[APP][2.2+] Velis auto brightness 4.70.249 alpha

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Nov 8, 2014
nice to see, that the further development seems to be possible. I hope you will find more time to continue your work to VAB.

i use VAB on Android 12 without recognizing some problem.
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May 1, 2016
Just posting this because it had a significant impact on my phone's performance. Took me a while to find it. Android 12, Samsung s21 pro, most recent os update.

Earlier this year, Samsung released an OS update that auto-enables their auto brightness and implements some kind of learning algorithm. If you enable velis with the "use system brightness for adjustments" setting enabled, the two brighness adjusters will conflict every time the brightness is changed, and the samsung brighness adjustment app will attempt to train its algorithm as though you had made a manual adjustment. This appears in logcat as a huge block of numbers representing weights and it will come out every time velis adjusts the brightness.

Depending on now finely you have velis set to follow the curve and how often it adjusts the brightness, this can cause a huge amount of lag and battery use, to the point where your phone will freeze every time the brighness is adjusted.

Might seems obvious, but ensure that settings->display->auto brightness is turned off if you use velis on a samsung phone. I didn't make the connection between velis and the lag until I went through logcat. Disabling the system auto brightness again improved my battery use by a full 15 percent and eliminated the lagging entirely.

The only other thing that doesn't work is the overlay for super dimming, which should be turned off in android 12 at least on my phone to prevent screenlock. But I allready discussed that in previous posts and the os has a built in filter dimmer now anyways, so that wasn't a game breaker for me.

Thanks again for this great software :)
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Aug 3, 2008
Hope you can get time to update this awesome app. Some trouble on Android 12.
Acessbility settings is keep turning off now and then and my settings gets zeroed sometimes too. When I go check manually graph edit all entries get a 0.

Android 12 auto brightness suxks so we need you now 🙂


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Mar 12, 2010
Hope you can get time to update this awesome app. Some trouble on Android 12.
Acessbility settings is keep turning off now and then and my settings gets zeroed sometimes too. When I go check manually graph edit all entries get a 0.

Android 12 auto brightness suxks so we need you now 🙂
We'll see. I'm gearing up. Whether I'll manage it high enough to actually start working, remains to be seen :)


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Aug 3, 2008
Bug in Android 12. When trying to mark and copy the list in Manual Graph Edit, the app crashes every time when trying :)

Guess you have some "work" to do here 😁😁😁

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    [APP][2.2+] Velis auto brightness 4.70.249 alpha

    A pretty powerfully adjustable auto-brightness app for your android device.

    Notice: project is alive again. Here's the current alpha.

    Deployments from android 2.1 up.
    Any feedback highly appreciated.

    Beta testers (via Play Store beta program):
    First you need to become member of Google Group here. Please apply for membership and wait a bit for me to approve you (might be a while if I'm asleep though :angel:).
    Then, please visit this URL and apply for beta testing.

    The app features a developer settings dialog which can be reached by long-pressing proximity reading on main screen.

    Google play link for download. (and description)

    Looking to help with translations? Please download translation files.

    This app is translated to the following languages:
    * English - base language
    * Chinese by Jinran Lin
    * Czech by Holly Hell
    * Dutch by Maardiweb
    * French by Pims83
    * Italian by siggey
    * German by Chef Koch
    * Hungarian by XT69
    * Japanese by Magus & Masaki
    * Lithuanian by cukierkas
    * Norvegian by MrMastodon
    * Persian by Alireza Afkar
    * Polish by trur3
    * Romanian by rapttorx
    * Russian by Pavel Utochkin
    * Slovak by kubics
    * Spanish by UnderXP
    * Vietnamese by Vu Hien
    * Slovene

    Thank you all for your help. :highfive: VAB wouldn't be what it is without you!

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Velis Auto Brightness, App for the Android General


    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 4.65.231
    Stable Release Date: 2017-08-22
    Current Beta Version: 4.65.231
    Beta Release Date: 2017-08-22

    Created 2013-11-12
    Last Updated 2020-11-12
    Thread reopened per moderator decision. Some of you already know there's a dispute with Lux auto brightness author regarding app description text. I have removed it in entirety to remove any ambiguity. Text on play store is in its 3rd revision which was written entirely from scratch. In my opinion it bears absolutely no resemblance to lux description.

    Please do not comment on this in your further posts. The thread should remain on-topic.
    If you still feel you have to say something about it, please PM me or the mod about it.

    In the mean time I have released v 1.10.32

    No more of no sensor reading (found out why service was crashing)

    I have however detected an issue when the device is in a constant light conditions (night). Although I have the sensor reading, the graph still drops to 0 and minimizes the brightness.
    Direct solution is to attempt to modify the graph and then cancel the operation. This will restore the brightness to the graph setting.

    Edit: fixed

    Edit: TO DO list updated and rearranged. Top items have high priority.

    Thanks for all the support so far, everyone. I never hoped for such a positive feedback.
    I think I found the cause of sensor readings getting stuck: it happens when you turn on the screen while proximity sensor is covered (active). The app then ignores the subsequent sensor readings because of proximity and when proximity is finally released, lack of further light events "causes" the app to not update the brightness according to most recent light reading. Of course, this mostly ever happens while in a dark room - that's when light events are very rare because the sensor just doesn't detect any changes in light.

    I have added an auto-generated event to occur just after the proximity sensor should release so that the brightness will then be updated. In my testing, I cannot reproduce the problem any more.

    I will upload the new apk to OP now and later today to the market. I just want to test a bit more because this isn't the only change I've done.
    One of the best apps that I have used offlate. I am just addicted to it now. The development certainly needs to continue and if possible the future updates could add profile export ans restore feature. No need for frequent updates, as it is almost bug free now. Would just wish for Android 10 support.

    Yeah, decided to give it anbother go. Not sure when I will find the time, though. Need to fix wizard which took some damage when I was doing support for the new Androids. Hopefully there will be something before THIS new year. :angel:
    Sorry for no activity guys, I get so little comp time lately :(
    I have however managed to make some progress and have updated first post with a new version that has the following new additions:

    • Service will stop after a minute if auto brightness is disabled
    • Support for proprietary sensor solutions on Sony Xperia, SGS2
    • Updated translations: german, persian

    This is not yet a release since I'd like to do two more things before I do that:
    1. Try to fix the graph freeze
    2. Create a first-start settings wizard

    In order to do the first, this version (in the first post, not the market) contains some logging enhancements. I would ask someone with the problem to please drop me a mail with logcat @ level 9 (long press the proximity sensor reading values to set the level). All I need is a few seconds @ level 9 when the graph is not responding to light changes.

    The second item will be a series of 4 - 5 dialogs asking the user about his basic preferences. I will make it so that even existing users will have the option of running this dialog.

    Of course, I'm also interested in Xperia sensor support if any Xperia users are still following the thread. Maybe for the support to work correctly, apps like this will need to be active. The app should work even without that, but there may be some strange results because OS and app will fight for their brightness. Don't know what the OS does if an app sets its own brightness.

    @shadowch: The baby is great, we're having so much fun. We already managed to get her to sleep during the nights (that's why I have no more comp time :D ) We're all going for a walk to lake Bled today.