[APP][2.1+] Stay Alive! Keep screen awake - New version with Black Screen


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Feb 8, 2008
Stay Alive! Keep screen awake - New version with Black Screen

Selected Stay Alive! to keep their HP Slate on!​

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Watch the YouTube review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgboDlEObzE

Join our Google+ community for the latest Stay Alive! news: https://plus.google.com/communities/103504696247906095281

Play Store Link:

Or download the attachement.

Thank you for trying my application! Your comments are welcome!


Make your device screen Stay Alive! when you need it.

Keep your screen on when your device is running your GPS application, favorite remote control, playing a movie or slideshow, etc... Perfect to keep your screen on without dimming for application development. Your screen will never go back to sleep until you want it to...

Choose when you want your device to Stay Alive!:

• Only when you have power.
• Even if you are running on batteries.
• When one of the applications you selected is in foreground.
• Can be disabled when you connect to your car or desktop docking station.
• Prevent or allow Stay Alive! to dim your screen when active.
• Protect your battery with minimum battery level auto pause option.
• Easily pause Stay Alive! when not needed.

Easy status icon and mode changes in the notification zone.

Stay Alive! will automatically disable itself then you manually turn off your device. It won't keep your screen on if your device wakes up when it receives a notification.

Stay Alive! will not change your display timeout value or brightness settings. It will prevent your device from going to sleep based on your needs.

We made this application Ad Free. Please, support this initiative by
donating using the menu option in the application.

Please use our email address for support or feature requests, as comments on Play Store don't allow me to gather enough information or contact you.

Contact Us:
[email protected]

GET_TASKS - Needed to list applications you want to keep alive.
READ_PHONE_STATE - Needed to disable Stay Alive! if the device is off.
WAKE_LOCK - Needed to keep the device Alive!
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Needed to write the user configuration.
READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Needed to read the user configuration.
BILLING - Needed for the donation option!
RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - Needed to auto start Stay Alive! on boot

What's new:

Version Available!
• BETA: Added requested donator option to show a black screen for selected apps to prevent locking
• NEW: Added free option to SA! except for selected apps
• NEW: Added user configuration to the support email
• Fix battery usage problem
• Fix screen orientation detection
• Fix service getting killed with heavy memory usage
• Changed the modes descriptions to a clearer definition for new users
• Added app helper messages to help you select the right app


• Added Holo light and dark themes
• Fixed notification icon hidden on startup
• Fixed notification refresh
• Bug fixes and improvements

Version Available!

Fix selected apps bug introduced in last release
Please upgrade if your are running

Version Available!

Added FAQ section
Added donator option to keep screen Alive! when locked and powered
Added icons to main menu
Fix status bar icon refresh

Version Available!

Fix: Fix notification background transparency for XBlast Tools - Xposed module

Version Available!

Fix: Fix reboot licence caching
Fix: Remove unneeded premissions (INTERNET & VIBRATE)
New: Added link to 'Auto Exec! Easy Tasker' new application!
New: Added donation rebate for Auto Exec! donators

Version Available!

New: Improved proximity sensor detection

Update is recommended for a better proximity sensor support on your device.[/SIZE]

Fix: Notification status refresh


New options for free and Donators:

New: Added Free Options! section
New: Show basic notification to hide quick icons.
Update: Moved Auto Pause option to free section.

New: Auto pause with proximity sensor.
New: Always keep screen Alive! on AC/USB even when Keep screen Alive! for selected apps is active.

Fix: Selected app counter.
Fix: Updated GUI section look.


New: Applications selection helper!
New: Applications list can be filtered and includes all user and system apps.
Fix: Bug fixes that should resolve application crash.

Consult in app What's new message for more information


License now detected properly. Install update, reboot. It may take some time before license is detected. Contact me if it does not work after 1 hour.

Thank you for your support and patience!


Stay Alive just got better for donators! Cool new options to thank the donators!

1. Auto start on boot
2. Hide top bar icon
3. Hide notification icons
4. Change config colors!
Minor bug fixes to start screen, etc...


Fix: Stay Alive! will now keep the screen alive for your selected apps when your device is turned on with no keyguard.


Fix: Notification light problem.
Fix: Notification label shorten for smaller resolution display.


NEW! Stay Alive! notification buttons allows you to quickly see and change the power operation mode. Try it!


♦ Added «Auto Pause» option. Now Stay Alive! will protect your battery if you leave your device unattended with the screen on.

- Thank you for supporting our AD FREE, full featured, no premium, donationware application.

- Your 5 stars rating helps me a lot! If you like the application, your donation is welcome!


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Nov 4, 2007
This looks like everything screebl is missing. If you would incorporate a system similar to screebl's I think you'll have a real winner.

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Feb 8, 2008
This looks like everything screebl is missing. If you would incorporate a system similar to screebl's I think you'll have a real winner.

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I will look into this screebl application and get back to you. :good:

Right now I'm working on adding buttons to the notification item to allow you to quickly change Stay Alive! mode directly in the notification zone.

Let me know if it works well for your device!
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Feb 8, 2008
New Version


NEW! Stay Alive! notification buttons allows you to quickly see and change the power operation mode.

Try it and give me your feedback!
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Apr 30, 2010
Manassas, VA
Hi abudgx,

Stay Alive looks quite useful. Would you consider posting a direct download for the APK so that people living in regions without Play Store access can also enjoy your app?


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Apr 15, 2012
Thanks for this!
Trying out as the configuring possibilities are so flexible. I particularly like the option to keep the screen on and not dim, and to keep it on only in selected applications. Any chance it could do both? That is, have the option not to dim at a per application level?

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Feb 8, 2008
Good job! Waiting for this for so many years. Currently using Widget Soid (just for 'screen on' widget only!). Now i can get rid off the widget. Thank you!
Yeah, I like widgets but for this type of application I find it's more useful to just drop the notification zone and change the settings while you are in an application. Otherwise you have to switch from your application to the launcher to access the widget and go back to your application...

Happy it is useful for you. Take a second to give my app a good rating on Google Play!



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Feb 8, 2008
neat idea. i normally use something else.. but -- it has no icon? just stays in the notification bar?
It is a tool that reside in your notification area. You can access it's configuration panel by selecting the entry in the notification area.

This way it's always accessible and configurable when you are in other applications.

The top bar will also who you the status of the tool.

Let me know if you need more help, and please take 2 seconds to give me a good rating on google play.