[APP][2.3.3+] My new app - Litecoin mining pool monitor


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May 22, 2014
Hi All,

Here is my new Android app. It enables litecoin miners to simultaneously monitor their workers in 10 different mining pools and to check what is real value of their Litecoins using exchange rates for USD, EUR or CNY from one of 7 markets/trading platforms.

Supported markets/trading platforms:
- Crypto-Trade (crypto-trade.com)
- Bitfinex (bitfinex.com)
- BitKonan (bitkonan.com)
- BTC-e (btc-e.com)
- BTCChina (btcchina.com)
- Kraken (kraken.com)
- OKCoin (okcoin.com)

Supported pools:
- CoinHuntr (coinhuntr.com)
- Coinotron (coinotron.com) - only limited set of data available via API
- GiveMeCoins (give-me-coins.com)
- HashFaster (ltc.hashfaster.com)
- Hypernova (hypernova.pw)
- LiteGuardian (liteguardian.com)
- LTCRabbit (ltcrabbit.com)
- Mine-Litecoin (mine-litecoin.com)
- MultiPool (multipool.us) - not very reliable API
- WeMineLTC (wemineltc.com)

Google Play Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.relja.android.ltcminingpoolmonitor.app

Any kind of feedback is welcome (even though I would prefer the positive one :)) ).


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