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Aug 21, 2008
Please refer to the OP regarding instructions for taking a proper dump.
You got more than 1h sot.
After posting a proper dump, I'm sure some proper analysis will be on its way 👍🏼

And regarding that VK wakelock. Is that somehow connected to the app "Kate Mobile for VK"?
Oh sorry I searched for these instructions and failed miserably. Got them now.
I do not have the app Kate mobile
I'd to zip my dumps because for whatever reason XDA didn't allow me to upload the txt-files directly. But this already occured in the past. I'm going to inform the admins.
This post is only meant to test if I'm meanwhile able to upload idle dumps without prior zipping.
These are the latest two dumps I took; an analysis is not required as I'm very happy with my 0.3%/h respectively 0.4%/h drainages.

It's weird, and I've to look deeper into any differences. The upload worked only with one file, and I'd to zip the other one.


  • BetterBatteryStats-2021-10-09_065431377.txt
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  • BetterBatteryStats-2021-10-13_064258274.zip
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Oct 16, 2014
i am continuing to get the following error message (see attached picture). any thoughts on how to fix? much thanks in advance. device is samsung tab s6 with most recent android 11 update and one ui 3.1


  • Screenshot_20211017-115143.jpg
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Sep 22, 2012
Xiaomi Poco F3
Hey guys this is my log. My phone is awake nearly the same time as screen on. Fully charged and didnt touch it for 9 hours. Then used it a bit and the log attached to the zip. Btw if you check mi fit app ( mi band ) ignore it as the battery life was the same without it before. Thank you


  • BetterBatteryStats-2021-10-19_154200541.zip
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Hey guys this is my log. My phone is awake nearly the same time as screen on. Fully charged and didnt touch it for 9 hours. Then used it a bit and the log attached to the zip. Btw if you check mi fit app ( mi band ) ignore it as the battery life was the same without it before. Thank you
Your log isn't usable for an analysis as it is not an idle log. Your screen-on-time (SOT) is 1h 3' 58"! Please provide an idle dump with less than one minute SOT.
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Sep 22, 2012
Xiaomi Poco F3
Fine. Let me know if you're unsure about the procedure then I provide my best practise. Just a few posts above, I've posted my latest idle dumps if you're interested for comparison.
Im kinda happy with my battery life ( even though it changes daily xd) but the most i got out of the F3 is 9hr SOT over 2 days usage. Now it is like worse imo. Same settings same usage and sometimes it goes from 98-91 in like minutes and then it stays os 90 for 30 min gaming. Also i check your post that u mentioned and i saw u have 1hr awake time and still 3% overnight. Thats what i want to adress. Phone awake during screen off eceb though i have set to close all apps after 5 min screen lock
Im kinda happy with my battery life ( even though it changes daily xd) but the most i got out of the F3 is 9hr SOT over 2 days usage. Now it is like worse imo. Same settings same usage and sometimes it goes from 98-91 in like minutes and then it stays os 90 for 30 min gaming. Also i check your post that u mentioned and i saw u have 1hr awake time and still 3% overnight. Thats what i want to adress. Phone awake during screen off eceb though i have set to close all apps after 5 min screen lock
Affirmative, my usual idle drainage is between 0.3%/hour and 0.5%/hour, and I know already for me it really depends on the quality of the mobile signal. We live in a rural area where you can't depend on too many towers but the drainage is very fine. However, just from a very quick glance into your dump you can't most likely compare our systems as mine is Google-free, running with microG, no Whatsapp, FB, Twitter etc. but alternative and privacy findly social media and messenger, no smartwatch, no "health" tracker etc.
And SOT too much depends on personal usage and preferences and can't be compared in my opinion at all.


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May 13, 2014
BBS doesn't show any stat at all. Just keeps loading. Ran the command already. Status and permissions are fine. Keeping BBS running drains a lot of battery and heats the device up very badly. FCing it fixes the drain and heating. Other apps (can I name Them?) pointed out that BBS was indeed draining the battery (very badly). Should I get logs for it? From in-app or using a log app?


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Sep 22, 2012
Xiaomi Poco F3
Affirmative, my usual idle drainage is between 0.3%/hour and 0.5%/hour, and I know already for me it really depends on the quality of the mobile signal. We live in a rural area where you can't depend on too many towers but the drainage is very fine. However, just from a very quick glance into your dump you can't most likely compare our systems as mine is Google-free, running with microG, no Whatsapp, FB, Twitter etc. but alternative and privacy findly social media and messenger, no smartwatch, no "health" tracker etc.
And SOT too much depends on personal usage and preferences and can't be compared in my opinion at all.
I tried it again and of course bbs gets corrupted. It showes gibberish numbers as i doesnt recognized unplugged or charged. Now it is stucked since the charge before this one. I will have to uninstall and try again.


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Oct 16, 2014
i am continuing to get the following error message (see attached picture). any thoughts on how to fix? much thanks in advance. device is samsung tab s6 with most recent android 11 update and one ui 3.1
hi all. so i installed an earlier version of bbs onto the aforementioned device and bbs works well.

however on my pixel 3xl (not rooted, android 12), no version seems to work. constantly get a "no stats have been collected yet" message on the summary screen. am i the only one w/ this problem?

much thanks in advance for any help :)
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Nov 13, 2010
Google Pixel 3
Google Pixel 4 XL
hi all. so i installed an earlier version of bbs onto the aforementioned device and bbs works well.

however on my pixel 3xl (not rooted, android 12), no version seems to work. constantly get a "no stats have been collected yet" message on the summary screen. am i the only one w/ this problem?

much thanks in advance for any help :)
Same here. I had 2.5-341 working till yesterday. Then I updated to Android 12, and today I started to get that "no stats have been collected yet"... I've upgraded to last 2.6-382... same thing.

All permissions OK.


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Oct 16, 2014
Same here. I had 2.5-341 working till yesterday. Then I updated to Android 12, and today I started to get that "no stats have been collected yet"... I've upgraded to last 2.6-382... same thing.

All permissions OK.

i installed the latest bbs version as well as earlier versions... continue getting the same issue on android 12 as well as android 11
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Oct 16, 2014
try this adb command:
adb shell settings put global hidden_api_policy 1
that command did not work

i entered that command before entering the permissions commands required for a non-rooted phone

i used the latest bbs version in the link in the 2nd message of this thread

see attached screenshots for the messages that i am seeing


  • Screenshot_20211020-132458.png
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  • Screenshot_20211020-132309.png
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Nov 13, 2010
Google Pixel 3
Google Pixel 4 XL
Also tried that adb command... Same result as @peterlee928. Seems that BBS + Android 12 doesn't like each other. :)

EDIT: last 2.6-382 version is working in Android 12 with that addition adb command. The only stat I can't see is Kernel Wakelocks and Sensors. Android 12 stock non-rooted in a Pixel 4 XL.
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Sep 22, 2012
Xiaomi Poco F3
Here are new logs with 13s SOT. Mi fit doesnt drain my battery, especially during the day(sleep tracker) and before i started using it i had the same idle problem. I can use the phone like 2 hours and the battery goes down the drain when not using. Idk what is wrong

Edit: forgot both files and battery percentage is 95-90. 5% drop


  • logcat-2021-10-21_085037112.txt
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    Hey hey,

    I did two more dumps and they are attached to this post.
    • Dump #1 was during the night and my screen was woken by a telegram msg. So I instantly created a dump then.
    • Dump #2 was right after Dump #1 from ~08:00AM to 12:30AM.
    It is really weird because on both dumps I have high deep sleep states. So deep sleep actually seems to work.

    Could it be that it just takes a longer time on my phone than it normally should to get my phone into deep sleep after the screen is off?
    Because during a work day I end up with several short usages of my phone that cause wakeups (call, whatsapp, mail, putting it into my pocket or from my pocket onto the table). If I need like 5-10 minutes to get into deep sleep after screen off, then this could accumulate over a high non-deep-sleep state during the day?

    Otherwise I have no idea what is causing my only 60% deep sleep during a work day.

    Oh and I force stopped "Alarmdroid" and will probably use the stock clock app. Alarmdroid wasn't updates since 1 year and I actually only use it because I like its widget.

    Thanks again!
    Your first dump:

    Drain is reasonable. Mobile signal is also ok but not very good (bad signal drains a lot).

    The system took upwards of 15 minutes to quieten all the apps, finish the background work to get to sleep. The shorter this duration, the better it is for the battery.

    eu.faircode.email (): Wakeups: 31 (4.7 / h)
    Again, your email was causing wakeups.

    Location/scanning also consumed some battery.

    I don't think anything else behaved badly.

    The second:

    Almost a shorter version of the first one, considering the lesser duration.

    Regarding in use drain, there are too many variables. Most of the time it will be the screen and partial wakelocks which are necessary for the proper functioning of the phone. Too many short usages will definitely affect the drain since every time the phone has to get back to sleep. And if your mobile signal is not very good during travel and at the office, that will cause a lot of drain.

    Reduction of drain depends on usage patterns. Everyone can not achieve the same since usage varies. So try to get the best for your scenario and don't worry too much about the drain.
    Again, your email was causing wakeups.
    I'm using FairEmail for years, and I have never experienced any negative effects on battery respectively battery drain.
    eu.faircode.email (): Wakeups: 68 (7,6 / h)
      Alarms: 36, Intent: poll
      Alarms: 21, Intent: keepalive:1
      Alarms: 9, Intent: watchdog
      Alarms: 2, Intent: alarm
    Above numbers are from a "0.3%/h" idle dump. The dump is available in this post.
    In regards to that, I guess that my stats from the several dupmps I made are normal then?
    I'm sorry I didn't look at your dumps, and I think it's not necessary because @TNSMANI did that, commented well, and he's the real expert; much better than I am.
    I just wanted to share my experience that I didn't observe any negative impacts by FairEmail over years. However, it's certainly advisable to look into FairEmails really multiple settings as some of them can increase battery drain but Marcel (aka M66B) indicated those well and just assess if you need to have those enabled/activated.
    Is there any way to figure out what takes the system 15 minutes to quieten all apps and to shorten that duration? Because 15 minutes seems like a lot and at work I will most definitely use my phone every 15 minutes. This means it won't be even able to quieten all apps at all.
    I don't know. Usually it is the apps and the system that work in the background and if either of them is badly coded, it takes time to complete its job or it refuses to go to sleep. If you are prepared to invest time on this, you may uninstall all the third party apps and reinstall them one by one, constantly checking which one when installed takes a longer time to settle.

    since I am on WiFi, my phone won't rly on any of my 2 SIMs for data. Meaning it only needs to care for signal strength in regards to phone calls.
    There you are wrong. It is not mobile data I am talking about, it is the signal itself (for calls or data). The constant search for signal, switching to a better cell, staying connected etc consume battery. That is why the answer below is important.

    Would it make sense to manually switch to 3G on both SIMs when on WiFi (e.g. with Tasker)?
    Definitely yes since 3G signal consumes lesser battery. If you have 2G, it is even better. 4G consumes more battery even when the signal is excellent when compared to the other two (improvements in technology always come with a cost).

    It is also weird that I even have bad signal.. but I guess it won't be due to a hardware (SIM) fault?
    Rarely. Do you have constant full bars in the indicator? If you have full bars for atleast the majority of the time, the drain will be less.

    Regarding location: Generally location is enabled system wide but no app should be using it frequently.
    Can you see an app in the dump that uses it frequently or do you mean you would recommend to disable location system wide whenever not in use?
    It is always advisable to enable Location only when required if you are particular about drain. I did not find any specific app using it frequently but it being enabled constantly will definitely affect the drain rate irrespective of any app using it or not.

    I guess this is normal? It has to check frequently with the servers? I use two accounts in fairmail.
    Yes, the checking is normal but can't you reduce the frequency of the checks? Ofcourse it depends on your requirements. If you are not particular about having the mails instantly, reduce the frequency. And I don't think that you need it to check during the night when you sleep.

    Once again, it all depends on what you want from your phone and what you are prepared to sacrifice.
    Can someone explain what these stats that I have marked with red rectangle mean? I have looked at Help section, but it doesn't explain it anywhere.

    AFAIK, there are three screen stats recorded in BBS:
    Screen dimmed
    Screen light
    Screen dark
    May be even bright too.

    I am not sure which settings of the screen show up like this ie. exactly at what position of the brightness slider it is recorded as dimmed or light or dark. But dark means a lower setting than dimmed and dimmed means a lower setting than light.

    The stats marked by you mean that the entire time the screen was on viz. 1 hour 10 minutes and 51 seconds, the screen was at the dark setting. The percentage shows the amount of battery drain that happened due to the screen setting. 5.6% is the actual drain which is rounded off to 6%.

    The brighter the screen, the more is the battery drain.
    Not talking from specific special knowledge. However, I note that my phone goes (extra) dim for a few seconds before the screen switches off. the states I have seen are Dark, Dim, Medium, Light & Bright.

    Also (which may actually contradict what I guess above ;)), my app TeMeFI can extract the screen brightness from the battery stats and draw it graphically. You can find the graph in the menu under:
    Currently Running>Battery>Battery History Extras>Battery History Extras>AUTO-WIDTHx2>Graph Of Mapped Values [MAP]>No aggregation>Screen Brightness [BRIGHTNESS] Map
  • 5456
    I started BetterBatteryStats because I was missing the great battery history that Spare Parts allowed to call on Froyo. It has been a long journey since the first version. BetterBatteryStats provides an insight in following categories:
    - General "other stats "overview: Awake, Deep Sleep, Screen On, Phone On, Wifi On, Wifi Running ratios
    - Kernel Wakelocks
    - Partial wakelocks
    - Alarms/Wakeups
    - CPU States
    - Network stats
    - Process stats with User and System CPU time

    Use so called references BetterBatteryStats shows data for different samples over time:
    - since boot
    - since unplugged
    - since charged
    - since screen off
    - custom references
    - any combination of the above (e.g. from screen off to screen on)

    BetterBatteryStats is calling the "batteryinfo" service of Android to retrieve data already lying there without generating overhead. Since Kitkat Google has revoked the permission for normal apps to access these stats (without valid reasons IMHO). You can read more about that here.

    Fortunately and thanks to @Looki75 there is a way to work around the restrictions intruduced by google in Kitkat and run BBS on non-rooted devices. Please see here for more details.

    BetterBatteryStats has been tested on Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb (3.1, thanks to daveid), ICS, JB, Kitkat and Lollipop on different ROMs and Kernels.

    What are wakelocks and why should you care about them?
    When it comes to Android the most discussed and commented topic that I know is battery drain / battery life. I'm a quite heavy user because I spend a lot of time on the train every day reading my mails, surfing and listening to music but still my phone is off for a long time during the day and while I accept the battery being drained while I use the phone I care about it draining slowly while "doing nothing".

    Wakelocks or to be more precise partial wakelocks is a pattern than helps devs to make sure that important pieces of their code do not get interrupted. Wakelocks are not bad per se, they are a tool. There are many poor implementations that make use of wakelocks and BBS helps making that transparent.
    Caution: do not use and wakelock supressor tools. They will cause an erratic behavior of your phone, causing more harm than good.

    Basically the phone has (simplified, kernel devs don't shoot) three states:
    1. awake with screen on
    2. awake
    3. sleeping (that's you phone favorite state)

    The transitions are from (1) to (2) and finally from (2) to (3). Now as long as you use your phone it's in (1) and does not leave that state as long as you keep using it interactively. If you stop using it the phone is aiming to go to (3) as fast as possible.
    And here's where wakelocks are important: as our phones as smartphones they tend to do background processing. Some of this processing is important like e.g. making a phone call, listening to music or synchronizing your contacts.
    As the phone wants to go from (2) to (3) and on the other hand you don't want to hang up while you are in a call the app keeps hold of a wakelock to prevent that transisiton. When you hang up the partial wakelock gets release and here we go (the phone goes to sleep).

    So partial wakelocks is a tool and it's not something that we should forbid for obvious reasons. Now there are cases when the design on an app is not real life proven (conditions of poor of no converage) and the wakelocks have negative effects because they are held unnecessarily or for too long.
    BetterBatteryStats identifies these wakelocks and using your expertise or the once from our users here you can understand what happens and find a strategy to change that for the better.

    And what about wakeups?
    Wakeups (alarms) is a pattern to be used when an application should to something after a certain period of time (or at a certain time). Again, an alarm is a tool and is nothing.
    On the other hand there are a lot of poor implementations that BBS can help you discover:
    - alarms waking up the device when all the app should do is refresh the screen: in such cases the app uses the wrong type of alarm, there are alarms that are specifically to be used only when the screen is on
    - to frequent alarms: in case of e.g. poor network conditions some apps may use alarms to repeat failed network operations. Doing this too often will cause too many wakeups (and wakelocks for doing the handling)
    - apps that wake up your device when you did not expect any activity while screen is off: you can use the info provided by BBS to contact the dev about such issues

    Try it yourself

    If you need help
    Always add the whole context when asking for help. Most of the times a dumpfile is helpful, sometimes screenshots showing your observations may help as well.

    Before posting a dump please make sure that the references for kernel wakelocks and alarms were processed correctly. Reading a dump takes a few minutes and it would be great if you could not waste the time of whomever studies it, aiming at helping you.
    Generally a dump "since unplugged" is better than "since charged". When you start your analysis make sure to follow following procedure:
    - enable watchdog processing in BBS settings
    - verify from/to references is checked under custom views
    - full charge device then let it run down to ~95%
    - put device to sleep for at least 6 hours (no touchy!)
    - wake device and launch BBS
    - adjust from/to references to 'screen off' and 'screen on'
    - save dumpfile from share menu
    - post resulting log to this thread (or provide cloud link)
    I will not reply to posts with incomplete dumps

    Reporting bugs
    If you want to report a bug please make sure:
    - that you can reproduce the problem
    - explain what the problem is, how you could reproduce it and what is going wrong (a sentence lke "xxxx does not work for me" is a waste of your time and wil be ignored)
    - enable debug in advanced prefernces
    - post a logcat

    A good read about reporting bugs
    Starting with 2.0 BBS is getting multi-language. Currently following languages are included:
    - en: main language, maintained by me
    - ru: translation thanks to @gaich
    - cz: translation thanks to @mag01
    - es translation thanks to @vldesco
    - it translation thanks to @code010101
    - hr translation thanks to @seky2205
    - fr translation thanks to @xavihernandez
    - de transkation thanks to @Minty123

    If you want to contribute with a new language please feel free to offer you service and contribute to BBS, by submitting a pull request to the github project with the translated strings.xml. But please be aware of the fact that translation is a continuous work: even if the initial effort is higher there will be unavoidable changes to the english master XMLs that will require regular updates of your translations.

    If you have a recommendation for a free croud-translation service that you would prefer I am open for suggestions.

    To nobnut for donating me a Nexus S for testing
    To nobnut and brandall for their support, encouragements, testing and constructive feedback in the early stages of the development.
    To @Javinotfound or the new icons / logo

    To suku_patel_22, jeremysherriff, Karpfenhai, Tungstwenty, It_ler, Perseus71 and mag01 for their help in this thread and their systematic testing my betas and RCs

    To Entropy512 for providing support and insights about kernel wakelocks and helping making BBS a better tool

    Edit 2021-06-13: Google has pulled BBS from GPlay. The given reason is that I use a library (HockeyApp) that allows installations by other means than the GPlay; that is correct except that library is a) deprecated and does not have backend anymore and b) the GPlay edition does not use that library, only the xda-edition does. Anyhow, I am working on a fix

    BetterBatteryStats is available on Google Play (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.asksven.betterbatterystats) for what I believe is a fair price. If you like my work and want to support me please fell free to show your gratitude by buying the app.

    Google play users can register to be part of the public beta programme. Selected Release Candidates will be released to google play as part of the beta programm. You can enroll to the beta programme here: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.asksven.betterbatterystats

    Follow me on twitter to be notified of updates and get insights in new features/developments.

    xda edition: for xda-dev members I provide an always free and fully featured version of BBS (please play fair and do not redistribute the app without my consent).

    Current test-release:

    I have moved to an automated build system (older releases are still attached here) and do the distribution using AppCenter.
    Privacy note
    Access to the downloads does not require you to register to AppCenter (you still can to benefit from neat features like notifications when new releases are available)

    Get release candidates here


    - Full android O support
    - Unrooted devices now fully supported (with perms added using ADB)
    - UI improvements and I18N
    - Better support for substratum theming
    - Fixes based on crash-reports
    - Added application analytics

    Fixed #791: bugs preventing sensor stats to show properly on pre-lolipop devices
    Fixed #787, #788: bugs preventing some stats to show properly on pre-lolipop devices
    Merged translations
    same as RC3

    Older Changelogs

    Fixed sensor report
    Prep for release
    #780: Added proper Sensor Stats
    #659: Renamed "Other" stat to "Summary"
    #398: possibility to add a note when saving a dumpfile
    #682: Alarms details view is now scrollable
    #772: use bolder fonts to comply with design guidelines and make reading on smaller devices easier
    #677: added GPS time (sensors) to Summary
    #777: folded both Text and JSON representations of the dumpfile into one file
    #675: watchdog sometimes shows awake > 100%
    #756: added LG G2 Kernel Wakelocks support and more agressive detection of LG G2, G3, G4
    #759: Watchdog toast sometimes get sticky
    #760: Kernel Wakelocks do not substract properly on non-root devices (or with API-mode on)
    #762: alarm do not show icon on non-root devices (or wirh API-mode)
    #733: Kernel wakelocks parser for LG G4
    #753: Added option to select the destination directory for dumpfile/locat/etc. (Requires OI FileManager)
    #715: introduced snackbars instead of many of the toasts
    #731: fixed layout issues for "old" widgets with RTL languages
    #749: fixed another non-root issue
    #211: add sensor data to "other" stats
    #741: improvements on non-root experience (network stats, fixes)
    #748: fixed doze mode counters
    Added sync time to other stats
    #734: added doze mode stats (Marshmallow)#744, #747: more fixes for non-rooted usage
    #745: fixed/more accurate Bluetooth stats for Marshmallow
    #716: experimental: grant required permissions without having to install system app (requires root)
    #735: fixed parsing of native alarms and API call for Marshmallow
    #736, #737, #738: various FC from gplay crash reports
    #741: improve functionality for non rooted devices (having system app installed)
    No changes from RC6
    Some more widget tuning
    Merged transations
    Some widget tuning
    Merged and compacted changelog
    #720, #721: "Awake" is now consistently "Awake when screen off"
    More work on widget
    #712: Fixed widget real estate
    #708: reverted AppOps call back to older working version
    #711: fixed process view sort
    #713: fixed graph series
    See also in-app changelog
    #673: permissions list scroll issue
    Experimental M-preview support
    Transition animations
    #612: kernel wakelocks for LG G3 5.0
    #694: added awake ratio to dashclock
    #699: merged system app changes
    #702: moved to new appcompat
    New Icons by Javi
    #693, 695: fixed crash on 2.3.x devices
    #693: reverted back to "old" (small) system app apk to work around CM/LP 5.1.1 installation isuues
    #696: fixed behavior of the "back" icon on older Android devices
    #671: revert to old AppOps calling method
    #681: fixed rate dialog
    #683: limit widget font size
    #686: string mssing leading to @number being displayed
    #687: widget opacity can be adjusted
    New responsive widget
    #510: New System App (no need to update)
    #658: Fixed various crash reports from gplay
    #679: Fixed graphs being off on 5.1
    #405: Fixed widget sometimes not refreshing at screen on
    No functional changes from RC6
    Merged I18Nalized changelogs
    This is the golden release: release notes have been updated for the upcoming 2.0
    #650: semi transparent grey touch feedback for pre-lolipop devices
    - Sorry, no fix for the unthemed dialogs: there is a bug in appcompat to that and I could not find a way around that except rewriting all dialogs and that is too much change at this point in time.
    #632, #633, #634, #635: Fixed package info dialog (colors, label width)
    #639: added arabic (testwise)
    #626: fix (again) for FC on long press using german language
    #626: fixes crash when long-pressing a list item
    #630: added credits for I18N
    #631: hotfix for issue with RC3 on pre-lolipop devices
    #616: no battery graph when all values are 100%
    #617: no changelog showing in RC2
    #618: add info to dumpfile is alarms/kernel wakelocks are from API
    #621, #624: I18N
    #622: material design touch feedback
    #625: FC opening dashclock settings
    #552: fixed wrong style for overflow menu in dark theme
    #609: fixed oblique lines in graphs
    #546: option to force EN-en locale
    #569, #582, #588, #595: more translations
    #583: move *api* out of the title
    #585: optimized load time of graphs
    #586: use white icon for watchdog notifications
    #597: battery graph always shows same data
    #599: FC opening credits screen
    #600: clean up debug info from normal logcat
    #602: fixed watchdog reporting of awake
    #491: added frature to import/export preferences
    #540: System App Dialog now includes link to the recovery ZIP as a workaround is in-app install does not work (links to XDA or gplay, depending on version)
    #551: fixed "pinned" battery graph
    #553: lighter cicle gauge and font
    #554: settings screen and white text on the light background that appears after clean start
    #558: make from-to ref spinners suppressable
    #563: more I18N (thanks to gaich and mag01 fpr their hard work keeping up with me changing the strings)
    #564: alarm details dialog title is too dark for dark theme
    #566: add notification bar color for lolipop
    #572: pass the su --context for accessing dumpsys alarm (may cause slowdown, please report on that with supersu version you are using)
    #574: better performance in graphics
    #521: make icon size and font size adjustable
    #522: kernel wakelock using API fail on lolipop
    #550: missing strings
    #556: fixed native kernal wakelocks on lolipop
    #557: no translation of array, mote stuff to strings
    #360, #529, #534, #539: more externalized strings for I18N
    #387: use of wakelocks with timeouts, because I can
    #511: Themed dialogs
    #517: redesigned graphs
    #527: add SELinux policy to dumpfile
    #532: fixed theme switching issues
    #535: added Czeck, thanks to mag01
    #536, #537, #538: added russian, thanks to gaich
    #531: fixed alarms dialog showing infinite / Hr.
    #545: merged new constants that were causing the wrong stats to be processed
    First shot at I18N: implemented german
    #495: cleanup ununsed libs
    #502: cleanup assets
    #518: fixed infinite wakeups per hour in alarms
    #519: re-add battery from/to % to screen (optional)
    #520: alignment of labele/icons
    #523: theme switch only complete after restart
    #524: switched back from cards layout as it takes too much real estate
    #525: notification area invisible by default
    #526: FC after theme switch
    #528: Partial wakelocks show wrong values (thank google for changing the constants again)!
    #484, #508: surface information about errors / failures to the UI
    #493: avoid retrieving the battery level from battery info API to reduce load (and avoid service unavailable)
    #497: added dark theme
    #509: added % from/to back to dumpfile
    #512: theme preference slider controls
    #513: fixed empty release notes
    #515: automatically detect SELinux preventing access to dumpsys alarm and fall back to API mode
    #516: fixed alarms showing infinity in gauges
    #496: fixed gauges in RAW stats always being 100%
    #499: "since" and white header missing in raw stats
    #504: failed remot to ro after system app install does not report an error anymore since the app was installed correctly
    #505: advanced pref to enable alternate (API) mode for retrieving alarms (and avoid the need for permissive kernel)
    #506: alarm details missing in dumpfile
    Bigger changes under the hood: externalized all preferences to prepare for I18N
    It's all new and shiny
    #487: ability to save JSON format from tasker plugin
    New calculation approach to avoid rounding differences
    Simplified / removed unused options from settings
    Removed google analytics
    #486: watchdog does not warn
    #446, #483: watchdog warns about 100% awake even if reading shows it's not the case
    #481, #482: FC conditions from crash reports
    #485: addedf more comprehensive info about BATTERY_STATS perm and Xposed setting to dumpfile
    no changes from RC6
    #479: attempt to fix failing system app install process on certain devices
    #480: fixed Dashclock settings not opening in xdaedition
    #475: more speaking text for XPosed module settings
    #476: fixed dashclock API 2 manifest (kudos to DvTonder)
    #477: fixed exception in method to obtain other stats from dumpsys (compat mode)
    #478: fixed alarm parsing error on pre 4.2 versions
    #469: Fixed network stats parsing error
    #472: Fixed alarm parsing for L preview
    #473: fixed wakelock being expressed in ms on L preview
    #474: fixed sorting of CPU states
    #470: fixed non null extra passed by certain launchers
    #471: fixed batterystats service name on L preview
    #464: fixed icon height in list
    #466: if xposed modue is checked in advanced prefs do as if all perms were there (use at your own risk)
    #467: fixed missing icons in network view
    #468: fixed FC condition when creating a logcat
    #463: added copy to clipboard on long-press
    Merged to master1.16.0.0_B7
    #462: fixed antialiasing of pie gauge to avoid pixelation
    #457: fixed FC on calling permissions
    #458: fixed value of "other" stats gauge being off
    #459: pie gauge brush too large on low density devices
    #460: add setting to disable system app presence (for XPosed module users)
    #461: added setting (display section) to use "old" bar gauge instead of "new" pie
    #452: update to Dashclock API 2.0
    #453: fixed "current" reference not getting updated when BBS is called from tasker
    #454: fixed network stats "lo" not matched to "Mobile"
    #455: merged a few UI changes from the upcoming 2.0 branch
    #456: fixed: when only one reference spinner is shown avoid Toast message
    #426: added occurences per minute/hours in alarms on screen and dumpfile
    #450: fix for memory leak
    #451: revert from JSON the Java serialization of references for better performance (references will be deleted after installation)
    #448: if root is available offer full featured alarms using dumpsys
    #449 avoid flushing cache, imporving performance
    #447: system app has wrong signature
    #427: optimize the root calls for dumpsys if system app installed
    #429: replace java serialization of references with a more flexible JSON serialization
    #435: avoid crashing when appops not available (4.4.2+)
    #437: better resetting of screen counters for non rooted 4.4+ devices
    #439: dumpfile chapters comments reflect need for root
    #440: better support for root (does not require to be enabled in advanced prefs anymore)
    #441: offer to install as system app on 4.4+ is root available
    #443: alarm does not require root anymore
    #446: watchdog notification should never report more than 100%
    Same as RC8 except the release notes
    #432: make sure to ask for su rights right after enabling root features
    #433: hint that the system app should be uninstalled before uninstalling BBS
    #430: better fix for blocking root access
    #431: fix for install as system app when package comes from gplay
    A few changes in the popup for kitkat user at first run
    Bump in version number causes references to be deleted at first run
    #430: fixed blocking call if trying to install as system app without having root features enabled
    #428: force mediascanner after saving files
    Recreated icons in all densities
    #421: Another attempt to fix the xxxhdpi icon
    #426: fied missing process stats on kitkat
    Fixed other stats not refreshing properly on kitkat
    Fixed the way we manage system apps
    Sharpened xxxhdpi icon
    Added the ability to install BBS as system app (requires root, usefull only for kitkat right now)
    #424: add proper (error) messages to notify about features not available without root on kitkat.
    Add timing of screen on time when no stats can be retrieved
    #421: added xxhdpi assets
    #423: fixed alarms parsing on 4.3+
    #422: fixed account info obfuscation for new account format coming with kitkat
    #418: re-add process stats to kitkat
    Fix for potentially missed partial wakelocks where uid could not be found
    #419: Package info and icons re-added to kitkat partial wakelocks
    #420: fixe from gplay creashreports
    Added hires icon
    #416: readded missing other stats (kitkat)
    #417: fix for duplicate partial wakelocks
    #414: Fixed error at launch (service not available for kitkat)
    #415: re-added partial wakelocks and very basic other stats (deep sleep only) to kitkat (requires root)
    Updated libs
    #404: Fixed text padding for short time strings
    #407: added app ops for 4.3+ users
    #401: added ACCESS_SUPERUSER to manifest permissions
    #402: wrong values in wakelocks with hashed account info caused by hash being applied multiple times
    #355: implement a permanent su shell to execute all commands
    Various fixes from gplay crash reports
    Same as B2, no changes
    #391 support all implementations of sqlite
    Refactoring of database access to avoid locking
    Fix for users having FCs due to database lock problem
    Fix for users having FCs at start
    Unchanged from RC2
    #384: salted the account name before hashing
    Fix for stats not reflecting the combo boxes anymore for some users after a reference refresh
    Fix to make sure spinners do not get out of sync
    #383: Fixed battery / voltage level in dumpfile
    A few typos
    Added timestamp to logcat
    #191, #334: Added "share" option for saving/sharing dumpfiles, dmesg and logcat
    #381: fixed database exception occuring sometimes and potentially responsible for the blank stats happening from time to time for some users
    #382: dmesg requires root for newer kernels
    Added some logging to debug percentage problem: adb logcat | grep StatsAdapter
    #377: refactored KB handling
    #379: refactored "raw" stats
    Stats row shows interactive areas (glow)
    #236: mask account info
    #378: fixed fallback stat in DashClock widget
    #376: no icon in process view
    #377: missing KB icon
    #367: added dashclock support
    #375: added JSON dumpfile format support
    #372: Widgets do not update on a fresh install
    #373: change default widget fallbacl to "boot"
    #374: refresh spinners and user refresh causes the cache of refs to get flushed/reloaded from data
    #369: small widget uses wrong prefs
    #370: Other stat times/total time incorrect
    #366: fixed FC when creating a dumpfiel from tasker
    Improved logging
    Fixed concurrency problems potentially leading to weird display
    Fixed a caching issue
    Fix migration issues from 1.11 leading to inconsistent stats
    #359: make sure BatteryInfoUnavailableException does not other stats to be shown
    #361: a better fix for battery/voltage using current instead of "to" stat
    #363, #364, #365: fixed different error conditions from crash reports
    #356: bug when migrating from 1.11
    #357: to battery % always shows current value

    Same as RC12, no changes

    #356: fixed empty stats after screen being rotated

    #223: active monitoring
    #346: save 'unplugged' ref at first use to avoid empty refs
    #347: pref to diable widgets to be refreshed at screen on
    #344: better fix for errors in parsing network/alarms causing the whole reference to be saved empty

    #302: added credits for used libs in app besides git (under help)
    #342, #345: remove log verbosity when debug advanced pref is not enabled for cleaner logcats
    #343: fixed alarms parsing of details for flg= and cmp= (both pre- and post 4.2.2)
    #344: error in parsing network stats causes the reference to be saved empty (potentially a cause of reference shown as not having been created)

    #323: pref for saving dumpfile to private storage
    #337: implement 48dp rhythm
    #338: optimize list real estate
    #339 (partially): fixed tiny font for widget being same as small

    #341: fixed alarms for android 4.2.2

    #327: spinner refresh issues
    #331: sometimes the stats shown do not reflect the spinner selection
    #333: charged and unplugged should not be in the "to" spinner as that makes no sense

    #307, #328; widget stops updating and stays blank
    #327: spinner refresh issues
    #329: fallback ref in 1x1 widget is never loaded
    #330: an attempt to fix wakelock issue when su commands are blocked

    #326: fixed rate dialog showing at each start
    Some profining
    Less intrusive logging if dedug is disabled in prefs

    New readme and rate dialogs
    #325: times in wakeup_sources are a factory 1000 to small

    #321: fixed spinner heights
    #322: filter "0" cpu states
    #324: add marker to dumfile if using wakeup_sources

    #320: added experimental support for wakeup_sources (newer kernels deprecate /proc/wakelocks)

    #318: automatically refresh current when entering the main screen (can be changed in adv. prefs)
    #319: "to ref" is shown by default (can be changed in adv. prefs)

    #316: FC when calling BBS from watchdog notification
    #317: 2x2 widget showing 0 KWL/PWL

    #312: Fixed negative CPU percentages
    #313: refresh after events creating new references show inconsistent references (from/to)
    #314: proper migration of default stat type prefs coming from 1.11
    #315: fixed cause of "unknown error"

    #310: fixed partial and kernel wakelocks always being the same and icons missing
    #311: fixed kb reader thread not retriieving online content

    Changed the way su operations are processed
    Some fixes regarding the refresh of the spinners
    Make sure all root operations are running in an own thread

    #308: since boot can not be selected
    Fixed callstack when updating a reference
    Widget now have a lightweight method for obtaining the current data without causing the cache to be updated
    Spinners show references sorted in ascending order
    Fixed spinner not showing all existing references

    #306: fixed broken dumpfile
    Added pref to show/hide the "reference to" spinner
    Added screen on reference (saved when watchdog is active)
    References are now stored in a database
    From/To references are chronogical
    #303: invalidate "current" when other refs are saved
    #305: dissapearing refs

    Some tuning
    #298: Fixed FC on raw alarms
    #299: Watchdog does not report when awake > threshold
    #300: fixed spinner height

    #187: freeze current time
    #193: add screen brightness states to "other" stats
    #274: copy wakelock to clipboard
    #279: add option to save dmesg
    #286: add mV/h to dumpfile
    #290, 292: typo, wording
    #296: kbreader is now asynchronous and doesn't block UI thread when github is slow

    no change from RC8

    #289: FC on package info screen for pre-ICS devices

    #288: usability issue in permission view fixed

    #276: another attempt at fixing scheduled dumpfile creation from tasker
    #287: fixed ratio calculation for battery drain in %/h

    #280: added legend to permissions tab
    #283: unticking watchdog option "Screen off" stops the EventHandler service
    #284: added drain per hour to battery drain text on screen and dumpfile

    #281: Fixed bad reference on unplug when 100% charged
    #276: fixed dumpfile creation from tasker
    removed delimiter till a configurable version can be provided

    A better fix for widgets being updated
    Nicer implementation of package info using a tabbed pager (using ActionBarSherlock)
    Changed in-app help and messages to make the conect of references clearer
    More speaking "missing ref" texts

    #277: more prominent delimiter in listview
    fixed calculation of since value

    #229: show autorun and other package info like permissions and services, click on the icons
    #279: reverted the time reference for since and calculations back to 1.9.x
    #275: widgets do not always refresh: hack to make sure the widget always get the broadcasts from the launcher, even if the lancher is not complying with standards (see http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7390449/widget-notification-when-homescreen-app-is-restarted)
    yet another attempt to fix since screen off dump incomplete when created at wakeup from taker plugin
    big refactoring (only relevant for the ones reading the code)
    No changes from RC1

    Make sure app is not installed to SD (watchdog, widgets, detecting boot and unplug won't work properly)
    Writing references respect "root features" settings
    Fixed error condition in widget (potentially not showing data)
    Refactored broadcast handlers
    Another attempt to fix dumpfile creation in tasker plugin

    Fixed logcat permission

    Some changes in widget code
    #270: added option to save logcat from app

    #263: adv prefs to turn on stats while plugged
    #264: error happening when reading other stats should not skip the whole stats
    #265: reference summary shows data instead of counts (in dumpfile and log)
    #266: difference in "since" time between widget and screen
    #268: error when checking charger status causes exception

    #261: missing cpu states file causes references to stay empty
    #262: battery level handling causes exception

    A few changes in logging
    New ?????

    #257: referencea are missing processes
    #258: if debug pref is not checked since shows 0s

    #256: silent crash on progress dialog
    #252: a better fix for the FC on enabling root features
    Typo in prefs
    Added drain to on screen battery info

    #251: added batter level from/to to screen (and a pref to enable/disable it)
    #252: an attempt to fix the FC on enabling root features
    #254: incomplete (ref missing) dump from tasker
    #255: not systematic crash on creating custom ref

    #248: added raw CPU states
    #249: ratio of other stats is calculated against something that is smaller than "since"
    #250: when a reference is null all stats should show that there is no reference availble

    #247: fixed deep sleep sometimes being substracted twice, causing negative values

    #245: source of "since" is now the reference
    #246: added battery voltage/level from/to to dumpfile
    Removed unneeded API calls (that were to cause to batteryinfo stopping)
    New error handling exposes API errors to the user

    #243: deep sleep not showing
    #244: no stats when plugged (as some internal registers do not count when plugged, leading to inconsistencies)
    Removed pre-1.9 migration code that may lead refs to be deleted at start
    #235: grey background for bars

    #234: show icon for stats providing package info
    #8: call application settings when package info is available (click on icon)
    Refactored error handling
    Workaround to avoid SuperUser to obcess about asking for rights

    #240: removed "test" menu
    #241: fixed nested menu causing FC on SDK<14
    #242: removed froyo specific references as BBS is not depending on Android's implementation of refs anymore

    #209: added since boot ref
    #227: fallback to since boot if default stat type is not available
    #228: pref to control log level
    #230: two step save of references to avoid empty references if su request times out
    #231, #232: reorganized preferences
    #233: reorganized menu
    #238: process Siyah "deleted: " kernel wakelocks properly
    #239: network stats / alarms are disabled by default, can be turned on in advanced prefs
    #226: reference info to dumpfile

    1.9.2 (|xda only)
    Fixed error condition where "no ref since charged" appeared after a while when a reference was present
    #224: screen on time is too high in "since screen off"

    1.9.1 (@xda only)
    Added more logging to references
    #213: Tasker plugin does not create dumpfiles / custom refs
    #216: more compact CPU state view
    #218, 220, 221: various fixes from Google Play logs

    I maintain A list of features to be implemented and bugs here.

    Below you can find older releases.

    If not required I do not recommend using these as they are not up-to-date with the most current development, features and fixes.
    How-to and FAQ

    I have created a GitHub project for the Knowledge Base where the online and in-app help will be maintained as well. You can find the information here:

    The online help: https://better.asksven.io/betterbatterystats/help/
    The how-to: https://better.asksven.io/betterbatterystats/how-to/

    A good how-to by Chris Hoffman published by How-to geek

    Online Hilfe auf Deutsch: http://asksven.github.com/BetterBatteryStats-Knowledge-Base/help_de.html
    How-To auf Deutsch: http://asksven.github.com/BetterBatteryStats-Knowledge-Base/howto_de.html

    The repo: https://github.com/asksven/BetterBatteryStats-Knowledge-Base
    The Knowledge Base Project: http://asksven.github.com/BetterBatteryStats-Knowledge-Base/

    1. Q:Will BBS be fixed to support Kitkat (I get "Services could not be contacted" errors?
    A: Kitkat is supported by BBS starting from version 1.15

    2. Q:Why are partial statitics not available on Kikat?
    A: If you have a rooted phone enable the advanced root features and all will be fine. If you have no root unfortunately you are stuck without Partial Wakelocks as Google has made changes to prevent apps to access that data (see also here)

    3. Q:Why installing BBS as a system app as everything works with root?
    Deprecated: BBS does not require the system app anymore
    A: Starting with Kikat BBS has 3 modes: without root a limited mode provides a minimal set of stats. With root the set of stats is complete but some stats (other, partial wakelocks, processes) still use a workaround. Finally with the system app BBS is fully featured without any workaround.

    4. Q:I have high wlan_rx kernel wakelock. What is it and how to proceed?
    A: This kernel wakelock is caused by Wifi waking up your device. To avoid it you should turn your Wifi off if not using it, use a tool to control your Wifi state or try to find and remove the cause. More here

    5. Q: Google Maps is causing a lot of overhead. Must I freeze it?
    A: no, Karpfenhai wrote step-by-step instructions on how to configure autostarts and the location service to avoid that

    6. Q: Are you aware of the bug in BBS causing SuperUser to ask for su-permissions over and over again
    A: As you said, SuperUser is asking over and over again, it's no BBS bug as BBS only requests su rights. More here

    7. Q: BBS shows "no ref since unplugged"
    A: Starting from 1.9 is is mandatory to plug/unplug after boot to get a "since unplugged" reference to be created. Starting from 1.10 there is anew reference "since boot" and a preference to fall back to that reference if no other is available.

    8. Q: Why can't you just skip deleting the references at boot?
    A: If I could I would. In a nutshell: BBS is a passive monitoring tool; this means it does not cause any overhead collecting data but compares snapshots. Now the disadvantage of this is that it makes no sense to compare values of counters between two references (e.g. "since unplugged" and "current") if the counters were reset in between. In fact that would potentially cause negative values, in every case wrong values.

    9. Q: But is used to work before. Why did you change it?
    A: It didn't work, you just didn't notice. The kernel and Android reset their counters at boot. That means that there is no way to compare counters from before the boot with counters from after.

    10. Q: What do the widget colors / graphics mean?
    A (new round widgets): the legend is displayed if you resize the widget
    A (legacy widgets): For the large widget it's pretty simple. The colors represent the values "Since" (blue), "Deep sleep" (green), "Awake" (yellow), "Screen on" (white), "Kernel wakelocks" (magenta), "Partial wakelocks" (cyan). The 100% is the max of those values.
    For the small widget see here

    11. Q: Where are the dumpfile and logcat saved / how are the files named?
    A: Both files are saved to /sdcard, their names are BetterBatteryStats-.txt and logcat-.txt where timestamp is of the format "yyyy-MM-dd_HHmmssSSS" (starting from 1.12 there is an option in advanced prefs to save those files to the private directory /sdcard/Android/com.asksven.betterbatterystats/files).

    12. Q: Are you aware of the fact that BBS does not work properly for secondary users (Android 4.2)?
    A: BBS works fine for secondary users as long as you don't enable root features. The reason is not BBS but the lack of support of the multiuser feature in the superuser/supersu version you are using.

    13. Q: What is *overflow*?
    *overflow* is a sign that one stat counter was overrun. This may happen if you have not boote your phone since long or if some wakeup/wakelock is very frequent. The only way to see what is hidden behind *overflow* is to reboot and take a fresh reading.

    14. Q: Why is 'screen off' reference not being created?
    A: You have to enable the watchdog for that reference to be created

    15. Q: Even after plugging/unplugging my phone no reference except 'boot' is shown
    A: something is preventing the unplug event to be passed to BBS. You should check for tools like greenify or stamina mode that mask such events and make sure that BBS is whitelisted. On newer Android versions please also make sure that BBS is not "optimized" by Android, under "Settings - Battery Optimization"

    16. Q: What is the watchdog and how does it work?
    A: The wachdog is a feature to help you in analysing when happens when screen is off. When the watchdog is turned on a reference 'screen off' is created. You can also configure the watchdog to create a reference 'screen on'. Opionally the watchdog will notify you when screen is turned on and the awake ratio was bigger that the configured threshold. In order to avoid too much overhead in processing a threshold can be set to disable the computing for short screen off times.

    17. Q: my logcat is empty and says "Unable to open log device '/dev/log/main': No such file or directory"
    A: Check if you have a custom kernel that turns off logging. If not some file permissions may be broken: use the repair permissions function from your recovery

    18. Q: How can I get rid of GSF wakelocks
    A: GSF (google service framework) can not be avoided and in no case it should be frozen. Here are some settings that can help reducing the overhead.

    19. Q: The other stat is wrong. It shows "No data connection" and "No or unknown signal" while was online with Wifi all the time
    A: "No data connection" and "No or unknown signal" refer to your cell data (2G/3G) service. As you have had Wifi on for some time the cell data was turned off, consistent to what the stats say: work as designed

    20. Q: I can not install BBS as a system app. What can I do.
    A: BBS does not require the system app anymore
    A: If you are on a version older than 4.4 you don't need to install BBS as a system app. If you are on 4.4+ you should first try the in app installer. If for some reason it fails you can use the CWM scripts attached to install / uninstall BBS as a system app

    21. Q: I am suffering from a high NLPWakelock time. Is there something I can do about it?
    A: Here's a good summary of what NLP is and how it can be positively impacted (thanks to @Perseus71)

    22. Q: On CM12 based ROMs the launcher crashes when placing a widget. When will this be fixed?
    A: I can not find anything wrong with BBS code and the crash occurs in the launcher, not in BBS. After spending quite some time trying to understand the problem I must conclude that the problem is with CM12 (other ROMs on Lollipop do not have this problem)

    23. Q: I can not or do not want to root my devices but would like to use BBS to gain insight. Can this be done?
    A: The answer used to be "no" but this has now changed. See post #4 for a detailed description on how to proceed.

    24. Q: I can not get BBS to work. How should I proceed to find out the cause
    BBS has no dependency to any root-tool and does not require root to work, it only requires specific permissions that can be granted by:
    - using ADB as described in the FAQ
    - letting the app grant itself the permission if root is available

    25. Q: BBS Shows a permanent notification. Can I remove it?
    The notification is due to the android app model having changed and now requiring apps that run in the background to show themselves. I have put the "background app" notification into a separate channel named "BBS Event Processing" so you can disable it if it bugs you: no other vital notification will be send to that channel

    26. Q: What is this popup saying "Detected problems with API compatibility"?
    For Android 9.0 Pie users getting the "Detected problems with API compatibility (visit g.co/dev/appcompat for more info)" popup error please see this post.

    When diagnosing / analysing there are a few important things to know:
    - the app (advanced settings) shows you whether the permissions were granted or not
    - when checking if any acition had a positive result you should always use raw stats as the default view does a diff between two snapshots, i.e. if one snapshot is missing it may show no results
    - logcat may give you some info about what is going wrong, e.g. the app not being able to contact the battery_info service
    Ref, Hints and blacklist

    Article from the Android PDK about Power Management: http://www.netmite.com/android/mydr...s/power_management.html#androidPowerWakeLocks

    Other useful tools
    The default battery usage (Gingerbread): Settings -> About Phone -> Battery Usage
    The most interesting data is shown when clicking on the graph (bars below the graph). Unjustified "awake" times when display is off is an indicator for rogue apps doing stuff in the background when you think your phone is asleep
    Battery Monitor Widget
    Has a great stat on battery drain over time. I use this tool regularly after leaving my phone alone for 1/2 hour to check how the battery drain looks like against my benchmark of 2-10 mAh average (optimal for my SGS2).

    [android backup service]
    (http://code.google.com/android/backup/index.html). It is a service that offers cloud backup/restore of your settings and offers an API for other apps to do the same (http://developer.android.com/guide/t...ta/backup.html).
    You can turn it off (but will lose the automatic backup) under Setting -> Privacy ->Back up my data.
    Backups are useful though but no need to do it in the cloud, I'd recommend scheduling a regular backup using titanium instead (that's my setting).

    [DataTracker-FD] is fast dormancy. Find the 'secret' codes for your device to turn FD off. *#*#9900#*#* on an SGSII. (contrib. by nobnut)

    [syncmanagerhandlesyncalarm] That service is documented here (http://www.kiwidoc.com/java/l/x/andr.../c/SyncManager) and is responsible for updating the accounts you have under Settings -> Accounts and Sync. High values may come from bad settings (sync too often, huge amounts of data) or poorly written providers.

    [reserved for misbehaving apps]
    You you mind writing all that together (location settings, autostart settings) in one post. I'd like to add that to the FAQ

    I hope i don't forget a thing:D

    -------- -------- -------- -------- --------

    Silencing maps (preventing non user caused wakelocks)

    1. Sign out and /or freeze latitude.
    2. Disable all location based services:


    3. Deny all maps related autostarts using a certain app like Gemini app manager or autostarts from playstore:




    That's it!

    Additional information:

    -manual startup of maps will work anyhow, don't worry,
    -navigation still works
    -toggling gps on will show your current position on the map.

    If you do it right, your alarm after almost 2 days can look like this:


    As you can see, maps does not exist!

    Hint: preventing all autostarts from maps should be enough, you probably don't need to get rid of the other stuff, try to start from point 3 in the beginning.
    -------- -------- -------- -------- --------

    Okay with this Sven?

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