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Aug 3, 2006
Because I stopped development of this application, I can share source code, if someone will wants. In Android 4.4 is function for swipe down status bar integrated in system. I myself this application do not use anymore...

Hello Thomas.
I'm not a developer, but would like to attempt to get the permanent status option bar working on my Omate Truesmart if you would be willing to share.



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Aug 23, 2013
Sony Xperia 5 II
No problem. Here you are source codes. Please do not upload my project on Google Play with some other name ;)

No I do not plan to put up an app on Google Play, but I would like put the project on GitHub.
There may be public releases too.
What license for the code GPL or Apache?

I added the project to git and converted to Android Studio.
I hope the source will be helpful, have not investigated yet.


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Aug 23, 2013
Sony Xperia 5 II
The app already supports something I was looking for: Permanent status bar.
Not intended for public use, but usable.
Edit: Not usable, Back is lost globally (not just button but also those injected with swipes etc).

Tap Menu 5 times to show developer settings, then Tick show Permanent, Recent Apps and swipe away SwipeStatusBar and the bar is permanent.
Should be possible to tweak the UI here and add an option: Only in Home screen.
An app shortcut to toggle would be nice too.
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Aug 23, 2013
Sony Xperia 5 II
Any plans on updating it for KitKat compatibility? :D

This is discussed elsewhere too, a summary in this thread.

SwipeStatusBar (the version in Play included) works fine. Most KitKat ROMs do not need it though, due to the Immersive mode in KitKat.

Umeox Smartwatches has a need for a statusbar pulldown, as the StatusBar is hidden in all apps except for the stock launcher. The way this is done is some custom change to the AOSP, I have not seen it in the code drop that exists (may be Mediatek generic). Other apps fail but the "Alternative Mode" can pull the statusbar in 4.2 ROMs.
For KitKat, SwipeStatusBar works in itself, not Alternative Mode. Increase the vibration to feel when the app tries to pull down the status bar. However, the Umeox modification is quicker to revert the pulldown in KitKat, so pulldown normally fails.

I have been doing some work with the code and tried to tweak it. (This also involves build changes, like building with Android Studio etc). However, this app is not able to trick the Umeox changes.
I have added App Shortcuts that can pull the status bar in Alternative Mode though, if anyone is interested. (The handling is not working for normal mode yet.)
If someone is interested, I could make a build available.

The original problem with the statusbar can be addressed with XPosed module GravityBox in KitKat (GravityBox did not work in 4.2), so there is another workaround.

The Swipe code has helped me to understand the original problem. Thanks to @Thomas. for supplying it.

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    Utility for fast access to notification or quick settings panel using swipe gestures from fullscreen applications.

    Key Features

    • show notifications from fullscreen applications
    • show quick settings panel (Android 4.2+)
    • one finger and two finger gesture
    • vibration feedback
    • option to change touch area position and width

    This is not official feature of Android SDK, so there are some limitations (little delay at first start) and it may not work at all devices (and ROMs) correctly. If you have any problem, please send me email, I will try to fix the problem as soon as possible.

    Video (thanks Ash P for video review)





    - correct width of gesture area
    - disable wake up when screen is off
    - updated translations
    - correct alternative mode
    - updated translations\n\t- bug fixes
    - fixed left swipe gesture on some devices
    - added alternative mode for better compatibility
    - removed start on boot option
    - bug fixes
    - Chinese translation (thanks to Lam Tsz Ki)
    - Slovenian translation (thanks to Lukc Orglce)
    - fixed behavior with high sensitivity and no full screen apps
    - fixed bug when navigation bar is visible
    - Hebrew translation (thanks to Elyashiv Sabach)
    - French translation (thanks to Mistermatt007)
    - added support for Android Backup Service
    - compatibility with AOKP ROMs
    - fixed bug in countries without in-app billing
    - fixed behavior when status bar not slide on some devices
    - fixed behavior in non-fullscreen applications
    - updated translations
    - other little changes
    - SwipeStatusBar should be "unkillable" by system
    - Romanian translation (thanks to Mihai Zavoian)
    - fixed small bugs
    - Slovak translation (thanks to pyler)
    - updated translations
    - updated translations
    - fixed bugs
    - Hungarian translation (thanks to gidano)
    - updated translations
    - Italian translation (thanks to neo_user)
    - fixed expanded desktop mode on some ROMs
    - other small fixes
    - fixed expanded desktop mode on some ROMs
    - option to change touch area position and width
    - updated Russian translation (thanks to Олег Глядков)
    - improve behavior in case of the low RAM
    - small improvements
    - added changelog
    - updated translations
    - Spanish translation (thanks to Haptein)
    - fixed small bugs
    - fixed issue on CM roms in expanded desktop mode (helped source code of CM)
    - updated Russian translation
    - Polish translation (thanks to Ostry10)
    - possibility to change vibration feedback strength
    - Android 2.2+ compatibility (I do not have a phone on which I could test, if you have any problems, please contact me)
    - added option for show status bar only (without pull down)
    - German translation (thanks to Helge Foerster)
    - fixed fullscreen issue
    - Russian translation
    - bug fixed
    - first public release

    Help translate (English, Czech, Russian (Олег Глядков), German (Helge Foerster), Polish (Ostry10), Spanish (Haptein), Italian (neo_user), Hungarian (gidano), Slovak (pyler), Romanian (Mihai Zavoian), Hebrew (Elyashiv Sabach), French (Mistermatt007), Slovenian (Lukc Orglce), Chinese (Lam Tsz Ki) are already done)

    Older versions
    Hello @Thomas.
    Any possibility to share how the "alternative mode" pulls down the status bar?

    No problem. Here you are source codes. Please do not upload my project on Google Play with some other name ;)
    Some people might not want this suggestion implemented so I suggest you have 2 options, one for how it currently is implemented, and another one for pulling down the status bar first.

    Of course, I've already done, there is check box for this feature. I'm just waiting for translations and after that, I upload it on Play Store.
    Same problem for me. I'm on AOSPA (Mako) and in extended desktop mode, the statusbar wont show up! (tried with all possible settings)
    It only works with full-screen/Pie disabled. :(

    With the source code of CyanogenMod I solved this issue. New version will be online in few hours, please try it and let me know if that helped on your device ;)
    Cool app! But it's not working properly for me. I'm running sense 5 and when I start the service on full screen apps the status bar stays down instead of hiding

    Sent from my HTC One XL using xda premium

    I fixed this issue, please download new version ;)