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[APP] [2.1+] SMS Sounds - Lightweight Add-on to Stock Messaging App - Set text tones!

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Aug 16, 2011
This app is in its early stages as is the developer! Please let me know if you encounter any issues.

SMS Sounds

Set custom ringtones for each of your contacts when you receive SMS text messages! This app will not bloat your phone as it should be used in addition to the default messaging software on your phone.

You can setup every contact with their own ring so you know when to leave the phone on the couch and not reply to them for an hour. Or, you will know when to look at your phone immediately as your curiosity gets aroused as you’ve been waiting for their text.

There are three selections in SMS Sounds. First, you’ll have to add a ringtone to each of your contacts. Next, you can edit them at any time (be sure to click save before exiting the screen). And third, view them all in one complete list.

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] with any bugs or issues that will be fixed as though we are getting paid by the hour. Or send us feature requests that may never be added.


Q: Why does the ringtone keep playing until I answer it?

A: Some ringtone files are set to loop endlessly. You can check this when you are in the ringtone picker. Select a tone and if it continues to ring over and over, it will also loop when you receive an SMS. The best thing for you to do is create or pirate your own .wav or .mp3 files that do not loop and set them as the tones.

Q: Why do I get two notifications for every SMS text I receive?

A: This common problem occurs when you either have a default notification still set or you are using another messaging application that has its own notification tone. To remove the default notification, go to Settings > Sound > Notification ringtone > Silent. Don’t ask me how to shut them off for other custom applications, I didn’t develop them and I certainly don’t recommend them!

Q: Why am I not able to see all my ringtones (internal or external)?

A: SMS messages are handled via notifications. Your sound files (ex: .ogg, .wav, .mp3, etc) have to be within a folder labeled “notifications” to be recognized by the application. Move or copy your ringtones into the “notifications” folder. This isn’t my rule; I have to live by it just like you. TIP: Notifications should not be an entire song unless you want to hear the whole song each time someone sends a message. We suggest you create a shorter file of approximately 2 to 5 seconds for notifications. For example, don’t setup Freebird as a tone.

Q: Why do the notifications quit working?

A: If you use applications that require high resources/memory, the operating system can shut down the application causing it to stop working. Re-open the application and toggle the “Tones Enabled?” checkbox to off and then back to on to continue hearing the wonderful sounds of your incoming messages.

Q: I setup a contact but the phone doesn’t ring when they send me a text.

A: That isn’t a question. We’d start by checking the list of contacts in the view screen to make sure the phone number matches the number received by your messaging application. If they do not match exactly, the phone will not sound off. You’ll need to edit the contact information in the phone’s address book. Then go back into the ringtone setup in SMS Sounds and select a tone for the new entry.

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