channel. (There won't be a release when a beta has just been pushed into production).

    To join the Google Play public beta test and receive automatic updates:

    Step 1: Join this Google+ community: https://plus.google.com/communities/101301040394875566704

    Step 2: Visit this page to opt-in for beta testing: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/nextapp.fx
    Beta APKs are also posted in this thread.

    Step 3: Get FX from the Google Play Store: Download via Play Store

    If you'd prefer to download an APK directly:

    Go to the last page of this thread and grab a beta APK by clicking a download link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1253399&goto=newpost

    APKs of FX are archived here:

    Notable versions:

    Root add-on:
    The root add-on is available for direct download here: http://android.nextapp.com/fx/FXRoot.apk
    (Root features may now be enabled directly via settings.)
    FX 4.0 Beta Release (

    This is not yet in the beta channel. I intend for this to move there within a couple of days, but would like to get some initial feedback here first.
    Update: Now in beta channel (APK also available directly below)

    New features include in 4.0 (vs 3.1) include:
    • Material Design UI Overhaul
      • New themes featuring Material Design colors
      • New default icon theme
      • New Material Design animations
    • Updated List View Appearance
    • Image Viewer Updates
      • Horizontal image flipping
      • Next/Previous image preview when flipping
      • Zoom in/out animation when entering/exiting image viewer from file listings or image album views
    • “Recently Updated” catalog (available on home screen)
    • Storage Access Framework support
      • Enables Android 5.0 (Lollipop) users to write to MicroSD cards (without root access)
    • Root Support for Android 5.0

    Test release notes:
    • YOUR THEME WILL BE RESET to the default material design version. You can change it back, but I want everyone to see the intended "stock" behavior first.
    • You can turn off directory navigation animations (sliding effect) separately from general animations via the preferences. The directory navigation animations are on by default.
    • Streamlined linking of MicroSD card to Storage Access Framework is not yet available. Writable MicroSD support is available under Android 5 by tapping the homescreen’s menu, selecting “Connect to Storage”, selecting the MicroSD card, and then adding a bookmark.
    • Notifications are not Material Design
    • Miscellaneous other items are not yet implemented correctly in material design (e.g. Bluetooth on/off switch, network status lights…)
    • The compressed archive icon and possibly a few others are in dire need of replacement.
    • New image viewer has some outstanding issues with regard to animation in certain scenarios (e.g. cloud/network)
    • Looks best on Lollipop, but still works on a five year old Droid 1 running 2.1 (Eclair).


    . . .

    . . .

    . . .

    . . .

    DOWNLOAD LINK: http://android.nextapp.com/fx/r4011/FX_r4011.apk

    In the event that you want to revert to version 3.1, that APK is available here: OLD VERSION -->http://android.nextapp.com/fx/r3122/FX_r3122.apk <---OLD VERSION
    FX is back on the Play Store

    The APK is the same one which was uploaded a few months ago, i.e., no modifications whatsoever have been made.

    I managed to get hold of a real person, and it was corrected immediately.

    Very sorry for the inconvenience of all this.
    FX development has been ongoing, but somewhat slower than I'd like. Google's late behavior has been fairly frustrating to me. Recently FX was banned for a week for containing an "ad" which actually turned out to be caused by just showing a link to a free and open source theme that could be downloaded (the Faenza icon set). Its Google Drive support was temporarily disabled from Google's side, and it was extremely difficult to get it reinstated. Then it was threatened to be banned for containing an "illegal icon" that had been in place for at least five years (the one that said "NO ADS").

    I realize they're trying to clean up the Play Store, but they're throwing good apps out with the bad. And when you get flagged for "violations", there's basically no way to explain yourself (and often there's no way to even understand what they're talking about, because you're already in total compliance with their policies to the best of your knowledge). I still love working on FX but the behavior of Google is downright demoralizing, especially when incredibly privacy-invasive apps seem to face no such penalty.

    In better news, FX 9 is mostly beta ready. You can try out a preview release now if you'd like:

    http://android.nextapp.com/fx/r8903/FXmicro_r8903.apk (micro version, no FX+ capabilities or video playback)

    Please note this one is a beta-preview and thus not in the beta-channel on the Play Store. Hope to release a real beta there (and here) very soon.

    --- Release Notes ---

    • Updated full-screen content-centric user interface.
      • Major updates to UI for edge-to-edge usage of screen.
      • Dimmed content now scrolls under header/navigation bar.
      • Improved aesthetics on phones with gesture-navigation enabled (content drawn to absolute bottom of screen)
      • More compact menu/path listing
      • Monochromatic header bar (vs early Material Design "two-tone" header)
      • Long press context actions now appear on item ("open with" and "details")
      • Always dark views (e.g. images and video listings) now appear with dark headers
      • "Fancy" headers like Web Access/FX Connect now overlay header bar.
      • New default theme, theme updates.
    • SMB v3 support (courtesy of the awesome SMBJ open source lib that FX uses).
    • SSH EC-25519 support
    • Android 11/12 "Manage all files" permissions is now used where applicable.
    • Targeting SDK 31 (Android 12).

    • Translucent themes (may be re-added at some point in future, possibly only for home screen)
    • Minimum SDK is now 21 (Android 5.0). FX v8 can still be downloaded for very old devices (SDK 16-19, Android 4.1-4.4)