[APP][2.1+] Javelin Browser - Adblock, KitKat Transparency, VPN, True Multi-tasking

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May 2, 2011
Stack crashes randomly after a few seconds when opening it after Javelin finished loading the site

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Yeap it does this quite often to me also in random sites.
Probably it has some ram problem, cause I notice it to draw a lot of ram before crashing.

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Jan 30, 2014
Issue: long press on image contained inside a link does not give option to save image. It treats it as a link.

Example. Google something. Click Images to search image. Select one of image result to expand it. You will not be able to save that image with long press menu. You have to click view image, if the image is still there on original page.



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Dec 4, 2011
As is with the app permissions, the app does register your email addresses to identify you as a user, and from time-to-time, you might receive a newsletter that you can opt-out anytime.

Great work OP, do you have a repo for this?

Also can we edit the adblock lists or its locked to easylist?
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May 2, 2011
Nice redesign at new version, but still can't open correct some links through other pages.
Just loads empty page and have to press reload to load it correctly.

Also Ram consumption is a disaster. It takes 300mb in a few moments with only 3 tabs open.

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Sep 25, 2014
Excellent browser. Been using it for a few weeks before I stumbled into the thread.

Question: the latest version changes how tabs are displayed, in a very nice UI, but gestures to switch between tabs are no longer enabled? Is that correct? I used that quite a bit previously.


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Oct 18, 2012
Download Problem

Don't know why but if I want to download file from this site (Dorimanx LG G2 Kernel)
It keep failure when started. I have to install other browser just to download kernel from this site.
Is that site use any function not supported yet or there's other reasons?
Otherwise, this browser works so well!


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Nov 9, 2010
I really miss tabs on top. They are so hidden now. So much browsing now just to get to a tab. I thought this browser was supposed to simplify things not make it harder to browse.

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    Hi guys,

    It is my opinion that mobile browsers on Android suck because most of them are focused on feature count over ACTUAL mobile usability -- With most mobile browsers to be just a desktop browser squeezed into a small screen.

    So I built Javelin Browser, extending from the very great code-base of Lightning Browser. Like Lightning Browser, Javelin is light-weight, and super-fast.

    But that is nowhere enough. To get the mobile part right, here’s what I did.

    • MINIMAL DESIGN to be minimalistic, intuitive, and beautiful.
    • ADDED ADBLOCK natively, using the implementation of Adblock Plus with Easylist.
    • ONE-TOUCH gesture per action
    • READ EASILY with a reading mode just like Pocket app, Instapaper, Readability, etc.

    Download now: Search for Javelin Browser on Google Play

    Official Website: JavelinBrowser.com

    My email address: [email protected]


    Click here for more images.

    This is an on-going project. As of April 2014, this is my second month into this. I’m commited to the Javelin project for at least the next 2 years. Let me know what you think!

    Next release:

    • Fully featured Omnibox (It'll resemble that more of Firefox rather than Chrome - The suggestions will will lean slightly towards web-history/bookmarks over than web-search)
    • Bookmarks.. Chrome Bookmarks import for one. (I personally want this)

    In the pipeline:

    * Javelin on Android Wear
    * Link Bubble: Oh man, I love the idea. But it is really just chatheads + preloading of URLs and showing an overlay of a webview. It lacks a full browser backend. So yes. I plan to implement some sort of Chathead + Preloading feature in the very near future.


    Addendum (full disclosure):

    - Javelin is a forked project of Lightning Browser, under Apache License 2.0. Here's the link to the repo: https://github.com/anthonycr/Lightning-Browser

    - As is with the app permissions, the app does register your email addresses to identify you as a user, and from time-to-time, you might receive a newsletter that you can opt-out anytime.
    Hi there,

    can anyone tell me what's the difference between Javelin Incognito Browser and Javelin Browser? They both seems to have same function, size, ...and lack of information on play store about it, isn't good as well.

    Also, I founf this under article of AndroidPolice...

    Any strong arguments against this?


    I really suggest developer to make a proper FAQ, because lack of information about this make me suspicious (and your short activity on XDA doesn't help... I mean, profile created march 2014... )

    A lot of these issues are actually addressed.

    Here's Javelin's privacy policy: http://javelinbrowser.com/privacy

    Here's my comment on my single silly mistake on sending a single newsletter which backfired:http://www.reddit.com/r/Android/com...he_web_with_javelin_stack_link_bubble/chmiay7

    Javelin is forked from Lightning Browser, no point rewriting an entire browser when I could take what is awesome and make it even better. That's the point of Open Source. If you go back afew pages, you can see Anthony posting here. He is the author of Lightning Browser, you can ask him what he thinks of this.

    I think I've come far enough to prove that I don't "steal code". I mean, I wrote the entire Stack code myself. That is not part of Lightning Browser. As is with AdBlock, Proxy, UI, and all the different optimizations that I've added to Lightning. Why does nobody accuse me of stealing code for these features?

    In fact, I've been running proxy services for Singapore and UK for more than a year now. See getgom.com / goawaycameron.co.uk .

    Besides, my name is clear and out. I'm Steven Goh from Singapore. Google my history.

    I have no idea why, but I'm constantly attacked by other browser devs. If you read the comment, it is _obvious_ that it is the dev of Frost Browser who is attacking me. Oh well. I can only continually prove my critics wrong by delivering a better product, again and again.

    And of course, your support.
    Hello everyone, I have just pushed out v3.2.0.

    In this release, the primary focus is on improving the reading mode by 10X, and I think it is achieved. Not just is the accuracy very much improved, but it also does images now :)

    The secondary focus was taking Stack a step further as a REAL browser. This is why in this release, you can do a whole lot more with links opened in Stack. Like download files, long press links, etc.

    Here's the changelog:

    - (NEW) Open tabs/bookmarks in Stack
    - (NEW) Reading mode in stack
    - (NEW) Reading mode now extract images
    - (NEW) Guide to gestures (in settings)
    - (NEW) Downloads in Stack
    - (NEW) Handle long press with links/images in Stack
    - (IMPROVEMENT) 10x improvement to Reading mode's accuracy
    - (IMPROVEMENT) Select text in Reading mode
    - (IMPROVEMENT) More gestures in Stack
    - (IMPROVEMENT) Sharing links will now share page title as subject
    - (IMPROVEMENT) Stack has now better memory/cpu management
    2.1.0 released!

    Ok I'll load up an emulator to test this :)

    I just spent the entire day overhauling the Reading mode. Now it works KICK-BUTT!

    Also fixed the bug where Adblock is being oversensitive and blocking some sites such as YouTube.

    And I just added immersive mode with transparent navigation bar and status bar (KITKAT only). And damn. It looks GREAT!

    I have quite a few more TODOs to complete, I hope to release something tonight or tomorrow!

    PS: I need 10 posts to post links and images. But be sure I'll do that once I reach my requisite post count :)
    PSS: You guys are great! Keep the feedback coming!
    PSSS: I love the pie control too, if you get what I mean :) It'll come.

    Just published a significant update (v2.1.0). Here's what's changed:

    - New icon!
    - Reading mode now 10X better! (Overhauled engine)
    - (KitKat) Transparent navigation/status bars with Immersion mode
    - Smarter AdBlock (Some sites like YouTube were previously not working very well on AdBlock, now they are working perfect)
    - Haptic feedback on long press events
    - Bookmark now scrolls properly
    - Plenty of bug/crash/tiny additions/fixes/etc

    It should be live in the store in 1 hour's time :)
    Version 3.0.8 published (Live in 1 hour's time). This is a bug-fix release.


    - Stack now detect incoming calls and will minimize browsers accordingly
    - Downloads will no longer close tabs
    - Rotating the phone will now properly hide/unhide Stackheads
    - Javelin in landscape now show layout properly


    - You can now open windows in background
    - You can now open links that open other apps
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