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[APP][2.1+]Ubuntu touch lockscreen [BETA - Launcher integration]

Are you using this app with OS version 4.3?

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Senior Member
Dec 11, 2014
Galaxy Y Duos
Moto Z Play
Its ok, you don't need to use the launcher. If you install it again don't enable the root option. That option is to hide your navigation and notification bar

I just mentioned that with the launcher so that you shouldn't think that the launcher made the statusbar disappear.

A bug in launcher: I can't scroll in the apps list/icons so I am just seeing the first 6 apps.

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Feb 2, 2013
New York
Thought about it, but google killed the security feature now tgat you can expand your status bar. Best option is to enable your system security on your device settings. So when you unlock the ubuntu lockscreen you will need to put your pin, password, patter, etc.

That's pointless.... Then I have 2 lockscreens. CM Locker and C-Locker both have it implemented...


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Dec 11, 2014
Galaxy Y Duos
Moto Z Play
Did you expand the list? You have to click the title of the list so that you can ser all your apps.

No, didn't notice that.

Some apps are duplicate, see attached screenshot.
When I click on an app the launcher force closes.

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Dec 11, 2014
Galaxy Y Duos
Moto Z Play
I have tocheck the layout for small screens. Thanks for the report. NOTE if those bugs bothers you, you can just uste the lockscreen.

I don't know why but there are no duplicates or crashes anymore :)

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Suggestion: when you long press, you should only be able to delete user apps, not system apps. (Launcher)

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Jul 15, 2015
there bugs ubuntu lock screen

Ubuntu locksreen. dev team
There some bug to. my device zenfone 4.
1 Musik. key & music home empty.
2. Videos empty.
3. cant detect rooted device with supersu.

sorry for my bad english knowledge


Senior Member
Nov 14, 2015
Really nice but on aicp 10.1 it doesnt respond to any touches, I had to quickly startup and delte the app before it went to the apps lockscreen

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    Ubuntu touch lockscreen for Android

    The Ubuntu lockscreen is the first Ubuntu Touch OS lock screen for Android. Its easy to use and it have the elegance and innovate style from Ubuntu Touch OS. It also have many settings that can be changed, from animations to colors. Although its still on beta stages it stable enough to use it every day!

    Its the perfect app for those who like Ubuntu and/or like to try new and unique apps.

    It include features like:
    All notifications can be shown, just enable the Accessibility Service and set it up.
    Password security (More unique security types to come)
    Locking timer
    Easy to use music buttons

    Available in:
    16 different languages.



    Do you like my work? Please support me by donating with PayPal

    PLEASE DON'T MAKE COPY OF THE APP AND POST IT SOMEWHERE ELSE! If you are going to share it, feel free to do it. Just direct them here to download the app (It will make it easier to know the bugs, error and/or requests)

    Special Thanks
    crazyfool_1 - Making Accessibility service to work
    Javier - Catalan translation
    Ika - Chinese translation
    coolnessQ - Dutch translation
    - French translation
    - German translation
    - Greek translation
    - Hebrew translation
    Many users - Italian translation
    Etc Session - Indonesian translation
    popthosegaskets - Japanese translation
    - Korean translation
    BlackLie - Polish translation
    eduds - Portuguese translation
    Marius - Romanian translation
    Sp4x - Swedish translation
    Hajtrak - Slovak translation
    LegendM - Turkish translation​
    This version have two new languages: Greek and Hebrew. Also it have many bug fixes. It have two new options. One to disable the call dialog and other one to disable the PIN haptic feedback. ALso it have big code optimization. The RAM usage should decrease now.
    Many bug fixes, including the screen timer fix. Fixed a bug with the translation section, also fixed the bug of the selected language not being saved when the device is rebooted. Added a new Language: Japanese.
    Many bug fixes. Added an option to change app laungage. Fixed a bug with the translation section.
    Fixed crash with selecting HUD apps, also fixed bug that makes the screen go off every second while in the lockscreen.
    [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"]V 2.2.0[/SIZE][/COLOR]
    Many bug fixes, better performance. HUD 100% functional. Two new checkboxes to allow lockscreen rotation and/or landscape mode only. New in lockscreen call dialog will let you answer, end call and enable.disable speaker while your device is locked.
    [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"]V 2.1.0[/SIZE][/COLOR]
    3 new languages added, many bug fixes, new PIN security added, many crash fixed, swipe area to unlock increased.
    Forced update to fix bug that's preventing the app to unlock.
    [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"]V 1.2.1[/SIZE][/COLOR]
    3 new languages added. Fixed Accessibility Service errors, now it should be working at 100%. Reduced password to 4 characters. Many bugs fixed. Included option to not lock the device while a call is in progress. Notifications won't open the app if a security is set. Recent apps shouldn't open when a security is set.
    [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"]V 1.2.0[/SIZE][/COLOR]
    Big update finished, Accessibility Service at %75 working condition, so now is time to public this to get real testers. Fixed off center bug, fixed owner info removal bug. Notifications from the entire device should be working now. Fixed the lock screen not appearing sometimes. Also now the lockscreen should work faster.
    [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"]V 1.1.0[/SIZE][/COLOR]
    Password bug fixed. Loading included when selecting SMS and Phone app. Starting to fix code for incoming
    Accessibility service (you will get notifications from all your apps!). Main bugs fixed, that's why I need to push this update.
    [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"]V 1.0.0[/SIZE][/COLOR]
    Owner info added to password and main screen. Fixed bug with new SMS appearing after reading them.
    [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"]V 0.1.0[/SIZE][/COLOR]
    Added an option to select your preferred SMS and Phone apps to open when a notification is clicked. Beta stage for security password.
    [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"]V 0.0.4[/SIZE][/COLOR]
    Locking timer after screen goes off 0.15 secs. Option to open or not the app when clicked the new SMS and missed call notifications. Home screen background appears when unlocking. Fixed some bugs.
    [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"]V 0.0.3[/SIZE][/COLOR]
    Included media buttons animation settings. Included media song information. Added fake layer to prevent scroll to left.
    Removed the app from recent. Added Turkish and Spanish translation.
    [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"]V 0.0.2[/SIZE][/COLOR]
    Hopefully memory sucker removed (phewww :))
    [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"]V 0.0.1[/SIZE][/COLOR]
    Initial Release
    Some cherry picks about incoming update. Many bug fixed, now you will have an option to let the app lock your device while a call is in progress, password reduced to 4 characters, overall improvement for the app. You guys wanted shortcuts? well you have them, but now you can have them all around your device! I will let the screenshots talk.


    Of course you will decide what app you want and in what order you want them. :highfive:
    Because you asked for it:



    Coming in next update ;)
    **how to report a bug or error**

    just say what happened, how happened and what's your current settings. Include log cat and screenshot. Feel free to pm me if you don't want to post it here.

    if you want to translate to any new language or edit any language download this file: strings

    1. don't delete the lines that are between <!-- and -->
    <!-- sms count -->
    because this help me reading where it can have any error.

    2. only translate the value of the string
    <string name="app_name">ubuntu lockscreen</string>
    there you only have to edit what is between > and </string> in this example is ubuntu lockscreen.

    3. editing string-array is the same
    <string-array name="action_entries">
    <item>ubuntu stock</item>
    <item>ubuntu green</item>
    <item>ubuntu red</item>
    <item>ubuntu white</item>
    <item>ubuntu black</item>
    <item>ubuntu blue</item>
    <item>ubuntu random</item>

    only translate what is between <item> and </item>

    4. when you have finished translating email the translated file to: [email protected] the title for the mail will be: Ubuntu lockscreen translation. Also remember to include the language name.

    To: [email protected]
    from: [email protected]

    title: Ubuntu lockscreen
    message: Hello attached is the translation to spanish.

    5. also keep in mind that when i have added new strings i will be contacting you so you can translate the new strings.