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[APP][2.2+] MiXplorer v6.x Released (fully-featured file manager)

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Apr 30, 2012
Rio de Janeiro
Samsung Galaxy A51
Bug: corrupt "running operation" popup blocks other stuffs

MiXplorer Version:
6.56.5 B21060520
Android Version: 10(Q) + MIUI 12

Steps to reproduce the bug:

1. In MiXplorer, do a copy, move or archive action which will take a much longer time

2. Put the operation in background

3. After a few minutes, open the app from the notification or recent screen

4. See the bug

Here is a screen capture showcasing the bug:
View attachment 5371883
Probably some rom specific wonderful system to save battery by killing any background task.


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Feb 12, 2013
Same on my end, had that for a long time now.
BTW, is the SMB addon still needed? I accidentally uninstalled it but the shares still work, which is nice. Did I miss something?

Pardon my ignorance about this topic but I thought the significant thing about smb3 was the encryption which we can toggle on and off. How does it affect the ability to delete files?

As to whether the add-on is still needed. On some devices/ROMs it's not needed so if you've updated or switch to devices and carried things over that could explain why it might have been needed in the past but not now. That being said i i r c there was a recent development where it was updated because people needed it due to new changes. See I told you, ignorance about this particular subject.


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Feb 12, 2013
3. After a few minutes, open the app from the notification or recent screen

Probably some rom specific wonderful system to save battery by killing any background task.

Also, if the the display is turned off manually or automatically during the file operation this could be caused by Android's General ability to kill apps by certain priorities and categorizations in some CPU settings such as freemin aka LMK aka Low Memory Killer. If you are experiencing this other apps and services would probably also stopped or restart so you would probably notice it. Just FYI.


Feb 13, 2021
Redmi Note 10 Pro


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Oct 10, 2016


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Jan 11, 2010
Google Pixel XL
OnePlus 8
I'm logged in but the link does not open.
IMO, it works only for those who already have the app installed (I don't have the Silver installed)

That is Galaxy Store - buying will work only for Sammy guys


But why don't simply install MiXplorer from OP posts
Most folks want access to the Silver version. The attachments in the OP are Non-Silver versions?
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Oct 10, 2016
Most folks want access to the Silver version. The attachments in the OP are Non-Silver versions?
Apparently, there are no Silvers in the OP post attachements (they were paid versions, not free as atrached ones)

OP says that Silvers are available from Google Play and Galaxy store ...
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Dec 23, 2008
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro


Would be possible to add a Small coloured Dot in Top, before the Folder Text indicating where the Folder is located?

You may give defaults or allow customization:

Internal Storage: 🟢
External Storage: 🟡
Cloud Storage:. 🔵
SMB, WebDav... 🔴, 🟠, 🟣...

It should help managing different sources.

To help with many opened Tabs, acknown about those Folders with the same name on different places...

An Icon would be nice but maybe is too small to distinguish or occupies too much space.

Thank you.
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Oct 10, 2016
Sorry, I was not 'around' since MiXplorer_v6.51.4-Beta_B21020450 - it still works perfectly for me on my rooted A11 (MIUI 12.6, Magisk v23)

Now I downloaded MiXplorer_v6.57.1-RC_B21070520
and MiXplorer_v6.57.1-API26-RC_B21070520.
The first one (as expected) does not see /data/user/999 on my A11 and shows only folders for two apps in /data/user/0=/data/data.
The second one properly supports /data/user with all its subfolders

However, in the old times there used to be (default API 30 builds and API 29 builds (the latter exactly for A11 to support folders like /data/user), but now there are (default) API 30 and API 26 builds

Was there a reason to downgrade the 'non-default' builds from API 29 to API 26?
Maybe something else was discovered that works properly on A11 with API 26 but not with API 29 build
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May 19, 2012
OnePlus 3
Samsung Galaxy Tab A series
Try it in a browser tab that isn't logged into google...

OK, in a different browser (not logged in) it doesn't work. But since I'm always logged in and never log out that's something I would never try.

... That's the usual way, when apps are removed from play store.


Hmm no - another app (that I even pay a monthly subscription for) recently got removed from the PS again (because some users can't figure out how to uninstall system apps lol) and that doesn't show up for me no matter how I try or which link I use.

So it has to be something else with MiX otherwise I wouldn't see it's page either ... I guess? :unsure: 🤷‍♀️
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    How to make termux open current dir when using open in terminal option ??

    Is anyone else having issues with text files in Termux directory getting "messed up" on save? For example, if I try to edit and save a script in the Termux SAF directory and then open it again, it ends up adding extra lines at the end which are some sort of mish-mash of the last lines in the intended text, like it glitched out in the end.

    This is not a mere search nag but there has been some recent discussion about termux in MiX which IIRC seemed to be a work in progress at the time... and termux is a distinct search term. Checking those posts might be informative.
    Is this a bug?
    Whenever I minimize the app, it dissappears from my recent apps, it is a pain to open it every time... idk if this is in a setting or what, please help. This never happened until now, it suddenly dissppears so what I did was export my settings and clear the app data, it works again, but I am sure it will happen again

    Another is I cannot log in to OneDrive, it says wrong password but it works fine in my mobile browsers (I am using Mixplorer Silver)

    Some apps are indeed designed to discard the activity from recents when the app is closed by back button or perhaps more common by an internal exit button in the app. For example bubble UPnP server, but as far as I know this is not normal behavior for MiX nor is there a setting for it.

    That being said there is a glitch in the Android OS which I've seen on many Android 10 and Android 11 devices which sounds similar to what you experienced. When I exit an app by the back button and then quickly press the recents button then the app that I just exited seems to disappear from recents but then when the recent panel is closed and then opened again the app appears again in recents and can be swiped away. Your situation sounds a little bit different so just take that for what it is worth. There are other reasons why an app might be "killed" or dumped out of memory but without more details it might not be productive to take guesses about that. You might want to log an instance of this with MiX' built-in logging to see if that reveals any clues. You can see more details about logging in post 7 of the FAQ.
    So there is ongoing fix for it ??
    Because latest rc build still not opening current working directory
    Also hotan is inactive for quite few months

    I can't speak to the state of this myself which is why I referred you to the most recent conversation which does seem to imply that this is a work in progress. Since you use termux you might be able to interpret the content of those posts better than I can. As to the developer's absence, yes they have been gone for some time but this has happened before so we just need to be patient (and hope everything is okay with them even apart from app development).
    Even easier to test, is to maybe add a user on the source, and change the bookmark to the new user.

    The BIG difference I see above in your tests is that the share source is not windows. Maybe that is the difference. IDK.

    However, thinking about it, my IP has been pretty stable of recent, so I can not remember the last time I actually had to change the bookmark to match.

    Actually, I remember now when it occured most often. When I clean flashed a phone (I used to build ROMs from source so tested a lot), I would add a bookmark, get the password or IP wrong (by accident), the bookmark was created but failed. I had to delete the bookmark and start again; I couldn't simply correct it. Maybe thats what has changed, that now the bookmark will only create if it succeeds in connecting at creation time. I might give it a test later today.

    Adding a new user may be what you want to see diagnostically (and makes sense in that regard) but in my shop (and in most set-ups) that is not easier than changing an IP address, in fact it is more complicated and it leaves a legacy of configuration files and registry bits which persist even if the user account and profile are deleted. A new IP may also leave traces but is generally tidier and easier to clean up after (although there is less need to do so). Allegorically, a PC is never the same after a new user is added. As to changing only IP address in bookmarks: that also works when the IP address of a Windows 10 computer (but nothing else) is changed. As I implied and as you mentioned, changing credentials may be a likely factor in failures to save modified bookmarks, and that is just one of many reasons I wont mess with user configurations in order to test, especially when the intent of the test was to verify that changing in IP address is possible.
    FYI: A quick update. My DHCP IP of my desktop PC changed, so the default tab of the share stopped working.

    The following happened. I could edit the shortcut and change the IP, BUT it then asked me what the password was. My password had not changed. I tried it again. I deleted the bookmark and tested an older one pointing to another IP, but that time it did not ask for my password.

    So I would say it is now working. I am sure in the past it did not work. And on my other phone, I somehow lost my default tab to the share. But I would put that down to me, as I was focused on other things at the time, and its a spare/dev phone that doesn't get treated with the utmost of "respect".
    I can't speak to the state of this myself which is why I referred you to the most recent conversation which does seem to imply that this is a work in progress. Since you use termux you might be able to interpret the content of those posts better than I can. As to the developer's absence, yes they have been gone for some time but this has happened before so we just need to be patient (and hope everything is okay with them even apart from app development).
    Yeah we hope so that Hotan is wellbut I noticed it before as if Hotan has seasonal activity
    He appears active here on xda daily while a build is in progress then after releasing final update he took quite long vacation
    But this time he disappeared even before releasing final update so hope he is ok
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    So about the issue with /data/data not mounting properly on Android 11, turns out topjohnwu himself gave a simple solution for it on twitter last year, without requiring changing Magisk settings globally. Should be simple to add that argument to the su request @HootanParsa

    I recorded a video of myself using that on MiX's own Execute console showing it works.
    Has the development on this app been put on hold?

    The developer sometimes leaves for months at the time, only to push tons of updates when he returns. He's been doing that for years and I'm sure this time is no different :cool:
    So, updates have been stopped since 2 months... Can we expect in the future soon?

    all android apps works like this!
    if you install facebook, amazon shopping. google accounts, mega, ecc.. apps on android, it will be ask to insert username, password and 2FA code only the first time, because all other times you open the apps, it will be ask to you another secure access like Fingerprint, Face Unlock, Pin, ecc.. So the login will be secure but more fast related to login every time from the browser
    I'm almost sure first and third-party apps are not treated the same way, for security reasons.
    It is the first thing I did, maybe I am not good at it, can you please point me in the right direction ? Thanks for your answer

    If you use the path /data/data as search phrase you should be able to find discussion which might clarify whether you are experiencing the same issue and if a particular workaround is applicable. In this thread the answer might be a bit far back so you have to scroll through the search results. There is also a note in the FAQ which may be easier to find using the same search phrase.

    [EDIT] I tested a search and it has indeed gotten more difficult to find relevant posts even though some users provided good descriptions and one of those was added to the FAQ, so what you may be looking for is an SU setting change to global name space or something like that. Also this post, which was the only one I could readily find by searching, links to a possible solution provided by the developer of Magisk https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...y-featured-file-manager.1523691/post-85494739
  • 2851

    The latest MiXplorer (API-26 & API-30) and BETA builds (API-30) are attached to this post.
    Get MiX Silver from Play Store (API-29) or Galaxy Store (API-30-arm64) to support the development of this project.
    Downloads from any other source are not recommended.

    FAQ MiXplorer Q&A and FAQ (User Manual)
    LOG How to report a bug
    If you're going to report a bug, first install the latest BETA, try to reproduce the error, then if it's still happening, write a post and explain the issue with the attached log file from the main menu > Send log. Thank you.

    • Themes by @djdarkknight96
    • Themes by @TerrorFlatRider
    • Themes by Vladimir

    • Windows Fluent Design theme by @marciozomb13
    • Material Design theme by @marciozomb13
    • Theme Corporate
    • Guillaume Skins Gallery
    • YandLiu Skins Gallery
    [APP][2.2+] MiXplorer (full-featured file manager)

    Hello everyone!
    My name is Hootan. I work on XDA in my free time and this file explorer is my favorite Android project!

    MiXplorer mix of explorers (SD, FTP, Lan, Cloud and other storage explorers) is a fast, smooth, beautiful, reliable and full-featured file manager with a simple and intuitive user interface.

    This app has no ads, is and will always remain free.
    It supports Android 2.2+ (Froyo)
    I hope you enjoy it.

    The best way indeed is to explore yourself. But here's a brief list of essential features:

    • Easily themable with customization option which lets you select any color you like.
    • Sort, disable and enable all menu options and action buttons.
    • Unlimited Tabbed browsing and Dual panel in landscape mode and Drag and Drop between panels also supported.
    • Easily create Tasks to multitask Copy, Move, ... operations.
    • Different various View Modes and Sorting Options for each folder separately!
    • Customizable bookmarks drawer with essential file types already categorized.
    • Advanced search functions.
    • Custom USB OTG driver. FAT32 (R/W), exFat(R/W), NTFS (R).
    • Html viewer which supports MHT, Markdown, AXml, CHM, MAFF and ....
    • Export/Import all preferences and bookmarks and customized skins.
    • Packing/unpacking 7z and Zip/Zip64 (splitted-encrypted), TAR, TAR.GZ, TAR.BZ2, GZIP, BZIP2, XZ, WIM, Lizard, LZ4, LZ5, Zstandard.
    • All your cloud storage needs accessible from one single app. Choose from 19 providers:
      Amazon CloudDrive, Mega.co.nz, Mail.ru, Dropbox, Box, Yandex, HiDrive, Baidu, Mediafire, IDrive, Hubic, 4Sync, 4Shared, Google Drive, Meo, OneDrive, OneDrive Business, pCloud, SugarSync, VDisk.
      + clouds which support webdav like (Yandex.ru, OwnCloud, MyDrive.ch, DriveHQ, CloudMe, CloudSafe, ...).
    • Modifying zip files.
    • EPub, MobiPacket and PDF reader.
    • Root access for all advanced operations.
    • User and System app management with data backup ability for rooted devices.
    • EncFS volumes supported for all storages.
    • File encryption and decryption using Aescrypt file format.
    • FTP/HTTP Server built in + TCP server to receive files from other devices using MiX (Send-to option).
    • Built-in Image Viewer (it supports GIF, SVG, TGA, ICO,...).
    • Built-in Media Player + VLC codecs add-on.
    • Powerful Text Editor.
    • SAMBA, FTP, SFTP, WEBDAV supported as well.
    • And many more awesome features for you to explore!

    FAQ MiXplorer Q&A and FAQ (User Manual)
    LOG How to report a bug
    If you're going to report a bug, first install the latest BETA, try to reproduce the error, then if it's still happening, write a post and explain the issue with the log file from the main menu > Send log. Thank you.

    If you have any ideas, suggestions or you found a bug/mistake, feel free and let me know. :)
    Email: [email protected]


    • Added SSL option for Servers again.
    • Added Explicit mode and content encryption support for FTP server.
    • Added Filter extensions for thumbnails. Long press on the address bar.
    • Added custom keystore and key manager in the servers settings page.
    • Added 'Archive files separately' option in the Archive dialog, if there are multiple files/folders.
    • Added starting FTP/HTTP servers without WIFI.
    • Added custom IP input in the servers settings page.
    • Added 'nameio/block32' filename encoding support for EncFs.
    • Added Multi-user support for the servers.
    • Removed TCP server. Use FTP/Share server.
    • Improved Send-To function and added Archive option.
    • Fixed an issue with some compressors. Archive add-on needs to be updated.
    • Fixed starting servers on boot.
    • Fixed an issue with searching files in the system directories.
    • Fixed selecting files from Viber and some other apps.
    • Fixed adjusting the new file size when editing MP3 tags.
    • Some other bug fixes and improvements.

    • Fixed not removing the deleted folder from the list which is happening in the previous version.
    • Some optimizations for TV and added 'Column count' option for Grid/Gallery view modes for non touch screen devices.

    • Removed WebDav server option. HTTP server will support WebDav commands.
    • Added Comment input in the file properties dialog.
    • Added Basic/Digest authentication option in HTTP server settings page.
    • Fixed some issues with SVG thumbnails.
    • Some other fixes and tiny improvements.

    • Fixed some bugs.

    • Added 'Ignore .nosearch files' option in the Search dialog.
    • Improved WebDav server security and performance and added Digest authentication to support Windows explorer.
    • Fixed some minor bugs and missing options in Auto-task dialog.
    • Fixed encoding issue with some short filenames in the zip files.

    • Improved WebDav server to work with more clients.

    • Added WebDav server.
    • Fixed some bugs.

    • Fixed some issues with Image viewer.
    • Fixed some other bugs.

    • Fixed WebDav Digest authentication error in recent versions.
    • Added 'auth_type' option in the Advanced settings for WebDav. You can enter basic, digest, ntlm.
    • Fixed auto folding bookmark sections on startup.

    • Added space bar in bookmarks panel.
    • Added access to Home folder in the system file selection dialog on Android 11.
    • Added 'Swipe down to show/hide hidden files' in VIEW > Options.
    • Improved Mega.nz functions and added 'Sync' option in the main menu to update the cached data.
    • Optimized the speed of reading the archived files.
    • Optimized the download speed.
    • Added 'Remember Delete option' in the Setting > More settings, to remember the last choice in Delete dialog when Undo is enabled.
    • Disabled renaming folders, if EncFS volume has 'Filename IV chaining' option enabled.
    • Fixed a listing error with FTP client.
    • Improved to Move/Delete bookmarks with their section header if it's collapsed.
    • Some other tiny fixes and changes.

    • Fixed giving permission to access .../Android/data/ on Android 11 for some devices.
    • Fixed the problem with Html viewer in the previous build on older Android versions.

    • Fixed Mail.ru login issue.
    • Fixed wrong View/Sort icons.

    • Fixed infinite loading lists when a folder doesn't really exist.

    • Optimized for Desktop mode.
    • Fixed extracting POSIX Tar.
    • Fixed listing SMB shared folders from Mac OS. You don't need to set 'share_names' manually.
    • Fixed opening CBZ Comic books without ZIP headers.
    • Increased the thumbnails quality.
    • Deprecated the SMB add-on. Uninstall it.
    • Deprecated the Metadata add-on. Install the Tagger add-on instead.
    • Fixed the Mediafire login issue.
    • Fixed opening some kind of MHT files.
    • Fixed an issue with opening an EncFS folder on some clouds .
    • Some other tiny changes and fixes.

    • Added 'Folder media symbols' option in VIEW > Options...
    • Fixed SD card Write issue on Android 7.

    • Added space usage bar for the recursive search list.
    • Fixed some issues in the previous build.

    • Fixed the thumbnail quality issue.

    • Changed Target SDK to 30 and added 'MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE' permission for Android 11.
    • Updated PDF and Codecs add-ons.
    • Some fixes and tiny improvements.

    • Some fixes and optimizations.

    • Added an option 'Data folder in root' in the Settings > More settings, which is enabled by default on Android 11.
    • Added 'Open in terminal' option in the main menu.
    • Some fixes and optimizations.

    • Moved MiX data folder to the root of internal storage on Android 11.
    • Fixed some issues in the previous build.

    • Added the last changed and accessed times to the Properties dialog, if it's supported.
    • Fixed some issues.

    • Added 'Dot files first' option in Sort > Options.
    • Fixed some issues.

    • Added 'Move contents up' option in the action menu.
    • Added 'Content URI' in the properties dialog.
    • Search recursively for Type: ALL and Size smaller than 1 Byte, to find empty folders and files with zero size.
    • Dot files will be at the end of the list if the list is sorted by Name or Type.
    • Fixed some issues.

    • Many improvements, optimizations and fixes.
    • Changed Content provider address. You need to update your shortcuts like those saved in home screen.
    • If the Breadcrumb bar is enabled by default and you don't want it, you can disable it from the Settings > More settings.
    • Added 'Folder' type in Search dialog.
    • Fixed freezing when using custom themes.
    • Add .nothumbnail to a folder to disable thumbnails.
    • Fixed some other bugs.

    • Fixed filtering category lists by name instead of path.
    • Added check for '.nomedia' file if the category list is sorted by the parent folders. If it ignores .nomedia when it's sorted by files or when you filter the list, it's your system issue and Android media-store needs to get updated. Long-press on the address bar > Refresh Android media-store.
    • Added notification and log for 'Refresh Android media-store' function.
    • If your connected device is not added to the bookmark list, tap on Add > Document provider and select it manually.
    • Fixed an issue with loading files.

    • Optimized listing and filtering file categories.

    • Optimized Home page.
    • Some tiny changes.

    • Fixed crashes in the previous build.

    • Fixed some issues in the previous build.

    • Added SMB3 support. You can set smb3=no to disable it. You need to update SMB add-on.
    • Many optimizations and fixes and tiny features.

    • Fixed some bugs.

    • Added ADD > Dot File > .nopreview to prevent creating thumbnails.
    • Added 'Starred' folder in Drive Cloud.
    • Added 'TEXT_BREADCRUMB' & 'TEXT_BREADCRUMB_SELECTED' in Skin Editor. Skins need to get updated. If you've selected a built-in skin, remove and add it again.
    • Added ADD > Symbolic Link option for network folders.
    • Added binary_mode option for FTP client.
    • Moved temp folder to /Android folder for Android 11.
    • Fixed extracting some type of Archives. (You need to update the Archive add-on.)
    • Fixed an issue with listing files in Mega.co.nz.
    • Fixed restoring .mib files.
    • Fixed executing with the built-in BusyBox.
    • Fixed some issues on Android 11 and some other bugs.

    • Updated pCloud.
    • Fixed some other bugs.

    • Fixed some issues on Android 11.
    • Many tiny fixes and improvements.

    • Updated Mail.ru cloud.
    • Some other tiny fixes and optimizations.

    • Some fixes and optimizations.

    • Added XAPK installation support.
    • Added VIEW > Options > Change view mode globally.
    • Added 'Activities' section in the settings page to enable/disable activities.
    • Added Toolbar > VIEW > Options > Reset zoom on view change.
    • Added navigation back button option in the Settings > More settings.
    • Fixed some bugs.

    • Fixed executing shell scripts as an unprivileged user.
    • Optimized the streaming performance in EncFs volume.

    • Added a basic XLSX reader.
    • Optimized Main Menu > Tools > Duplicates. It's faster and uses less memory.
    • Enabled Cleartext HTTP traffic for WebDav.
    • Fixed some issues on Android 11.
    • Open your exported settings file > Add "delete_without_asking": true, after "pref": { "main": { > Save > Tap on it and import. It won't show the delete prompt.
    • The bookmarks drawer > APP lists apps by their folders by default. Tap on 'SORT' button in the toolbar > Options > Uncheck 'By parents'.
    • Fixed some other bugs.

    • Target API Level changed to 30.
    • Added TGS animated sticker support.
    • Added reading raw text from DOCX and save as DOCX in Code editor.
    • Improved Content viewer (HTML viewer) and added basic DOCX support.
    • Long press on Delete button to send files to the recycle bin, if 'Undo' is enabled from the settings.
    • Added 'Extract to...' to extract files directly from the other apps. You can disable 'Open Archive' from the settings and use it as 'Extract here'.
    • Fixed an issue with some NTFS partitions in the previous build.
    • If you've selected the built-in Dark skin. Remove and select it again to update it.
    • Improved SFTP Client performance.
    • Rename the addons extension from 'apk' to 'mia' and tap on it, then Import. You don't need to install the addons anymore.
    • Many tiny fixes and improvements.

    • Create a folder and add symbolic links with any target and long-press on tab > 'Set as home'.
    • And some fixes.

    • Added an experimental Home page. 'Reset Defaults' from the menu in the bookmarks drawer. If you don't need it, delete '/data/data/com.mixplorer[.beta|.silver]/home' directory.
    • Added an option to set your favorite skin as the Night Mode skin. Tap on the Pencil icon in the skins dialog > Enable 'Nigh mode'. If your system is dark, the dark skin will be selected automatically. You need to select the 'Default' skin again, if you don't want it.
    • Removed Delete confirm dialog if 'Undo' is enabled and moving to recycle bin is supported for the storage.
    • Added 'Playlist' in the Player menu.
    • Some fixes and tiny improvements.
    • Fixed some bugs in the previous builds.

    • Added GPG-encrypted text viewer and editor.
    • These characters , @| will be allowed in 'Custom Datetime Format' in the settings.
    • Fixed Notification progress issue.
    • Fixed an issue with importing large settings.
    • Updated pCloud client ID.
    • Fixed some other bugs and tiny improvements.

    • Added 'Auto Hide Controls' in built-in player.
    • Some bug fixes and tiny improvements.

    • Added Auto Remount option in the settings and an option 'Remount as RO/RW' in the main menu.
    • Added '%TT' to add Title tag and '%TN' to add Track number to media filenames, in Rename dialog.
    • Added '%A' for Auto Increment Number, in Rename dialog.
    • Some tiny fixes and improvements.

    • Fixed some issues in the previous build.

    • Optimized deleting folders on Sd Card. If there is an error, let me know.
    • Fixed reusing TLS session key for FTP client in Android Pie+.
    • Added an option to create home screen shortcut for an AutoTask.
    • Fixed the new uploading issue in Mail.Ru.
    • Added 2FA support for Mail.Ru.
    • Added 'Overwrite if it's not equal' in 'File Exists' dialog, if it's supported by storage.
    • Fixed 'Fullscreen' option in Image Viewer, Content Viewer and eBook Reader.
    • Fixed the new login issue in Mega.nz.
    • Added 'Type' option in the Search dialog.
    • And some other tiny fixes and changes.

    • Improved FTP client performance and fixed reusing TLS session for data connections. If it's still not working on your system, let me know.
    • Added MiX Dark Grey Skin. If there are color issues, let me know.
    • Added 'Show Extensions' in Toolbar View > Options...
    • Added back 'Editable' option in Bookmarks bar menu > Options...
    • Fixed deleting folders on SD card for some devices.

    • Tiny fixes and improvements.

    • Added 'Show Hidden Globally' option in the main menu. You can enable it from the Setting > Buttons > Main menu.
    • Fixed some bugs in previous build.

    • Moved options related to Grid views from 'Settings > More settings' to 'Toolbar > View > Options'.
    • Moved 'Show hidden globally' and 'Show hidden recursively' from 'Main bar > Menu > Show Hidden' to 'Toolbar > View > Options'.
    • Added 'Drag and Drop' and 'Pinch to zoom' in 'Toolbar > View > Options'.
    • Moved 'App Remnants' and 'Duplicates' to 'Main bar > Menu > Tools'.
    • Added 'Tap to execute' option in 'Setting > More settings', to start operation by single tap on Tasks button. Long press to show tasks.
    • Moved 'Fixed drawer in landscape' from 'Settings > More settings' to 'Drawer bar > Menu > Options'.
    • Added 'Reverse and pin the list from bottom' in 'Drawer bar > Menu > Options'.
    • Fixed MediaFire new upload issue.
    • Added 'HIGHLIGHT_VISITED_FOLDER' color option.
    • Added 'Fullscreen' option for EBook Reader and Html Viewer.
    • Many tiny fixes and improvements.

    • Some optimizations and fixes.

    • Fixed copy to clipboard and some other issues.

    • Added custom 'client_id' option in bookmark settings for Google and Microsoft Drives.
    • Fixed some other tiny issues.

    • Improved 7z compression performance with LZMA, LZ5, ... methods.
    • Added Boot Completed Permission to reset auto tasks alarms.
    • Fixed saving Epub tags with cover and Mobi tags with no cover.
    • Many other tiny improvements and fixes.

    • Fixed some issues for Android 10.
    • Fixed FTP listing for 'ows_nt' system type.
    • Fixed 'Delete Source' issue in Archive dialog. Archive addon needs to be updated.
    • Added 'Delete Source' and 'Remember' in Extract dialog.
    • Some tiny changes and improvements.

    • Fixed text editing crash in previous build.

    • Changed Target SDK version to 29 for Android 10.
    • Fixed some UI issues.
    • Fixed Player crash in previous build.

    • Added custom font and LIGHT_STATUS_BAR options in Skin editor.
    • Improved CHM viewer.
    • Added 'Delete Source' option in Archive Dialog.
    • Fixed an issue with extracting RAR files.
    • Fixed wake up to execute auto task.
    • Added 'Go to' option in Ebook reader > Tap on Title bar.
    • Fixed some other tiny issues.

    • Fixed long-press selection crash in previous build.

    • Fixed long-press on some action buttons to execute task for selected files immediately.
    • Fixed Mega.nz 2fa authentication.
    • Fixed Exif Datetime read/save.
    • Fixed listing wrong files/folders after MOVE operation on clouds.
    • Fixed reading certificate from v2 scheme signature.
    • Fixed copying a folder into EncFs container.

    • Fixed Google Team Drives bug.
    • Fixed wrong Week,Month interval for auto tasks.
    • Fixed an issue with IP scanner.
    • Removed Fast delete option. It does when it's possible.
    • Fixed some other bugs.

    • Removed Amazon Drive.
    • Fixed moving/renaming in WebDav.
    Fixed wake up for auto tasks.
    • Fixed some issues for Android 10.
    • Fixed video thumbnail issue.
    • Fixed some other bugs and crashes.

    • Fixed an issue with silent app installation.
    • Some other tiny fixes.

    • Added archive format (for local files) and password option in Auto Tasks dialog.
    • Added Remember last password in archive dialog.
    • Added THUMB_ROUNDED_CORNER option for skins.
    • Added Subtitle options and PIP (Oreo+) for built-in player.
    • Added Slide show options for image viewer.
    • Added Breadcrumb option in settings > More settings.
    • Added Cp850 to encoding list.
    • Improved Backblaze cloud to support keys for single bucket.
    • Removed 'Folder Size' and 'Detailed View' from the settings > More settings and added 'More details' in View modes popup.
    • Fixed some root issues.
    • Some other improvements and fixes.

    • Added Save option for entered regex in rename dialog.
    • Added Archive to... option to receive and archive the shared files.
    • Added editing EPub icon in tag editor.
    • Added Night mode option for Epub (It depends on EPub design).
    • Added 'Detailed view' option in Settings > More settings to enable extra info in detailed view mode for Lollipop+.
    • Fixed to start tasks from background in Oreo/Pie.
    • Fixed and improved reading MIME formats with Html Viewer.
    • Updated VLC addon.
    • And some other tiny fixes and improvements.

    • Added 'DELETE' option for Auto Tasks.
    • Added a Dark skin.
    • Fixed opening network files with Code editor.
    • Added some tiny features for Lollipop+ and some other fixes.

    • Fixed an issue with opening shortcuts from home screen.

    • Updated Mediafire cloud.
    • Fixed freezing when creating thumbnails in previous build.

    • Some tiny changes and optimizations for Android TV.

    • Fixed an issue with creating zip file.

    • Fixed opening password protected PDF. (Update Addon)
    • Fixed random crash on exit.
    • Fixed setting write permission in Android Q.
    • Improved Backblaze to save user key (encrypted) to update auth token later.
    • Fixed some Find/Replace issues in Code/Text Editor.
    • Changed FTP server timezone to UTC for some clients.
    • Fixed OneDrive external login.
    • Fixed FTP Server transfer timeout issue.
    • Optimized SFTP transfer speed.
    • Fixed some other tiny bugs.

    • Added 'Teams' folder for Google Drive.
    • Fixed and improved PDF reader. (Update MiX PDF)
    • Fixed some Metadata/Tags editing issues. (Update MiX Metadata)
    • Dropped supporting mips architecture.
    • And some other tiny fixes and improvements.

    • Fixed editing EPUB metadata. (Update Metadata addon)

    • Fixed WebDav NTLM authentication.
    • Fixed reading filename from Zip extra field.
    • Fixed reading searched files for some clouds like DropBox.
    • Fixed some other bugs and some tiny improvements.


    • Fixed generating video thumbnails for LAN.
    • Fixed opening Chrome extension .crx files.
    • Fixed FTP/SFTP Direct Write issue.
    • Fixed some other bugs and tiny improvements.

    See List of v6.x language add-ons
    If you want to help to translate to your language, send me an email to [email protected]