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[APP][2.1+][NO ROOT] Super Status Bar, beta16 published!

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Mar 11, 2011
when I put the background "select image with transparency" appears only half, please help, thanks :highfive:



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May 7, 2011
null signal icon

tnx for thisnice app
i have a problem and that is always my signal icons is null while i have signal i mean the indicator shows null. how to fix it?i'm using version!:rolleyes:

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    At last a bar and a custom notification panel to suit the user!
    And without losing features!

    Super Status Bar is the notification bar you always wanted.
    Not a Root? because there is no problem, Super Status Bar is here to change things!Customize your taskbar to the smallest detail!

    With Super Status Bar can change the position of the icons in the status bar, you can change your appearance, use the backgrounds that you like, download new themes each week, change the text fonts, simplify your status bar to a minimum expression or extend it until the unimaginable features, all to make your status bar to your liking and not liking the manufacturer.

    Choose from a large number of themes and also ... be the first to test the status bar ICE CREAM SANDWICH!

    You can see the notifications on the lock screen or even while you play!
    You only have to activate Accessibility options Android

    Now you can customize the notifications panel!

    You'll also have quick access to the most important system notifications without having to deploy the notification bar, with direct access included in the application, such as calls, sms's or gmail's

    And if this were not enough, you can enjoy the new notifications panel which add more features to the classic status bar, things like shortcuts to switch wi-fi, bluetooth, gps, mute and more.



    Beta 16:
    - Theme system ready
    - Added Amazon in-app purchase option
    - Better in-game notifications
    - Fixed status bar overlay error
    - Memory use optimization
    rev 0 fix 1:
    - Fixed crash when notification panel is dropped
    - Fixed non disappear in-game notifications
    - Fixed little crashes on font selection
    - Fixed little crashes on background selection
    - Fixed crashes on on certain notifications
    - Fixed 4G/WiMax compatibility
    rev 1:
    - New light menus and better user interface
    - Added system permissions for 4G/WiMax
    - Some downloadable theme adjustments
    rev 2:
    - Added new menu animations
    - Added widget for dismiss all notifications on statusbar
    - Added Korean translation (menus only)
    - Multi-line notifications on notification panel
    - Themes for toggles/switches ready
    - Themes for backgrounds ready
    - Fixed non disappear in-game notifications
    - Fixed “ghost” notifications
    - Fixed slow panel animation
    - Fixed crash when load external themes
    rev 3:
    - Added temperature element
    - Added HTML color editor
    - Added Super Status Bar users guide
    - Solved notification icon spacing without icon image
    - Fixed theme bottom bar background bug
    - Fixed battery text color bug
    - Fixed no data type crash
    - Fixed some minor bugs
    rev 4:
    - Added detection for ongoing notifications
    - Added battery charge animation
    - Solved (at last) MIUI battery bug
    - Some minor UI improvements
    - Some minor bugs fixed
    rev 5:
    - Added iLlusory™ background
    - Added some animations
    - Solved temperature position bug
    - Optimized memory use
    rev 6 fix 3:
    - Fixed carrier error on some themes
    - Fixed bluetooth image issue
    - Fixed sound image issue
    rev 6 fix 2:
    - Fixed minor issues
    rev 6 fix 1:
    - Huge memory optimization
    - Added transparent backgrounds for iLlusory™ mode
    + Fixed non carrier bug using downloadable themes
    rev 7:
    - Fixed weather temp. bug
    - Fixed carrier load bug
    - Fixed null service bug
    - Fixed battery menu exception
    - Fixed panel position error on drag
    - Fixed notification count bug
    - Fixed widget deletion error
    - Fixed custom font list error on some devices

    Beta 15:
    - MixMyBar with drag and drop
    - Custom carrier with images
    - Hide widget (premium option)
    - Panel disabled by default
    - Some stability fixes
    rev 3:
    - Working notifications on Jelly Bean
    - Removed keyboard notification
    - Solved notification dissmis without custom panel
    - In game notifications (fullscreen apps)
    - Notification group padding fixed
    - Some notifications filtered
    - Fixed notification time issue
    rev 2:
    - Panel enabled by default again
    - Re-added classic MixMyBar
    - Solved dropdown crash on < 4.0 devices
    rev 1:
    - Online changelog
    - Solved dropdown crash
    Beta 14:
    - All MixMyBar™ based system
    - Dramatic performance improvements
    - All redesigned application
    - New redesigned and boosted panel
    - New toogles and app icons
    - Added built-in weather prediction
    - Added 4x1 widget room
    - 'ICS like' dismiss notifications
    - Simplified menus
    - Fixed a lot of errors and crashes
    rev 1:
    - Better swype-to-dismiss
    - Date customization working
    - Fixed repeated notifications bug
    rev 2:
    - Updated french translation
    - Removed 'NA' weather
    - Fixed MixMyBar™ menu crash
    - Fixed notification bugs
    - Other minor bug fixes
    rev 3:
    - Better memory use
    - Fixed miuibar battery level
    - Fixed custom backgrounds crash
    - Fixed dropdown crash
    - Minor config fixes
    rev 4-1:
    - Notification icon fixed for ldpi
    - Fixed some bugs
    + More layout pre-sets
    rev 5:
    - Fixed panel dropdown crash
    - Fixed low res problems
    - Fixed super high res problems

    Beta 13:
    - Custom fonts (most of .otf and .ttf)
    - Panel localized
    - Better french translation
    - Fixed am/pm font error
    - Fixed signal data FC\'s
    - Solved MIUI bar flickering
    rev 1:
    - Brazilian portuguese translation
    - Fixed a lot of crashes
    rev 2:
    - Resizable toggles
    - New ICS on/off icon
    - Improved user backgrounds for panel
    - Fixed network type crash
    - Fixed out of memory crash
    rev 3-1:
    - Fixed 4G type
    - Fixed delay of wifi icon
    + Signal exception fix

    Beta 12:
    - Real auto-hide working!
    - Premium themes bug solved
    rev 3:
    - 4.0 (ICS) Compatibility
    rev 2:
    - Solved panel bar transparency bug for root
    - Fixed FC on signalChange
    - Fixed notification FC
    rev 1:
    - Added GPS icon
    - Re-enabled date feature
    - Fixed WiMax/4G signal type
    - Fixed some minor bugs

    Beta 11:
    - Real time components change
    - Optimized menus
    rev 1:
    - New app icon!!
    - Solved notification problem
    - Fixed notification counter position
    - Fixed non hide signal type
    - Fixed overlayed popup
    - Fixed 0000 bug
    - Fixed crash on boot
    - Few minor improvements
    rev 2:
    - More stable
    - Added MixMyBar™
    - Solved carrier edit issue
    - Added french translation
    - Fixed other minor issues
    rev 3:
    - Added custom AMPM color
    - Inproved french translation
    - Hide deployed panel using home key
    - Fixed percentage crash
    + Security patch

    Beta 10:
    - New notification panel
    - Added panel element option
    - Added more options for notification element
    - Added warnings for dummies
    - Removed E.E. mode
    - Fixed lot of bugs
    rev 1:
    - Fixed auto-hide issue
    rev 2:
    - Added custom carrier text
    - More fullscreen apps supported
    rev 3:
    - Classic layouts with notification icons
    - Added clock icon on status bar
    - Added individual notification background
    - 'Status bar started' filtered
    rev 4:
    - Solved notification FC
    - Solved panel background error
    rev 5:
    - Drastic reduction in RAM usage
    - Less use of the battery
    - Added clear toggle
    - Added data toggle
    - Added type HDSPA+
    rev 6:
    - Security patch
    rev 7:
    - Premium promotion
    rev 8:
    - Selectable toggles
    - Recent apps grid
    - Some notifications corrected
    rev 9:
    - Better auto-hide system
    - Fixed signal & signal type problems
    - More accurate battery info
    rev 10:
    - Added notification icons on all layouts
    - Layout by default: Classic
    - Recents tab hide option
    - AM/PM visible option
    - Battery percentage option
    - Bluetooth icon option
    - Optimized layouts
    - Few crashes fixed
    rev 11:
    - MIUI Battery type added
    - Vibrate/Silent icon added
    - Wifi icon problem solved
    - Non removable notifications issue solved
    - Backgrounds issue solved

    Beta 9 (rev3):
    - Added external notifications system
    - Better notification pop-up
    - Fixed auto-hide timming
    - Fixed notifications counter
    rev 1:
    - Added new external notifications
    - Added \'close\' icon
    - Clickable notifications
    - Fixed some notifications
    - Fixed null signal bug
    - Fixed 0 hour on 12h clock
    - More stable
    + Auto-hide patch
    rev 2:
    - Fixed problem with the image background selector (Default size 320x20)
    - Added battery percentage layout
    - Added new theme All Circles
    - Filtered some recurrent notifications
    rev 3:
    - Better support for notifications (listed and no recursive)
    - Support for notification panel custom backgrounds
    - Fixed few errors and crashes

    Beta 8 (rev4):
    - New option menus
    - Auto-hidde notifications
    - Added \'Ask me\' option
    - Some bugs fixed
    rev 1:
    - Added color picker
    - Added background solid colors
    - Added silent/vibrate icons (E.E.)
    - Optimized menus
    rev 2:
    - Auto-hide status bar using blacklist
    - Added Circle theme
    - Added Spanish language
    - Battery use optimized on >2.3.4
    - TouchWiz theme issue solved
    rev 3:
    - New theme implementation (internal)
    - Memory use optimized
    - Russian translation (by [email protected])
    - Solved time_tick FC
    - Some minor bugs fixed
    rev 4:
    - Added new theme Xarc (Xperia Arc)
    - Added new theme Mblur (MotoBlur)
    - Minor bug fixes

    Beta 7 (rev7):
    - Clock accurate improved
    - Optimized battery use
    - USB notification added
    - Headset notification added
    - Alarm notification added
    - ADB notification added
    - Icon power connected issue solved
    - Some bug fixes (including sms)
    rev 1:
    - New logo!
    - Fixed null alarm crash
    - Fixed wi-fi security exception
    - Fixed show notification bar crash on E.E
    - Fixed toggle bar background option crash
    - Fixed bug on Premium menu without ads
    - Fixed hidde bar crash
    - Fixed billing failure crash
    - Fixed swipe error on E.E mode
    rev 2:
    - Solved non hidde toggle bar issue
    - Fixed some usability issues
    - Added new layout "Classic inverted"
    - Fixed premium menu crash
    rev 3:
    - Added FREE theme: Cloudy by Kgill
    - Signal issue solved
    - Battery use optimized
    rev 4:
    - Added Ice Cream Sandwich theme
    - Solved date crash issue
    rev 5:
    - Added TouchWiz theme
    - Added GPS notification
    - Added Bluetooth notification
    - Added 15 soft font colors
    - Some ICS icons fixed
    - Fixed BillingService crash
    - Fixed toggle bar crash
    - Fixed wi-fi signal problem
    rev 6:
    - Added Red Gingerbread theme (FREE with Gingerbread theme)
    - Added License (EULA)
    - Fixed battery stretching
    rev 7:
    - Added Roboto font
    - Memory use optimized
    - EDGE type issue solved
    - Solved some purchase issues
    - Options menu speed improved

    6 Beta (rev2):
    - Transparent status bar on rooted devices (Experimental/not MIUI)
    - Bottom system bar to rooted tablets (Experimental)
    - Landscape mode for options menu
    - Added Optimus theme
    - Added theme preview
    - Few bug fixes
    rev 1:
    - Fix Advanced settings issue for no roots
    - Fix carrier layout problem
    rev 2:
    - Optimus theme fixed
    - Added WP7 Theme
    - FC on disable SSB fixed ¿?

    Beta 5 (rev4):
    - Added MIUI & Honeycomb themes (more coming)
    - Optimized image sizes
    - Optimized energy use
    - Added hide text notification option
    rev 1:
    - Fixed notification crash
    - Honeycomb battery fix
    rev 2:
    - MIUI Compatibility
    - Extended Experience (don't work with MIUI)
    rev 3:
    - Notifications working again
    - Some visuals corrected
    - Inproved help
    - Added Change log
    rev 4:
    - Background issue solved
    - Added Gingerbread theme

    Beta 4 (rev2):
    - Sms, lost calls & Gmail notifications
    - Default icons changed
    - Default background changed
    - Deafult toggles background changed
    - Added silent mode toggle
    - Inproved wifi signal strength
    - Preferences system changed
    - Customize toggle background option
    - More carrier customization
    - Other minor changes
    rev 1:
    -4G/LTE image issue solved
    -Few bug fixes
    rev 2:
    -Swipe right to left to hide status bar
    and swipe left to rigth to show again
    - Fixed bug: 12h = 00h
    - No Juice battery option

    Beta 3 (rev3):
    Options->advanced->enable switches
    -Wifi, bluetthot,gps,sync,air plane mode, brightness.
    -Airplane mode icon to statusbar
    -Touch down to open notification panel
    (touch up to close)
    -Date appear animation
    - Options speed optimized
    - 3 new fonts added
    - Carrier element added
    - Start on boot option
    - More bugs solved

    Beta 2:

    -New layout "Centered clock" 
    -Hidden icons
    -Clock format: 12h/24h
    -Select text color
    -Select text font
    -View date when status bar is open
    -Optimized layouts
    -Bug fixes

    Beta 1:
    -Customize background
    -Custom layout
    -Open & Close notification panel
    Dont work yet:
    -Notification counter
    -Custimizable icons

    Working... :)
    Twitter hashtag: #superstatusbar

    Donwload, Test & Report please:

    Gogle+ page:

    If someone were kind enough to design the app icons it would be very grateful.
    Also if you want, put icons and battery designs, coverage, wireless and text font in this thread.
    K, so i granted root access, then applied a semi transparent custom backgroud, the bar turned transparant but instead of the wallpaper showing under it, it's my original status bar. If that worked i would most def donate.

    Anyone know a fix, i really like the features and want to continue using this but i want transparency tooo. :\
    Sent from my SGH-T959V using XDA Premium App

    Help anyoneee?

    Sent from my SGH-T959V using XDA Premium App
    K, so i granted root access, then applied a semi transparent custom backgroud, the bar turned transparant but instead of the wallpaper showing under it, it's my original status bar. If that worked i would most def donate.

    Anyone know a fix, i really like the features and want to continue using this but i want transparency tooo. :\
    Sent from my SGH-T959V using XDA Premium App
    Just out of curioustity how many colours will be available?
    Please have yellow,red. and dark blue if possible :] Could you just confirm if they are free or cost money -?

    Not trying to rush you by the way just need to now

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    Oh yeah here's a example what I personally, Or maybe others want


    Original & Red, red its free with Original gingerbread purchase (aka: 2x1 :D)

    Now on Android Market
    -New layout "Centered clock"
    -Hidden icons
    -Clock format: 12h/24h
    -Select text color
    -Select text font
    -View date when status bar is open
    -Optimized layouts
    -Bug fixes