[APP][2.2+] MiXplorer v6.x Released (fully-featured file manager)

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Feb 12, 2013
I've messed about with SMB1, FTP and Webdav. I can get FTP mapped in windows 11 but read only. I can get http/webdav working okay in firefox. But i'd really like to browse the phone like a network drive where I can read/write inside the file manager. Is this possible. I've checked the FAQ but i'm fairly new to this all.

You can do that but it would help if you could make your description more specific. As FTP is robust and supported natively by most OS, and was the basis for the FAQ let's use FTP for now. Please correct this if inaccurate but what I get from your description is: that you are running the MiXplorer (FTP) server on an Android device and attempting to access it across a LAN from a Windows 11 device and in Firefox or the native file explorer (or an FTP client).

If that is correct, then I would recommend configuring and testing with a dedicated FTP client such as Filezilla on the PC. Even though the Windows Explorer UI makes the experience seamless after there is a good connection, the Windows connections are notoriously difficult to reconfigure as they offer no simple interface for configuring the connection parameters and tend to attempt previous bad connections - just what you don't want when testing connections in sequence with various parameters. In addition to the syntax of the URL of the server and the port number there are other parameters in the server settings which which must match the client. Filezilla allows you to configure the connection parameters in detail and save or copy them as profiles, and provides good logging. Once the FTP access is working via Filezilla then it's much easier to configure Windows Explorer for direct access.

See sections "General Server Settings: " and "Account settings." and "Home Path" in the FAQ servers post: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/mixplorer-q-a-and-faq-user-manual.3308582/post-65157350

If you have questions along the way I (and probably others) would be glad to help in the FAQ thread (unless this becomes a bug rather than a configuration issue in which case it should come back here). As this discussion could sprawl into configuration aspects of Windows, Android, networking and MiXplorer it would be better to bring it to the FAQ as long as it seems to be a configuration issue.
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Apr 30, 2012
Rio de Janeiro
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Does the placeholder have an alpha channel making it transparent?

Maybe you can replace it with an opaque image, so the overwriting will not be an issue.
It is an entirely blank image (in the screenshot, I replaced it by my version). As you could see, it's being overlapped, not overlapping. I bet on a easy fix directly from the developer to make it theme-able.


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Sep 13, 2010
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Google Pixel 6
It is an entirely blank image (in the screenshot, I replaced it by my version). As you could see, it's being overlapped, not overlapping. I bet on a easy fix directly from the developer to make it theme-able.
Tried decompiling but smali gives no clues (as expected) even jadx java doesn't help.

As you say, it needs dev input to make it themeable

66 Nuts

Apr 28, 2018
It might have been interesting to see how MiXplorer behaved after an in-line update through which permissions might have persisted as that might help determine if this is an issue with the permissions being reset in general or specifically with new version of MiXplorer but IMO it's not worth testing your way back from the newest version of MiX (yet).

Although A6 is old, it is within the range of devices which MiX tries to support. I think those additional details make an even stronger case for reporting it to the developer with the expected troubleshooting details. With that information the developer may be able to fix it or at least explain why it is that way.

I uninstalled v6.61.6, deleted application data and installed old version v6.58.5_B22090510. External SD appeared among bookmarks and MixPlorer has requested permission to write to external SD. Write access is now restored and back to normal. Sorry I can't test versions between 6.58.5 and 6.61.6.
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Feb 12, 2013
I uninstalled v6.61.6, deleted application data and installed old version v6.58.5_B22090510. External SD appeared among bookmarks and MixPlorer has requested permission to write to external SD. Write access is now restored and back to normal. Sorry I can't test versions between 6.58.5 and 6.61.6.

I wasn't suggesting any extended testing, in fact I suggested somewhat the opposite.if you want this to work in the latest version of MiX then you can log it (which would only take seconds to do) and share the log, or check for permission related suggestions (any which you have not yet tried) in the FAQ. At your discretion.
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Apr 17, 2022
Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite
Thank you for the details.
Different versions of Android from different companies act differently. That's why I've added different filters. So I can't add mimetype to the second one. Also adding */* with the 'content' scheme can make problems. I added 'vnd.android.cursor.dir/*' to the third one. If it still didn't work with the next version please let me know. Then I will add a new filter with the content scheme. Thanks again.
I can confirm it works, thanks :)


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Feb 12, 2013
Hootan is stalking the thread and fixed the problem:
Included the drawable as "button_burger.png".
Now I can rest 🤣

If that means that the "hamburger" button is now fully customizable then I look forward to descriptions about tapping on the "hotdog" button or the "green salad" button. :D But seriously thanks for the incidental reminder that HP was lurking as they also did something for Android 6 (next post).


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Feb 12, 2013
I uninstalled v6.61.6, deleted application data and installed old version v6.58.5_B22090510. External SD appeared among bookmarks and MixPlorer has requested permission to write to external SD. Write access is now restored and back to normal. Sorry I can't test versions between 6.58.5 and 6.61.6.

@66 Nuts, it seems as if you had indeed detected a regression or glitch and that the developer has made some change. MiX XDA version 6.61.7 B23032410 is now available through the in app updater and the primary item in the change log is

"Fixed external storage issue in Android 6".

BTW, if you don't want to disrupt your current XDA or Silver installation of MiX but want to quickly test something like this (in order to determine if it is worth upgrading) then you can install the MiX beta version parallel to the XDA or Silver version and see what happens in the beta without affecting the other MiX (XDA or Silver) installation. In any event the issue you reported may have been fixed.

2.- How do I re-enable the SD Card? I'm using Android 6 and I can't find a way to see it again.

@JaegerFox, Regarding external storage on Android 6 the change referred to above may also apply to you.
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Jun 29, 2017
Hello. Although MiXplorer supports installing split APKs, its app app manager doesn't seem to allow extracting installed splits as bundles. It copies only the base.apk file. This makes the feature hardly ever useful in today's world of split apps. Can this ability be added in the future? Or am I missing something, and this is already possible?


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Apr 30, 2012
Rio de Janeiro
Samsung Galaxy A51
If that means that the "hamburger" button is now fully customizable then I look forward to descriptions about tapping on the "hotdog" button or the "green salad" button. :D But seriously thanks for the incidental reminder that HP was lurking as they also did something for Android 6 (next post).
I think I spoke too soon. Although I'm sure you can update the faq with the info, unfortunately MiX theme engine is not "reading" the customized file. I'll wait @HootanParsa to fix this to finally close this chapter. 😢


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May 13, 2012
Apps & Games
2. Since version 6.61.6 B23031310 (at least) , I have an issue where, when moving files, the file that is LISTED as being moved is a previous file, not the actual file that is moving. This seems to be a visual bug only, but it is annoying. Doubt I am the only one seeing this.
This issue seems to have been fixed in MiXplorer 6.61.7 B23032410. 👍

(EDIT: Spoke too soon, still aeeing that iasue)
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Aug 27, 2021
Hello. I want to ask about autotasks. I was using x-plore to copy my files from internal storage to sd card automatically. But it does not have move or replace function. Just copy. So i want to use mix autotasks but there is one problem. For example: i want to move all files from my twitter folder to other folder. I can't say "move all files from this directory" only i can move whole folder to destination. But i want to move folder contents not whole folder. I need move files from this folder to that folder. I don't want to select which files. Just all files which i downloaded to source folder.


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Jul 16, 2018
Google Pixel 7 Pro
Re-installed just now (I bought solid explorer more time ago, but I want test mix).
Isn't simple for me to edit bookmarks.
Eh, WhatsApp still ask for "use this folder".
Also, cannot found a way to make similar social folder (and if I remove I need to reset bookmark from scratch).

Thanks in advance for help.


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Jul 20, 2010
Hello. Although MiXplorer supports installing split APKs, its app app manager doesn't seem to allow extracting installed splits as bundles. It copies only the base.apk file. This makes the feature hardly ever useful in today's world of split apps. Can this ability be added in the future? Or am I missing something, and this is already possible?
I also noticed split apk problem and consider it important ,at least for us who keep a copy of EACH installed APK.
"User App" shows the size only of main apk and copies just that one, not a bundle.

Note: whoever needs help on usage, please use http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/mixplorer-faq-how-to-user-manual-t3308582.


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Jul 20, 2010
Is it me or MiXplorer_v6.61.7-API29_B23032420 is wrong with APKs in "App" content? Detailed view cannot change to Compact,cannot change sort by Name to by Size...was OK in .6.
Edit: fixed when I closed the tab and created another one . Just Exit from Mix didn't help.
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May 19, 2012
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Samsung Galaxy Tab A series
Are XDA notifications working for this thread for you all ? I thought it was awfully quiet and just came to find three or four pages of posts I hadn't seen...
I couldn't tell you, sorry - I have 7 threads/subforums that I open 3-4 times/day, so I've never used those bookmark notifications 🤷‍♀️


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Jul 20, 2010
Is music progress bar in notification added or not ? Mystery .... I do not see it in LineageOS .

I hope it's feasible to add new 4th item "Playing playlist " when one or more music files are selected and "Add to" clicked, so that those files are added to already playing playlist.
(Like, if 2 songs play to just add 3rd in the temporary no-name playlist or to a named one).
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    @HootanParsa Could you please add an option to the context menu for executing a shell script, when one is selected?

    This was a feature in Root Explorer, that was very convenient.
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    Actually that's not entirely correct as F-Droid will replace the author's key with their own. They use the same key for each and every app in the repo. If you install any app from their repo, and then download an update directly from the original source, Android will refuse to update and you would need to reinstall the app.

    MiX would have the developer's key and not F-Droid's. F-Droid cannot build MiX, it is not open source and the code is not available. The person setting up the repository also cannot build it for the same reason.

    The ( terrible, awful ) idea was that someone ( NOT F-Droid themselves, but the person you quote ) wanted to set up a repository mirroring the developer's drive, copying the builds there ( illegally, since this is proprietary software with a license ) to distribute them.

    Edit : And you've just proven one of my points. People will be confused and misled about this whole idea, just as you have. Let it die, stop.

    How to rename to:
    In Name mode (i.e. not Regex, etc), use %A%N as the name, and %01d in Advanced settings > Incremental number format. Preview available from the drop-down menu next to the name field.

    Edit: mind the space at the beginning of the default ' (%...d)' format. %01d is equivalent to %d. The 0 enables 0-padding. The digit(s) after the 0 specifies the minimum length of the resulting increment, padding it with zeros where necessary. Feel free to add any alphanumeric or punctuation characters (except /:\$% and maybe more) before % and after d, e.g. 'Picture %03d — '.
    Whats the difference between the Mixplorer APKs WITH and WITHOUT the pattern "API29" in package file name?
    The file with "API29" in its name declares itself as using version 29 of the Android API. Sometimes an app that claims it is targetting an older version of the API is allowed to do something that used to be allowed but is no longer allowed.

    Use the file that does not mention API. If you have a problem, like being unable to write to an external SD-card, you can try the other version. Or ask here and see if anyone thinks it will help.
    View attachment 5907075

    with latest mixplorer(6.58.5) build I can copy files from phone to pc but cant send to phone
    working perfectly fine with older build ex 6.39.2

    I have tried my build that are released after 6.39.2 but none works same error

    anyone can pls help?

    windows 11 latest build
    accessing ftp thru windows explorer
    Create an username and password
    As mentioned, the F-Droid server would distribute the very same APKs that are hosted by Hootan on Google Drive, untouched.

    Which you'll be easily able to verify, by the way : for sure you already have MiX installed, from the same APKs I'm talking about, i.e. digitally signed by Hootan, which means your device, by secure design, will refuse to install an update that does not carry the same digital signature.

    Meanwhile if I maliciously modify the APK, then the signature will be modified as well.

    For more info : https://source.android.com/docs/security/features/apksigning
    Actually that's not entirely correct as F-Droid will replace the author's key with their own. They use the same key for each and every app in the repo. If you install any app from their repo, and then download an update directly from the original source, Android will refuse to update and you would need to reinstall the app.

    Yes, so I can provide users with a feature : automated updates.
    Just like building custom ROMs including proprietary manufacturer blobs, to provide users with system updates beyond official support.
    Just like modding apps containing too many ads/paywalls/dark patterns, to provide users with a better usage experience.
    All of those things may not be legal, but they are legit.
    And we're doing this voluntarily.

    This discussion doesn't look productive though, so I'm going to stop talking for now.
    I'll be be back once I'll be able to deliver what I promised, and eventually then read whatever nonsense (or surprisingly constructive) reply you'll send, if any.

    Have a nice day !
    It is perfectly possible to get instant updates for MiXplorer (or any other app for that matter) by using Obtainium! It can update your apps from the official (or any other) source directly, such as GitHub/Gitlab/custom F-droid repo's/any HTML page etc.

    It will automatically check all available .apks from the configured source and look for the newest version for your architecture. If there is a newer version it will let you know and can update the app. You can even search for any app inside Obtainium and it will automatically search GitHub and then let you pick the right one from a dropdown with results. You only have to do this once per app and then you are set for life.

    Obtainium is much faster as you get updates directly from the source and you don't have to wait for e.g. F-droid to sign and put the new version in the repository. Nowadays my updates almost exclusively come from Obtainium and not from Playstore or repo's that always lag behind.

    More importantly it is much more secure, and not just because of instantaneous updates. If a third party repo that is distributing multiple self-signed apps gets compromised, so will each one of those apps on your phone, generally giving much wider system access and permissions.

    The biggest problem with the F-droid repository is that developers' keys get removed and replaced with F-droid's own key. Thus all apps get signed with the same key. If this ever gets compromised than each single one of the F-droid apps will be. This makes it very attractive for hackers to target such a repository, as they can push updates to millions of users all with the same key.

    Downloading from the source avoids this problem as each app will be signed with the developers' own keys, thus even if a malicious actor compromises the source, they would still need the developers' own key or Android will block it. If they only have the key, not control over source, no problem either. There's no single point of failure.

    Going after a single developer is much less lucrative, and also harder, because their IP-adress is not publicly linked to the repository (unless self-hosting). Signing happens on a completely different private system, and only the .apk, not the key can be found at the source. In case of F-droid, hackers already know pretty much where they need to penetrate, simply by resolving the URL. The signing happens automatically and continuously on their server as new versions come out.

    The app is pretty new, but gaining traction and updates very regularly with new features coming in lightning speed. I haven't had a single app that I couldn't get to work with Obtainium. The only downside is that you'll have to remove any app installed from the F-droid repository and then reinstall with the .apk from the source, as they will have a different key. Removing and reinstalling can be done through Obtainium though.

    Upside of using source apk instead of Google Playstore version is that there are no automatically included Google Firebase and other trackers added in without the dev choosing to put it in their build.

    Most apps can be found on Github/Gitlab and will be set-up in a few seconds due to their seamless integration(set-up a personal acces token for faster search results). If you're too lazy to confirm / look-up the source for each of your apps you could even import a backup from a user that has already configured all sources (optionally delete any apps from Obtainium that you don't have, and add-in any missing apps).

    Of course you can also just add MiXplorer and leave it at that!
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    Download the latest updates from Drive.
    The latest MiXplorer (com.mixplorer API-29 & API-33)

    Download the latest BETA from here:

    Get MiX Silver
    from Play Store (com.mixplorer.silver)
    to support the development of this project.

    Downloads from any other source are not recommended.

    FAQ MiXplorer Q&A and FAQ (User Manual)
    LOG How to report a bug
    If you're going to report a bug, first install the latest BETA, try to reproduce the error, then if it's still happening, write a post and explain the issue with the attached log file from the main menu > Send log. Thank you.

    Some Tipes:
    • Swipe the left-center edge will open the drawer.
    • Allow Background Activity from Android settings + Apps + MiXplorer + Battery usage.
    • If user is anonymous in FTP-Client, working directory on the server will be read-only. Default user is Admin. Set a password to prevent your neighbors from even reading your files.

    • Themes by @djdarkknight96
    • Themes by @TerrorFlatRider
    • Themes by Vladimir

    • Windows Fluent Design theme by @marciozomb13
    • Material Design theme by @marciozomb13
    • Theme Corporate
    • Guillaume Skins Gallery
    • YandLiu Skins Gallery
    Skins by @scohut
    [APP][2.2+] MiXplorer (full-featured file manager)

    Hello everyone!
    My name is Hootan. I work on XDA in my free time and this file explorer is my favorite Android project!

    MiXplorer mix of explorers (SD, FTP, Lan, Cloud and other storage explorers) is a fast, smooth, beautiful, reliable and full-featured file manager with a simple and intuitive user interface.

    This app has no ads, is and will always remain free.
    It supports Android 2.2+ (Froyo)
    I hope you enjoy it.

    The best way indeed is to explore yourself. But here's a brief list of essential features:

    • Easily themable with customization option which lets you select any color you like.
    • Sort, disable and enable all menu options and action buttons.
    • Unlimited Tabbed browsing and Dual panel in landscape mode and Drag and Drop between panels also supported.
    • Easily create Tasks to multitask Copy, Move, ... operations.
    • Different various View Modes and Sorting Options for each folder separately!
    • Customizable bookmarks drawer with essential file types already categorized.
    • Advanced search functions.
    • Custom USB OTG driver. FAT32 (R/W), exFat(R/W), NTFS (R).
    • Html viewer which supports MHT, Markdown, AXml, CHM, MAFF and ....
    • Export/Import all preferences and bookmarks and customized skins.
    • Packing/unpacking 7z and Zip/Zip64 (splitted-encrypted), TAR, TAR.GZ, TAR.BZ2, GZIP, BZIP2, XZ, WIM, Lizard, LZ4, LZ5, Zstandard.
    • All your cloud storage needs accessible from one single app. Choose from 19 providers:
      Amazon CloudDrive, Mega.co.nz, Mail.ru, Dropbox, Box, Yandex, HiDrive, Baidu, Mediafire, IDrive, Hubic, 4Sync, 4Shared, Google Drive, Meo, OneDrive, OneDrive Business, pCloud, SugarSync, VDisk.
      + clouds which support webdav like (Yandex.ru, OwnCloud, MyDrive.ch, DriveHQ, CloudMe, CloudSafe, ...).
    • Modifying zip files.
    • EPub, MobiPacket and PDF reader.
    • Root access for all advanced operations.
    • User and System app management with data backup ability for rooted devices.
    • EncFS volumes supported for all storages.
    • File encryption and decryption using Aescrypt file format.
    • FTP/HTTP Server built in + TCP server to receive files from other devices using MiX (Send-to option).
    • Built-in Image Viewer (it supports GIF, SVG, TGA, ICO,...).
    • Built-in Media Player + VLC codecs add-on.
    • Powerful Text Editor.
    • SAMBA, FTP, SFTP, WEBDAV supported as well.
    • And many more awesome features for you to explore!

    FAQ MiXplorer Q&A and FAQ (User Manual)
    LOG How to report a bug
    If you're going to report a bug, first install the latest BETA, try to reproduce the error, then if it's still happening, write a post and explain the issue with the log file from the main menu > Send log. Thank you.

    If you have any ideas, suggestions or you found a bug/mistake, feel free and let me know. :)
    Email: [email protected]


    • Added 'Extract' option in the main menu inside the opened archive.
    • Added 'MoveTo...' option in Image viewer menu.
    • Added 'Shuffle' option in Sort menu.
    • Some changes to prevent users from executing AutoTasks in a wrong destination.
    • Remove OpenWith... from OpenAs... dialog and instead added a new item for all possible activities.
    • Some other fixes and optimizations.

    • Fixed some issues with SFTP server.
    • Fixed stopping local server.
    • Some other fixes and optimizations.

    • Fixed login to mega cloud storge.
    • Fixed opening CBZ files with some apps.

    • Added Viber bookmark support.
    • Fixed some issues.

    • Added SYNC option for Auto-Task > COPY.
    • Added sharing split app from APP category.
    • Added 'encrypt_data' option for SMB3 in the advanced settings of the SMB client, and it's disabled by default.
    Disabled 'Show hidden files globally' by default. Change it from VIEW>Options.
    Enabled 'Swipe down to show/hide hidden files' by default. Change it from VIEW>Options.
    • Some fixes and optimizations.

    • Fixed external storage issue in Android 6.
    • Some other tiny fixes.

    • Some fixes and tiny improvements.

    • Fixed some random crashes.
    • Fixed translation issues.

    • This folder '/data/user/<UserID>/com.mixplorer/Home' will be recognized as default Home. You can add it manually or 'Reset defaults' from the bookmarks menu. Or long-press on the tab title of previous Home address and 'Set as Home'.
    • Some fixes and optimizations.

    • Fixed some issues with drawing icons.
    • Removed the indicator where you can open the left drawer. Now you know how you could swipe the left edge to open the left drawer instead of going back.

    • Added 'Set app icon' in the action menu for folders.
    • Added 'Same extension' option in address bar menu in the action mode.
    • Added 'Full view thumbnails in gallery mode' option in Toolbar > VIEW > Options. You need to long-press on the address bar and clear the thumbnails cache.
    • Added an indicator line at the left side of screen to open the left drawer (Android 29+).
    • Added monochrome app icon.
    • Fixed overwriting files in Box storage with auto task.
    • Fixed logging out Mail.ru when exiting the app.
    • Notifications must be enabled for MiX to be able to start the servers, find duplicates and...
    • You can add the working directory at the end of the deeplinks for the servers. (https://mixplorer.com/app/ftp/trigger/storage/emulated/0/pictures)
    • Fixed some other issues.

    • Added an extra option in the network dialog to make sure if we really want to have an extra lock for the cloud storage or not.

    • Fixed an issue with finding local IP addresses.

    • Fixed restoring split apps.
    • Disabled Document provider at first run. You can enable it from the settings > Components, if you need it.
    • Fixed an issue with scanning local IP.

    • Added WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram bookmarks. Long-press on the address-bar > Enter path (e.g content://mix/whatsapp) and add to bookmarks. Or Reset Defaults from the bookmarks menu.
    • Added supporting images for Convert feature.
    • Optimized searching speed.
    • Fixed stopping servers.
    • Fixed crash due to decoding a type of AVIF image. Update MiX-Image add-on.
    • Fixed Yandex login issue.
    • Some other fixes and improvements.

    • Fixed searching PDF content.

    • Added a separate option for Recycle bin in the settings page > More settings.
    • Added deeplinks to turn the servers on and off:
    - https://mixplorer.com/app/ftp/trigger
    - https://mixplorer.com/app/sftp/trigger
    - https://mixplorer.com/app/http/trigger
    - https://mixplorer.com/app/smb/trigger
    • Some tiny improvements and bug fixes.

    • Enabled Undo feature by default. You can disable it from the settings > More settings > Undo.
    • Fixed some issues and tiny improvements.

    • Fixed accessing to /Android/data and /obb directories in Android 12+.
    • Fixed crashing while decoding some types of HEIC images.
    • Fixed crashing Code editor because of a bug in a system method used by GBoard app on Android 12+.
    • Fixed some issues in SQLite DB editor.
    • Changed to use the internal browser to login to DropBox by default.
    • Added ID3 version options for MP3 files in Tags editor dialog.
    • Added Metadata/Tags/Comment option in Search dialog.
    • Some other bug fixes and improvements.

    • Fixed some issues in previous builds.

    • Fixed group of issues was made during compiling the codes.

    • Added SFTP and SMB1 servers. (experimental)
    • Added 'Reload' and 'Start at the end of text' menu options in Code/Text editors. And 'Tab with 4 spaces' for Code editor.
    • Added AXML editor.
    • Added 'Don't show in recent activities' option in app selection dialog.
    • Added support for AVIF and multipage HEIC images.
    • Removed 'Root directory' from FTP server settings. It will be the same as the 'Working directory'. Added 'Force this directory'.
    • Moved Add > 'Document provider' to Add > 'Storage'.
    • Improved local IP scanner.
    • Fixed some issues with editing SQLite files.
    • If user is anonymous in FTP-Client, working directory will be read-only. Default user is Admin.
    • Many other fixes and improvements.

    • Improved FTP/Share server performance and compatibility.
    • Many tiny improvements, optimizations and fixes.

    • Added the list of current possible IPs for the server, in the Server settings.
    • Added sending the list of video files in the current folder to MX Player.

    • Added settings to set the server port for SendTo feature.
    • Some tiny fixes and improvements.

    • Fixed some issues with FTP(S-ES) server.
    • Fixed reading /data/data directory.
    • Fixed some other issues.

    • Added SSL option for Servers again.
    • Added Explicit mode and content encryption support for FTP server.
    • Added Filter extensions for thumbnails. Long press on the address bar.
    • Added custom keystore and key manager in the servers settings page.
    • Added 'Archive files separately' option in the Archive dialog, if there are multiple files/folders.
    • Added starting FTP/HTTP servers without WIFI.
    • Added custom IP input in the servers settings page.
    • Added 'nameio/block32' filename encoding support for EncFs.
    • Added Multi-user support for the servers. Default user is Admin.
    • Removed TCP server. Use FTP/Share server.
    • Improved Send-To function and added Archive option.
    • Fixed an issue with some compressors. Archive add-on needs to be updated.
    • Fixed starting servers on boot.
    • Fixed an issue with searching files in the system directories.
    • Fixed selecting files from Viber and some other apps.
    • Fixed adjusting the new file size when editing MP3 tags.
    • Fixed an issue with updating the Android media store.
    • Fixed typing lags in Code Editor.
    • Fixed opening some type of files from Gmail app.
    • Fixed selecting files from some other apps.
    • Fixed uploading an empty file to OneDrive.
    • Fixed editing a text file in OneDrive with Code Editor directly.
    • Fixed opening user home directory for FTP server.
    • And some other tiny fixes and changes.

    • Fixed not removing the deleted folder from the list which is happening in the previous version.
    • Some optimizations for TV and added 'Column count' option for Grid/Gallery view modes for non touch screen devices.

    • Removed WebDav server option. HTTP server will support WebDav commands.
    • Added Comment input in the file properties dialog.
    • Added Basic/Digest authentication option in HTTP server settings page.
    • Fixed some issues with SVG thumbnails.
    • Some other fixes and tiny improvements.

    • Fixed some bugs.

    • Added 'Ignore .nosearch files' option in the Search dialog.
    • Improved WebDav server security and performance and added Digest authentication to support Windows explorer.
    • Fixed some minor bugs and missing options in Auto-task dialog.
    • Fixed encoding issue with some short filenames in the zip files.

    • Improved WebDav server to work with more clients.

    • Added WebDav server.
    • Fixed some bugs.

    • Fixed some issues with Image viewer.
    • Fixed some other bugs.

    • Fixed WebDav Digest authentication error in recent versions.
    • Added 'auth_type' option in the Advanced settings for WebDav. You can enter basic, digest, ntlm.
    • Fixed auto folding bookmark sections on startup.

    • Added space bar in bookmarks panel.
    • Added access to Home folder in the system file selection dialog on Android 11.
    • Added 'Swipe down to show/hide hidden files' in VIEW > Options.
    • Improved Mega.nz functions and added 'Sync' option in the main menu to update the cached data.
    • Optimized the speed of reading the archived files.
    • Optimized the download speed.
    • Added 'Remember Delete option' in the Setting > More settings, to remember the last choice in Delete dialog when Undo is enabled.
    • Disabled renaming folders, if EncFS volume has 'Filename IV chaining' option enabled.
    • Fixed a listing error with FTP client.
    • Improved to Move/Delete bookmarks with their section header if it's collapsed.
    • Some other tiny fixes and changes.

    • Fixed giving permission to access .../Android/data/ on Android 11 for some devices.
    • Fixed the problem with Html viewer in the previous build on older Android versions.

    • Fixed Mail.ru login issue.
    • Fixed wrong View/Sort icons.

    • Fixed infinite loading lists when a folder doesn't really exist.

    • Optimized for Desktop mode.
    • Fixed extracting POSIX Tar.
    • Fixed listing SMB shared folders from Mac OS. You don't need to set 'share_names' manually.
    • Fixed opening CBZ Comic books without ZIP headers.
    • Increased the thumbnails quality.
    • Deprecated the SMB add-on. Uninstall it.
    • Deprecated the Metadata add-on. Install the Tagger add-on instead.
    • Fixed the Mediafire login issue.
    • Fixed opening some kind of MHT files.
    • Fixed an issue with opening an EncFS folder on some clouds .
    • Some other tiny changes and fixes.

    • Added 'Folder media symbols' option in VIEW > Options...
    • Fixed SD card Write issue on Android 7.

    • Added space usage bar for the recursive search list.
    • Fixed some issues in the previous build.

    • Fixed the thumbnail quality issue.

    • Changed Target SDK to 30 and added 'MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE' permission for Android 11.
    • Updated PDF and Codecs add-ons.
    • Some fixes and tiny improvements.

    • Some fixes and optimizations.

    • Added an option 'Data folder in root' in the Settings > More settings, which is enabled by default on Android 11.
    • Added 'Open in terminal' option in the main menu.
    • Some fixes and optimizations.

    • Moved MiX data folder to the root of internal storage on Android 11.
    • Fixed some issues in the previous build.

    • Added the last changed and accessed times to the Properties dialog, if it's supported.
    • Fixed some issues.

    • Added 'Dot files first' option in Sort > Options.
    • Fixed some issues.

    • Added 'Move contents up' option in the action menu.
    • Added 'Content URI' in the properties dialog.
    • Search recursively for Type: ALL and Size smaller than 1 Byte, to find empty folders and files with zero size.
    • Dot files will be at the end of the list if the list is sorted by Name or Type.
    • Fixed some issues.

    • Many improvements, optimizations and fixes.
    • Changed Content provider address. You need to update your shortcuts like those saved in home screen.
    • If the Breadcrumb bar is enabled by default and you don't want it, you can disable it from the Settings > More settings.
    • Added 'Folder' type in Search dialog.
    • Fixed freezing when using custom themes.
    • Add .nothumbnail to a folder to disable thumbnails.
    • Fixed some other bugs.

    • Fixed filtering category lists by name instead of path.
    • Added check for '.nomedia' file if the category list is sorted by the parent folders. If it ignores .nomedia when it's sorted by files or when you filter the list, it's your system issue and Android media-store needs to get updated. Long-press on the address bar > Refresh Android media-store.
    • Added notification and log for 'Refresh Android media-store' function.
    • If your connected device is not added to the bookmark list, tap on Add > Document provider and select it manually.
    • Fixed an issue with loading files.

    • Optimized listing and filtering file categories.

    • Optimized Home page.
    • Some tiny changes.

    • Fixed crashes in the previous build.

    • Fixed some issues in the previous build.

    • Added SMB3 support. You can set smb3=no to disable it. You need to update SMB add-on.
    • Many optimizations and fixes and tiny features.

    • Fixed some bugs.

    • Added ADD > Dot File > .nopreview to prevent creating thumbnails.
    • Added 'Starred' folder in Drive Cloud.
    • Added 'TEXT_BREADCRUMB' & 'TEXT_BREADCRUMB_SELECTED' in Skin Editor. Skins need to get updated. If you've selected a built-in skin, remove and add it again.
    • Added ADD > Symbolic Link option for network folders.
    • Added binary_mode option for FTP client.
    • Moved temp folder to /Android folder for Android 11.
    • Fixed extracting some type of Archives. (You need to update the Archive add-on.)
    • Fixed an issue with listing files in Mega.co.nz.
    • Fixed restoring .mib files.
    • Fixed executing with the built-in BusyBox.
    • Fixed some issues on Android 11 and some other bugs.

    • Updated pCloud.
    • Fixed some other bugs.

    • Fixed some issues on Android 11.
    • Many tiny fixes and improvements.

    • Updated Mail.ru cloud.
    • Some other tiny fixes and optimizations.

    • Some fixes and optimizations.

    • Added XAPK installation support.
    • Added VIEW > Options > Change view mode globally.
    • Added 'Activities' section in the settings page to enable/disable activities.
    • Added Toolbar > VIEW > Options > Reset zoom on view change.
    • Added navigation back button option in the Settings > More settings.
    • Fixed some bugs.

    • Fixed executing shell scripts as an unprivileged user.
    • Optimized the streaming performance in EncFs volume.

    • Added a basic XLSX reader.
    • Optimized Main Menu > Tools > Duplicates. It's faster and uses less memory.
    • Enabled Cleartext HTTP traffic for WebDav.
    • Fixed some issues on Android 11.
    • Open your exported settings file > Add "delete_without_asking": true, after "pref": { "main": { > Save > Tap on it and import. It won't show the delete prompt.
    • The bookmarks drawer > APP lists apps by their folders by default. Tap on 'SORT' button in the toolbar > Options > Uncheck 'By parents'.
    • Fixed some other bugs.

    • Target API Level changed to 30.
    • Added TGS animated sticker support.
    • Added reading raw text from DOCX and save as DOCX in Code editor.
    • Improved Content viewer (HTML viewer) and added basic DOCX support.
    • Long press on Delete button to send files to the recycle bin, if 'Undo' is enabled from the settings.
    • Added 'Extract to...' to extract files directly from the other apps. You can disable 'Open Archive' from the settings and use it as 'Extract here'.
    • Fixed an issue with some NTFS partitions in the previous build.
    • If you've selected the built-in Dark skin. Remove and select it again to update it.
    • Improved SFTP Client performance.
    • Rename the addons extension from 'apk' to 'mia' and tap on it, then Import. You don't need to install the addons anymore.
    • Many tiny fixes and improvements.

    • Create a folder and add symbolic links with any target and long-press on tab > 'Set as home'.
    • And some fixes.

    • Added an experimental Home page. 'Reset Defaults' from the menu in the bookmarks drawer. If you don't need it, delete '/data/data/com.mixplorer[.beta|.silver]/home' directory.
    • Added an option to set your favorite skin as the Night Mode skin. Tap on the Pencil icon in the skins dialog > Enable 'Nigh mode'. If your system is dark, the dark skin will be selected automatically. You need to select the 'Default' skin again, if you don't want it.
    • Removed Delete confirm dialog if 'Undo' is enabled and moving to recycle bin is supported for the storage.
    • Added 'Playlist' in the Player menu.
    • Some fixes and tiny improvements.
    • Fixed some bugs in the previous builds.

    • Added GPG-encrypted text viewer and editor.
    • These characters , @| will be allowed in 'Custom Datetime Format' in the settings.
    • Fixed Notification progress issue.
    • Fixed an issue with importing large settings.
    • Updated pCloud client ID.
    • Fixed some other bugs and tiny improvements.

    • Added 'Auto Hide Controls' in built-in player.
    • Some bug fixes and tiny improvements.

    • Added Auto Remount option in the settings and an option 'Remount as RO/RW' in the main menu.
    • Added '%TT' to add Title tag and '%TN' to add Track number to media filenames, in Rename dialog.
    • Added '%A' for Auto Increment Number, in Rename dialog.
    • Some tiny fixes and improvements.

    • Fixed some issues in the previous build.

    • Optimized deleting folders on Sd Card. If there is an error, let me know.
    • Fixed reusing TLS session key for FTP client in Android Pie+.
    • Added an option to create home screen shortcut for an AutoTask.
    • Fixed the new uploading issue in Mail.Ru.
    • Added 2FA support for Mail.Ru.
    • Added 'Overwrite if it's not equal' in 'File Exists' dialog, if it's supported by storage.
    • Fixed 'Fullscreen' option in Image Viewer, Content Viewer and eBook Reader.
    • Fixed the new login issue in Mega.nz.
    • Added 'Type' option in the Search dialog.
    • And some other tiny fixes and changes.

    • Improved FTP client performance and fixed reusing TLS session for data connections. If it's still not working on your system, let me know.
    • Added MiX Dark Grey Skin. If there are color issues, let me know.
    • Added 'Show Extensions' in Toolbar View > Options...
    • Added back 'Editable' option in Bookmarks bar menu > Options...
    • Fixed deleting folders on SD card for some devices.

    • Tiny fixes and improvements.

    • Added 'Show Hidden Globally' option in the main menu. You can enable it from the Setting > Buttons > Main menu.
    • Fixed some bugs in previous build.

    • Moved options related to Grid views from 'Settings > More settings' to 'Toolbar > View > Options'.
    • Moved 'Show hidden globally' and 'Show hidden recursively' from 'Main bar > Menu > Show Hidden' to 'Toolbar > View > Options'.
    • Added 'Drag and Drop' and 'Pinch to zoom' in 'Toolbar > View > Options'.
    • Moved 'App Remnants' and 'Duplicates' to 'Main bar > Menu > Tools'.
    • Added 'Tap to execute' option in 'Setting > More settings', to start operation by single tap on Tasks button. Long press to show tasks.
    • Moved 'Fixed drawer in landscape' from 'Settings > More settings' to 'Drawer bar > Menu > Options'.
    • Added 'Reverse and pin the list from bottom' in 'Drawer bar > Menu > Options'.
    • Fixed MediaFire new upload issue.
    • Added 'HIGHLIGHT_VISITED_FOLDER' color option.
    • Added 'Fullscreen' option for EBook Reader and Html Viewer.
    • Many tiny fixes and improvements.

    • Some optimizations and fixes.

    • Fixed copy to clipboard and some other issues.

    • Added custom 'client_id' option in bookmark settings for Google and Microsoft Drives.
    • Fixed some other tiny issues.

    • Improved 7z compression performance with LZMA, LZ5, ... methods.
    • Added Boot Completed Permission to reset auto tasks alarms.
    • Fixed saving Epub tags with cover and Mobi tags with no cover.
    • Many other tiny improvements and fixes.

    • Fixed some issues for Android 10.
    • Fixed FTP listing for 'ows_nt' system type.
    • Fixed 'Delete Source' issue in Archive dialog. Archive addon needs to be updated.
    • Added 'Delete Source' and 'Remember' in Extract dialog.
    • Some tiny changes and improvements.

    • Fixed text editing crash in previous build.

    • Changed Target SDK version to 29 for Android 10.
    • Fixed some UI issues.
    • Fixed Player crash in previous build.

    • Added custom font and LIGHT_STATUS_BAR options in Skin editor.
    • Improved CHM viewer.
    • Added 'Delete Source' option in Archive Dialog.
    • Fixed an issue with extracting RAR files.
    • Fixed wake up to execute auto task.
    • Added 'Go to' option in Ebook reader > Tap on Title bar.
    • Fixed some other tiny issues.

    • Fixed long-press selection crash in previous build.

    • Fixed long-press on some action buttons to execute task for selected files immediately.
    • Fixed Mega.nz 2fa authentication.
    • Fixed Exif Datetime read/save.
    • Fixed listing wrong files/folders after MOVE operation on clouds.
    • Fixed reading certificate from v2 scheme signature.
    • Fixed copying a folder into EncFs container.

    • Fixed Google Team Drives bug.
    • Fixed wrong Week,Month interval for auto tasks.
    • Fixed an issue with IP scanner.
    • Removed Fast delete option. It does when it's possible.
    • Fixed some other bugs.

    • Removed Amazon Drive.
    • Fixed moving/renaming in WebDav.
    Fixed wake up for auto tasks.
    • Fixed some issues for Android 10.
    • Fixed video thumbnail issue.
    • Fixed some other bugs and crashes.

    • Fixed an issue with silent app installation.
    • Some other tiny fixes.

    • Added archive format (for local files) and password option in Auto Tasks dialog.
    • Added Remember last password in archive dialog.
    • Added THUMB_ROUNDED_CORNER option for skins.
    • Added Subtitle options and PIP (Oreo+) for built-in player.
    • Added Slide show options for image viewer.
    • Added Breadcrumb option in settings > More settings.
    • Added Cp850 to encoding list.
    • Improved Backblaze cloud to support keys for single bucket.
    • Removed 'Folder Size' and 'Detailed View' from the settings > More settings and added 'More details' in View modes popup.
    • Fixed some root issues.
    • Some other improvements and fixes.

    • Added Save option for entered regex in rename dialog.
    • Added Archive to... option to receive and archive the shared files.
    • Added editing EPub icon in tag editor.
    • Added Night mode option for Epub (It depends on EPub design).
    • Added 'Detailed view' option in Settings > More settings to enable extra info in detailed view mode for Lollipop+.
    • Fixed to start tasks from background in Oreo/Pie.
    • Fixed and improved reading MIME formats with Html Viewer.
    • Updated VLC addon.
    • And some other tiny fixes and improvements.

    • Added 'DELETE' option for Auto Tasks.
    • Added a Dark skin.
    • Fixed opening network files with Code editor.
    • Added some tiny features for Lollipop+ and some other fixes.

    • Fixed an issue with opening shortcuts from home screen.

    • Updated Mediafire cloud.
    • Fixed freezing when creating thumbnails in previous build.

    • Some tiny changes and optimizations for Android TV.

    • Fixed an issue with creating zip file.

    • Fixed opening password protected PDF. (Update Addon)
    • Fixed random crash on exit.
    • Fixed setting write permission in Android Q.
    • Improved Backblaze to save user key (encrypted) to update auth token later.
    • Fixed some Find/Replace issues in Code/Text Editor.
    • Changed FTP server timezone to UTC for some clients.
    • Fixed OneDrive external login.
    • Fixed FTP Server transfer timeout issue.
    • Optimized SFTP transfer speed.
    • Fixed some other tiny bugs.

    • Added 'Teams' folder for Google Drive.
    • Fixed and improved PDF reader. (Update MiX PDF)
    • Fixed some Metadata/Tags editing issues. (Update MiX Metadata)
    • Dropped supporting mips architecture.
    • And some other tiny fixes and improvements.

    • Fixed editing EPUB metadata. (Update Metadata addon)

    • Fixed WebDav NTLM authentication.
    • Fixed reading filename from Zip extra field.
    • Fixed reading searched files for some clouds like DropBox.
    • Fixed some other bugs and some tiny improvements.


    • Fixed generating video thumbnails for LAN.
    • Fixed opening Chrome extension .crx files.
    • Fixed FTP/SFTP Direct Write issue.
    • Fixed some other bugs and tiny improvements.

    See List of v6.x language add-ons
    If you want to help to translate to your language, send me an email to [email protected]