[APP] [2.3.3+] [FREE] Auto Answer – **answer your incoming calls via whistle **


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Feb 8, 2013
"Auto Answer" Free Application that will change your life !!!

Use our great & easy to use "Driving Mode":
  • Just whistle to answer your call, Hands free.
  • Call your favored contacts with just one click.

Use "Auto Answer" simple and automatic speed dialer, it's available always, just lift the Notifications Bar and dial with a single click.

Send predefined Automatic text message for your choice when you cannot reach the phone.

Get a Bonus: amazing graphical widget so you can navigate between your favored contacts like you are playing cards.

"Auto Answer" will change the way you answer your incoming calls,
the way you navigate between your contacts ,
will send automatic SMS when you are busy and missed your calls ,
and most important puts your driving safety above all and makes your driving experience
Easy, Fun, Safe and Unforgettable

*** We are not encouraging driving and using the phone,
it is dangerous, unsafe and in most states illegal.
But, if you have to use your phone while you are driving:
Use "Auto Answer" app, to get your goal within minimal actions.***

******Application Features:*******
A unique way to answer your incoming calls hands free.
Just Whistle and Start Talking!!!!

Special Drive Mode screen, using simple and friendly interface.
The Drive Mode screen allows the driver to control all his favored actions,
call his favored contacts and all in One Touch.

Driving Mode dialer
  • User can select up to 18 contacts to call them with a single click.
  • User can select up to 9 applications to run with a single click.
  • Contains Quick contacts search.
  • Contains speed dialer.
  • When the device is charging the screen always stays on.
  • Driving mode activated and deactivated automatically with connection and disconnection of a bluetooth device.

Answer to incoming call by whistling
  • Allows to answer incoming calls with a whistle.
  • The speaker will be activated automatically (if no audio component is connected).

How does it work?
The user defines a waiting time to whistle,
After this time the ringer is muted and the user will be able to answer the call with a whistling.
The user can define the waiting time on the settings window.
At any time, the user could answer with the regular way.

Schedule automatic SMS when you are not available:
Send a text message automatically when you cannot answer the call

You can set a target time to finish the SMS sending.

Select to which numbers to send the message:
  • All Incoming calls.
  • Numbers in contact list.
  • Numbers not in contact list.
  • Specific contact.

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Sep 2, 2010
Looks promising. Also is it possible to incorporate "answering machine" like feature into an app on android? Cause that would be great.

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May 16, 2012
0+ its a update bug from google play ..
The app downloads is near 500.

Dreambit support team
Y don't u add ur apk to Xda attachments in ur OP

It wud be easy for us to download from here rather than downloading it from play store


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