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[App][2.2+]Unity Launcher, Ubuntu Phone Launcher for Android, 2.2+ support added

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May 13, 2011
Awesome - except Buzz launcher app drawer

I have the paid version - this is a great app!

My only problem at the moment is that I cannot figure out how to add a link to open the buzz launcher app drawer. I can open the nova app drawer, but I am using buzz right now.

I do own tasker, if there is a way to do it using tasker.

Any ideas?


New member
Aug 14, 2013
Apps moved to sd card not present?

Hi there. I am a Ubuntu user, so I was very pleased to try this app. I really like it too, you've done a great job.

The only problem I am seeing at present, ( an I do apologize if this issue has already been mentioned but I couldn't find it) is that as my phone starts up.. (a slow lg E400 running android 2.4).. apps which have been moved to the sd card aren't available until after the sd card mounts. By this time, the unity launcher has already decided that the apps are not there.
Instead of showing me the icons, there is a blank space which says (when clicked on) insert sd card, app not present. If I go into the 'add new icon' dialogue, make a change and hit save, all the apps come back, so I presume the launcher simply needs a refresh of some sort. Other than that though - very well done.
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Jul 27, 2010
Android 4.3 compatibilty

Unity launcher is a great app. But since the release of Android 4.3 I have the unity launcher icon in the status bar telling me that there's a service running in the background (see attached screenshot).

@ developers :
You should make your app Android 4.3 compatible.


  • unity_is_running.png
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Apr 8, 2013
That's sad because it's a great app in my opinion.

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True. I think the dev must have taken all the complaints to heart after the last update. He shouldn't have because all devs get shouted at, moaned at, etc. It just goes with the territory. I still think it was a great app though - i would use it again if the animations could be switched off.
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Apr 3, 2011
True. I think the dev must have taken all the complaints to heart after the last update. He shouldn't have because all devs get shouted at, moaned at, etc. It just goes with the territory. I still think it was a great app though - i would use it again if the animations could be switched off.

Bailed on 7Lslide messenger too.

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New member
Oct 11, 2013
Can I enlarge icons in the panel to approximately 90x90, and it is better to show a place where this can be done. (the program can be easily assembled / disassembled, but find a place where you change the size of icons I can't) ?

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  • 86
    Liked Ubuntu Phone? Have you seen Ubuntu Phone Edge Launcher?
    Now test Ubuntu Apps switch Launcher on your Android phone even before Ubuntu launch ;)
    Here it is Unity Launcher. A true MultiTasker's Launcher
    1. Launch Applications from any where.
    2. Select apps to pin into launcher.
    3. Change launcher bar color.
    4. Change Icon Backgrounds.
    5. Customize animation and launcher visibility duration.
    6. Swipe from left or right edge of Phone.
    For now it supports Android 4.0+ but soon support for 2.3 and 2.2 will be added.
    Much more features are coming soon.

    Free app link Unity Launcher Free Click Here




    I completely agree with everything you suggested. I even bought the app, it seems really promising

    I bought this app and o like it, if you keep developing and adding features this is going to me awesome, my suggestions are:

    1) ability to change the order of the icons by long pressing them and moving them up/down

    2) better touch responsiveness (misses sometimes)

    3) launch other things than just apps, like activities and stuff

    Keep developing this app! It does have a lot of future!

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    Me too Agree with you guys ;)
    When I started working on this I thought all of these things.
    Let me put things together,
    First I wanted Shortcuts and system setting toggles instead of apps in this launcher, then I saw Ubuntu video. So I came up with this.
    Now there are possibility for improvement like below,
    1. Making Name appear in a Popup when User touches and scrolls list up and down, See Ubuntu Launcher Video.
    2. Add shortcut and system setting icons to launcher.
    3. Drag to Sort apps list or sort by name or sort by Most clicked(Last one is done but not added for now).
    4. Apps folder just like Any other 4.0+ launcher have, Click on folder it will come up with apps in it.
    5. Quick Sms and Call overlays.
    6. Add any folder from SD card file system and access it by one click, popup contents of folder.
    7. Last one will be a Search Bar, It will have a search Icon in side bar if you click it it overlays a search bar where apps or anything can be searched. Check out Original Ubuntu launcher and you will get it what I am saying.

    These are things I have in mind to work on, so support this app to get it developed more and more. :good:
    Thinkingof making features which are in paid app for now free, I will update fee application with all paid features, new paid will have icon pack and unread count features extra, what you says guys?
    Some fresh Screen Shots

    Some new Screen Shots :)




    Free version released

    Hey Guys,
    As I said I released Free version for this app.
    Unity Launcher Free Click Here
    Link will be available shortly as it takes time for App to appear on Google Play.