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[APP][2.2+][ROOT] Rashr - The mobile Android Flash-Tool


New member
Feb 10, 2013
Rashr - The mobile Android Flash-Tool

This app requires [ROOT] access!
Please do not use this app thoughtless and evaluating them without deeper KNOWLEDGE for Android (Root, Custom Recovery, etc.)

I don't make any img's (clockworkmod, twrp or philz) so don't ask for it. I use already existing official and some unofficial versions of them.


With Rashr you're able to flash or backup your device's recovery and kernel without rebooting or PC or other hardware. Fast, Simple and Effective!

Rashr is able to download over 3500 recoveries (ClockworkMod/TWRP/Philz) from our fileserver. Of course you can flash images that isn't contained.

Rashr works on over 90% of all Android Devices, but please be carefull with selfdownloaded images and flash china devices stock firmwares are rare.

This project is open-source and you're able to disable the ads or compile it yourself without any ad code (not necessary in this case).

★Open-Source (on GitHub)
★OpenRecovery Script manager to flash ZIPs or create backups
★Over 3500 Build-in Recoveries (Clockworkmod/Touch, Team Win Recovery Project and Philz-Touch)
★Flash Kernel and Recoveries without PC
★Flash already downloaded IMGs from internal and external storage
★Backup Kernel and Recovery IMGs without PC
★Needs Root
★Full command logging for more control what this App is doing
★If you don't want to support my work you are able to disable the Ads
★Free full app without Ads and any restrictions

★Support my Work only if you want (with Ads or In-App donations)

Rights explanation

-Read and write on external storage: save recoveries images
-Full network access: download recoveries
-Google Play billing: donations over Google Play
-[#ROOT]Full access to all functions of the device: Flashing and backup



or over GitHub

I want to help, what can I do?

-You can translate the app string.xml (is not too much work around 130 Strings)
-Let the ads on
-Donate :victory:
-Join betas on Google+

DsLNeXuS - Happy flashing :)
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Feb 10, 2013

GitHub commits

Update 2.4.3
  • New name formatting for Nexus Images
  • BackupFragment now on own Activity avoiding UI errors
  • CM card removed
  • Rashr now stores information about your devices in the sharedprefs. So Rashr knows without rescanning your device where your partitions are stored (App starts now faster)
  • Dark UI added again

Update 2.4

-Device name is now customizable
-DarkUI temporally removed
-UI optimized

Update 2.3.14

-Support for Galaxy S7, Xiaomi Libra, Vernee Thor and ASUS ZenFone 2E added
-Size checking errors fixed
-Russian translation fixed by GitHub-User rasfyah
-German translation for shutdown-card corrected
-Startup crash fixed on devices that gets HTML-Errors from provider (out of data plan etc.)
-Crash on getting new kernel and recovery lists fixed
-Fixed crash on some devices while flashing (validating image)
-Support for Lenovo A7010 added

Update 2.3.13

-Force closes at start fixed on some devices
-Unified builds for Galaxy Note 4 (trlte) added
-Intel partition header checking fixed

Update [2.3.12]

-Czech translation added by XDA Member VMach3
-Google+ Button added
-TWRP Images now directly from twrp server
-Logging fixed
-Intel partition header check added (on old versions it will be recognized as invalid image)

Update [2.3.11]

-Error while creating backups fixed on more devices
-Restore on wrong partition fixed (sorry)
-CyanogenMod Recoveries added to Rashr :)
-TWRP images updated!!
-Licences added
-Some other bugs fixed

Update [2.3.10]

-Errors while creating backups fixed :)

Update [2.3.9]

-Settings for Header-Checking added (Rashr is getting more secure)
-Rashr flashing is getting more secure :). Image header added. (Can be disabled in settings)
-In-App colors adapter to Icon colors
-Ukranian translation added by Pavlo Motrunych :)
-Spanish translation improved by GitHub-User Pablohn26, Thanks
-Partial Greek translation by GitHub-User leskal, Thanks

Update [2.3.7]

-Korean translation added by xda-Member Genie's
-Added optional security option (on earlier version forced)
-Some startup bugs fixed
-XZDualRecovery implementation (beta)
-Huawei Ascend Mate 7 added (by https://github.com/asyan4ik)
-Portuguese translation improved by Lennoard Rai

Update [2.3.6]

-Partitions for Lenovo Vibe X2 (MTK6595) added thanks to [email protected]****.com
-Fixed recovery version recognition
-Downloader errors fixed
Update [2.3.5]

-Italian translations improved
-German translations improved
-TW translations fixed
-Small bugfixes
-Some errors on MTD devices fixed

Update [2.3.4]

-ERROR on some chinese devices. Partition size always 0
-Erros on not installed busybox devices fixed
-Chinese translation improved by XDA-Member 341464

Update [2.3.3]

-App startup optimized
-First run errors fixed
-Image Size checking added (before flash)
-Blocksize argument added on flash
-Progress on creating backups
-Blocksize checking added
-Startup notification fixed

Update [2.3.2]

-Device recognition and partitions added for Samsung GT-I9192I Galaxy S4 Mini Plus (serranove3gxx, value edition) thanks to XDA-Member alexax66

Update [2.3.1]

-Recovery Script Manager fixed
-New setting to hide update hints
-Logs can be copied to clipboard
-Partitions for Galaxy S6 added
-Partition layouts updated
-German translations improved

Update [2.3]

-Fixed crash on un-rooted devices
-Working back to 2.2 again!
-Errors on setting new file permissions with toolbox (old devices doesn't include chmod in toolbox)
-New icon (with [email protected]****.com)
-Some UI changes
-New colors
-Startup update crash fixed
-Fixed backup and restore bug on ICS and lower (Please rename backups without using ':')

Update [2.2.9]

-Working back to 2.2 again!
-Errors on setting new file permissions with toolbox (old devices doesn't include chmod in toolbox)
-New icon (with [email protected]****.com)
-Some UI changes
-New colors
-Startup update crash fixed
-Fixed backup and restore bug on ICS and lower (Please rename backups without using ':')

Update [2.2.8]

-Cannot send report if comment is to big fixed (thanks for reporting XDA-Member Stilez)
-Update crashes fixed!
-Better version formating for stock images
-Chinese translation by XDA-Member dlhxr
-UI changes

Update [2.2.7]

-Startup-Crash on Android <= 4.0 fixed

Update [2.2.6]

-Update checker added (recovery-list, kernel-list, and app)
-Update message added to void bricks and outdated versions.
All new versions will be blocked if a new version ist out.
For example:
Version 92 will work for ever
Version 93 will work until version 94 isn't released
-Italian translation updated by XDA-Member bovirus

Update [2.2.5]

-Dark UI added
-Changelog added to Settings

Update [2.2.4]

-Fixed first start error
-Report improved
-Fix flash MTD on roms with implemented MTD-Tools (flash_image; dump_image)
-Lollipop donation fixed
-ScriptManager MD5 generation skip added

Update [2.2.3]

-More devices recognized on Lollipop!

Update [2.2.2]

-Lollipop fix :D
-Startup crash fixed (allowStateLost)

Update [2.2.1]

-All errors fixed (Flash/Backup/Restore)

Update [2.2.0 beta]

-MANY UI changes (please report bugs or improvements) :D
-Flash supported Kernel fixed
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Senior Member
Dec 15, 2010
Great App.

I am on an HTC One M7, from the app description it says you can flash other. If I read that correctly I can download another recovery img myself and get it to flash. But I cannot find this option. Im trying to use CWM touch .32 version.

Any advice welcome.


Jan 31, 2013
Anything For Xperia P?
Hope in next update!

...::: [ Sadiq23© ]:::...Recognized Member of Team
"MoonBreakers®"... Rom for Xperia™ JB...{$23}::..


New member
Jun 29, 2012

About supported devices, we must intend as: "I know it works on these devices, don't know on others" or "DOES NOT work on non listed devices, please do not even try!"?


New member
Apr 29, 2010
Nice work dude, just one small problem.
The OP states:
-Sony Xperia S(nozomi/LT30p)
-Sony Xperia Play(mint/LT26i)
This might cause some confusion. You have the device code and names muddled up.

-Sony Xperia S(nozomi/LT26i)
-Sony Xperia T(mint/LT30p)
-Sony Xperia Play(i dont know the device name/code)sorry
Other than that it's hot s$%t.:good:
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New member
Aug 30, 2008
I've installed and try to flash from CWM to TWRP. finished download files, flash task completed, but unable to reboot in to recovery by hitting the yes,please button? just show on bottom that "Super User granted to Recovery Tools" and nothing happen.

any mistake?


New member
Nov 8, 2010
Will this 'wipe out' a pre-existing recovery partition?

Say a user has CWM on his phone but wants to try out TWRP. Will it remove CWM and flash TWRP without any issues or will the user have both recoveries on his phone at that point?